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  • FrenchToast Level 3 Level 3 (645 points)

    I just offered my girlfriend a Samsung Galaxy S 2, and she discovered that she didn't have the tiny LED to warn her of incoming messages and the like anymore, and well, let's say she wasn't impressed. I discovered an application for Android called NoLED, that'll show tiny symbols on the phone screen when asleep, and supposedly there's an iOS version of this app, but I've been unable to locate it. I may have been dreaming...

  • sandrafromedmonton Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    hi brian,  those two apps you found in the app store.... what are they called... i need a missed call notification app please help.  thanks.  

  • brianfromwilliamsville Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    The two applications were "Missed Call" and "Missed Call Alerts".  If you go to the iTunes store and just type "missed call" in the search bar you should be able to find them.


    As I noted though, after reading the reviews I decided that they required too much effort and I didn't install/try either one.

  • bgmomma Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is easy. No App required.


    Select the Alert Style you prefer (NONE, BANNER or ALERT)

    Scroll to bottom of screen and turn ON View in Lock Screen

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    Please re-read the thread. This doesn't in any way fix the problem everyone is complaining about. You actually have to wake up the phone with your solution. The goal is not to have to do anything to know that notifications are waiting.

  • bgmomma Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Maybe it doesn't solve your problem, but the initial post reads, "I am looking for the application which can notify me about missing calls or received SMS when the screen of the phone is locked."  What I outlined does exactly that.

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    What you outlined notifies you as the message is coming in while the screen is locked, if you are looking at the screen while this is happening. It does not remind you later that you missed a message if you did not see it as it was coming in, unless you wake up the screen. Thus the reference to "MISSING calls or RECEIVED (past tense) SMS." So NO, what you outlined does NOT do exactly that.

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    geez it was requested since my grandpa was born and we are on ios 5 now still now solution???


    I just realized Apple may never add this feature, their engineers are so obsessed with their phones that they basically stare at it all day, hence they never miss a thing.


    JB is looking better and better huh?

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    I have found a way to get reminders. Download YouMail, when you set up your acct online, you have the option of getting a text for missed calls (hang up) is what they call it. If you do go this route, YouMail will be your default voicemail. I have used it for a couple of years and really like it. No issues at all. Once you get it set up, go to Notification on iPhone and set message reminders. It offers up to ten reminders for text messages.


    The only negative is, the caller has to let the phone ring long enough for the voicemail to answer, which I think most people do anyway.


    Hopefully, this helps.



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    Well, it looks like you guys have been asking for this feature long before I became an iphone user, and looks like you will still be asking for this feature after I take mine back to verizon. I seem to recall that as long ago as ROTARY DIAL PHONES in hotels that there have been missed call notifications, and certainly it's a standard feature on Andr...uh..."brand X" phones... that I didn't think to look for on this 4S I have now...I just assumed that any modern phone had it.


    So we all want it, why cant we have it? There must be a reason? Perhaps if Apple would just let us know what the issue is. It would seem simple for the might Apple Corp. to give me a single "chirp" every few minutes...or maybe just light up a 30x30 pixel section of the screen (with that cute littl Apple logo they have). 


    If my phone can remind me to pick up bread on the way home, why can't it tell me I missed a call?

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    Yep it's ridiculous that they don't at least add the option for a    beep etc. every X minutes until you acknowlege a missed call/text.   Every cell phone I've had since the 1990's has had that option.  I understand it might use more battery, but give people the option.   Yes a lot of people find it annoying, but for many business people who are not on the phone 8 hours a day but still need to know when they get important calls it's a great feature.  You would think business/professional users would be demanding this feature bigtime, especially with no LED to be a reminder of missed events.  Essentially if you don't hear the phone ring, or are around it for 20 minutes after it rings, you are never going to know you missed a call unless you swipe the screen or unlock the phone.


    It's like having someone pick up a landline phone every 30 seconds to see if someone is trying to call them.


    All apple would have to do is in the "Repeat Alert" screen add an option for "until acknowleged" or "until viewed" etc.


    Evidently Apple just can't imagine anyone ever being away from their iphone for more than 20 minutes (the longest time frame you can set it to remind you if you've missed a call, text, email). 


    Continue to request it as a feature, maybe someday apple will listen.



    And Apple wonders why so many users jailbreak their phones.

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    There is no need for an app.  On my iPhone4S, I simply went to Settings, Notifications, Phone; here you can set banners and badges to show when the phone is locked or unlocked to your liking and turn notifications on or off as you wish.  This is probably the case for all iPhones.  Give it a try.

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    Your reponse is like so many on this thread that don't read the whole thread. No matter what you do with notifications, your iPhone won't keep repeating notifications for you to see when your phone is sitting silent on your dresser. Or your kitchen table. Or your desk. With the Blackberry, you don't have to do ANYTHING to your phone that is sitting next to you to see that you have a notification waiting. With the iPhone, you have to wake it up. It won't repeatedly wake up to re-notify you of a an issue that you need to pay attention to. It tells you once, and only once, and God help you if you're not at your phone the moment it happens. Otherwise, you could go a whole day not knowing that someone sent you a text last night, simply because you didn't manually wake up your phone. Which you shouldn't have to do on the hour to make sure you didn't miss something. Is that clear enough for everyone :-)

  • BryanOZ Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    That is it, absolutely, couldn't have said it clearer myself.


    do you think Apple is trying to have a whole class of people suffering OCD, aka iPhone Users?


    I do it like some weird nervous twitch, check the phone, check the phone, check the phone, get milk, no check the phone.


    My 2c worth, off to get milk!!

  • FrenchToast Level 3 Level 3 (645 points)

    I agree: to some people, waking their iPhone up to check on new text messages or phone calls has become routine, so they don't actually see the difference between their iPhone's behavior and that of, say, a Blackberry or some Droid with a missed call LED. That's really too bad the developer of that NoLED application hasn't decided to port it to the iPhone yet.


    Could cure a lot of people of their OCD...


    Bryan, you got the milk, didn't ya...?

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