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  • SusanE. Level 1 (0 points)
    Apple...if you are listening...this could be a deal breaker for me in the future. I need notification of missed calls. I love other features of the iphone, but first and foremost, I bought it because I need a mobile phone! That means knowing I have gotten a call if I happen to miss one. I can't keep this on my body every minute of the day...not all my clothes have pockets, ya know! You could help keep me out of hot water with my family but setting something up for missed call notification...I would be eternally grateful!
  • lenticular1024 Level 1 (0 points)
    Ladies and Gentlemen, everybody who needs this feature, please submit your request at

    Hopefully we will get Apple's attention...
  • Gary Douglas Level 1 (5 points)
    Look.. this is a SERIOUS PROBLEM. My boss has required me to buy a different phone because of missed calls. We desperately need a selectable sound alert just like provided for messages. It's amazing to me that Apple designers believe missed messages are more important that missed calls. And I HATE the Nokia I had to buy to solve this problem not to mention I have to carry two phones now!! :((
  • ramifromlondon Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree with Gary.


    Personally I resisted buying an iphone so most of similar issues are taken care of, now I am a slave of the phone that I need to keep checking every time I leave the room. Maybe this option is fixed but I am not aware of but please apple get this on the list ASAP.


    thanks all (oh and no need to get aggressive on who loves what!)

  • roylong Level 1 (0 points)

    Basically, I think everyone with a mobile phone that doesn't support alerts, should sit with their phone in their hand all the time and never take their eyes off the screen.  That's what I do. I have a velcro strap which goes round my hand and set it to vibrate when I am asleep


    p.s. I have no life

  • mark bieri Level 1 (0 points)

    I am a current BB user (but have a house full of imacs, macbook airs, ipods, ipads, etc) and am just cruising here thinking about iphone 5 as a issue is that I DEPEND on an alert system because I am on call at night and am in deep sh** if I sleep through calls and SMSs. Need the alert system, and for me, it has to be LOUD to wake me up if I miss the original. Man, am I going to have to hang out in BB world just for this feature?

  • BryanOZ Level 1 (0 points)

    Velcro, I never thought of that, zip (cable) ties I use keep cutting off my circulation.

    And that's how stupid a lot of this thread has been, what started as a sincere honest question as been blown right out of proportion.

    I have jumped into this discussion myself for not quite the same reason, but the alert I get does it once, great, my phone is not carried in a pocket so I do miss sms and honestly even phone calls, my problem missing them, but a repeating alert? My settings are set to 3 and last night we tried it out nah!! Once.


    can anyone add to this mystery? Iphone 4.3.5

  • CTJ73 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have been a BlackBerry user for a few years and had several different flip phones from LG and Motorola before that. I have always had an indicator LED that let me know if I had missed something and I find this indespensable. If my phone is sitting on my desk and I leave the room for a few minutes, when I come back the LED is blinking if I have missed anything, call/SMS/e-mail/calendar notification....ANYTHING. So I know to check the phone. When I check the phone, as soon as the screen turns on, I can tell at a glance how many new calls, e-mails, text messages and voicemails I have missed. I don't understand how the iPhone groupies cannot see the value in this. Like everyone, I have a lot of friends, colleagues and family members who use the iPhone. They are constantly picking up their phones and turning the screen on, just to make sure they have not missed anything. So far, this has been a deal-breaker for me with iPhone. I have also noticed that every time they get a text message, the screen lights up and shows the person sending the text and part of the message itself....for anyone nearby to see. I personally prefer a little more privacy, especially concerning the message's kind of like putting someone on speakerphone without them knowing. I am looking to migrate from BB to a more modern device, but there are three things I am having a hard time getting past: 1) The notification issue, 2) The lack of flexibility with types of notification, i.e. ring tones and vibration patterns (I can set different tones and vibrations for several different e-mail accounts, based on urgency or just generally knowing which business or personal account is receiveing mail. I can set different notifications for SMS, MMS, and calls based on groups or individuals. I can set up Profiles so that with a click or two I can go to a preset pattern for restaurants, loud rooms, outdoors, office, home, weekend, or phone only to filter out e-mail and text notifications during sensitive times where I may need to be reached by phone but don't want to be bothered by less urgent communications. This helps me manage my work and personal time. I am constantly in touch, but not constantly bothered by messages that are neither urgent nor important. The assignable hard buttons on the side of the BB are instrumental in this process.). and 3) The keyboard...I know I am just going to have to get over the fact that nothing types as fast, easy, and error-free as a BB qwerty keyboard. But 1 and 2 are big hangups for me with iPhone. I know Apple takes things in a different direction, and this is usually a good thing. But I need my phone to work as a phone/communication device more than I need a toy with a bunch of apps, as cool as all those apps may be. I hope Apple can recognize this because I know quite a few people who are current BB users who want an iPhone but don't want to give up this functionality.

  • rvs053063 Level 1 (0 points)

    My Razr that I had before my iPhone 3GS would chirp every couple of minutes if I missed a call. For the Apple fanboys that don't see the value, you could turn this off. For every other reasonable person, apparently not including the late Steve Jobs, this function is critical. I didn't realize that the iPhone wouldn't have this most basic capability. Who would have thunk it?


    A couple downsides to an LED: 1) it would require an actual hardware change in the design of the phone and 2) it might not be blinking as you walk by your coffee table (as one of the previous posters mentioned). Instead, an immediate fix would be a nice configurable chirp so that if I missed an important call while in the shower, I would be aware of it while tying my tie in front of the mirror. I, like another poster, don't check my iPhone for often hours at a time. I am using my company BB more and more, but I keep my iPhone for the apps and personal calls. I also can't afford to realize that I missed a morning call when I check my cooking app while preparing dinner after 5:00. The lack of this ability on supposedly the greatest and most technologically forward thinking iPhone is just plain absurd. When I would call Apple to voice my complaint, they would point me to an app that will notify me alright, however it of course doesn't work when the iPhone is off. Duh!


    Anyway, my calling plan is up at the end of October, and I will be moving to Verizon from AT&T. My wife's non-iPhone phone notifies her when she misses a text or phone call. She can't do without this. I wanted to move us both to the new iPhone '5', thinking that by this time iOS5 would at least support a chirp. Boy am I wrong. So instead of moving us both to the iPhone 4S we will be both moving to an Android phone designed without the hubris of an 'I can do no wrong and make no apologies' design of an Apple product.

  • GregO1953 Level 1 (0 points)

    Having been a long time Blackberry user and just switching from a Blackberry bold to the IPhone 4s with Verizon I do find the inability to have a repeating alert for Emails and missed phone calls a little frustrating. With my Bold I could configure the led to blink different colors for missed calls, emails and text messages. If I left it on my desk to take a shower I could upon my return just look at the phone from 8 feet away and tell from the blinking led if I had missed anything. I could also set it to repeat sound alerts so if the phone was in my pocket I could tell if I had a missed message or call.  I am a corporate pilot and going back and forth on a noisy ramp with jet engines idleing I will miss calls or messages. In these situations it would be nice to have a repeat alert so I didn't always have to pull out my phone and check when I am trying to file flight plans, check weather and get the aircraft ready.  I don't understand why Apple DOES have the ability to set repeat text alerts but NOT missed emails or phone calls, or for that matter repeat voicemail alerts.  I do love the phone but it seems like it would be such a simple thing to extend repeat alerts to other areas.

  • ab345 Level 1 (5 points)

    I could not agree more with your summary, spot on! I am in the exact situation as you coming from a BB Bold to an iPhone 4S. I read all the reviews which said - BB's are communication devices full-stop the other things that they do are clearly secondary. At the end of the day, I have come to the conclusion that Apple does not consider that the primary goal of an iPhone is to serve as a critical communications device. I love the phone but I feel that I have significantly compromised my communication capabilities. It's a love-hate situation which I thought would be workable and I could do without, coming from a BB, but this notification issue will be the lack of a defining feature of the iPhone that will likely make me switch back to the BB or whatever other device provides these features.


    I do like some of the ideas I have read on the posts such as making the home button with an embedded LED, you could even ditch the front facing camera and put a LED there. I have never once seen a person engaging in Facetime this has to be the biggest flop on this phone which no one is discussing.

  • Total Respray Level 1 (0 points)

    Agree with all those who support a missed call/text notification.  I didn't realise that people had been complaining about this issue for a couple of years to no avail.  It suggests that Apple don't really value the  phone features of the phone.


    Before buying an iPhone, I assumed all phones would have such a basic feature.  It never would have crossed my mind to check.


    Feedback duly submitted on Apple website, but if they haven't addressed such a basic matter thus far, I am not optimistic that they will do so now.

  • FrenchToast Level 3 (645 points)

    Funny how this thread evolved from the first post until the last one left by Total Respray... I agree with all you people out there when you say that the Iphone should have a blinking LED (or even the photo app flash) that REMINDS you of missed calls/SMS/MMS. I have set my iPhone 4 running iOS 5.0.1 to flash its, well, flash whenever ther's an incoming call, but sometimes, I'm in my car, and the phone is resting in the passenger seat, usually under one clothing item of another, and since I always set it to Silent, well, I miss a lot of calls. I check my lockscreen on a regular basis, but it would be nice if the phone used the flash light to blink a silent reminder, like the red LED on BBs, or the green pulsing dot on my ex's Moto Defy. I even believe there's an app for this... if you jailbreak your thingy, which I'm not yet ready to do.

  • mariale217 Level 1 (0 points)

    I recently went from a Moto Droid to an iPhone and the lack of notification is driving me crazy. I can't have my phone on me at all times,  so yes I miss phone calls/ text messages. With the droid I knew right away, with the iPhone I can spend hours without realizing it.  I thought this was a basic feature all phones had.  I really hope this gets addressed.

  • brianfromwilliamsville Level 1 (0 points)

    My wife and I both just updated phones.  I like android but thought she'd prefer an iPhone 4s.  She's had it for a week and has decided to give it back in exchange for an android because of the lack of this single feature.  We did find two apps in the app store that claimed to perform this function, but they required far to much attention / user intervention to be effective.


    So, for the iPhone7, which will be about the time she's ready to upgrade again, she'd like:


    Repeating nag alert with loud sound and/or vibrrate.

    - customizable sounds specific to missed call or sms or email

    - customizable nag interval between nags

    - customizable silence interval, e.g., 11pm-7am, for those who don't want to be disturbed during the night.  At the end of this silence interval (e.g., 7am) start nagging if anything was missed during the silence interval.

    - LOUD sound.  Her old Palm Centro had an app that could be heard aross the house on a different floor.

    - option to silence nag per sound/silence switch on phone

    - cream on the cake would be to optionally set it to vibrate only nag during meetings on the calendar (like my android ;-)).

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