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akr_ Level 1 Level 1
Recently the screen has started fading out to white randomly but if i just move the screen a little it goes back to normal. When the screen is fading out the mouse doesn't move and the whole screen freezes. I'm wondering if I've just had the misfortune of getting a gammy laptop as the rubber bottom started to peel off as well. Any ideas?!

Example of what happens to it -

MacBook 13", Mac OS X (10.6.4)
  • mrweirdo Level 1 Level 1
    My Black core duo model macbook does this as well and has been for about the past year.
    I noticed the screen will start to freeze and look kind of pix-elated(little tiny microscopic grayish spots) then it starts turning white gradually till it eventually looks like this.

    I have also found a video on youtube that shows the same issue:
    (warning music)

    In my case adjusting the screen back and forth no longer works. Since then I have figured out if i carefully apply pressure behind the LCD display on its left side I can occasionally coax it back to life. Even this is starting to not work now though.

    Its definitely a hardware defect related to the built in display(as I can use an external just fine). Adjusting the screen position points that direction as well. It leads me to think its possibly a bad cable or inverter. Or even worse the LCD panel itself which can get quite expensive to replace(if out of warranty). So I hope its not the later

    problem is I have no way of knowing what part is the culprit.
  • macman1988 Level 1 Level 1
    hey my mac just started to do this, when i am doing something the screen will just start fading white and then will just pop back and then will fade completely white again. i had to video tape it for apple to believe it cause it passed all troubleshooting tests!!! lame sauce but all i know is i have an appointment tomorrow to get it fixed and i will let you know what is up..
  • Walter Griffin Level 1 Level 1
    There is a folder with a question mark flashing on the screen and the screen is completely white.
    What do I need to do.
  • DWPL Level 1 Level 1
    Hi I bought my macbook last december and recently the same problem happened to me where the screen went all white and if i push the screen again it goes normal.

    My macbook is still under guarantee. Does anyone tried to repair their laptop or bring it to apple?
  • Will backgrounds work with 3gn Level 1 Level 1
    Hi i have the white unibody macbook and it does the same thing. I have brought it in and it was caused by my hard drive, well i got that replaced after it crashed and now it still does it. They have no clue what it could be.

  • etresoft Level 7 Level 7
    Will backgrounds work with 3gn wrote:
    Hi i have the white unibody macbook and it does the same thing.

    The same as what? The original question or the irrelevant thread-jack question? To avoid confusion, please start your own topic.
  • Will backgrounds work with 3gn Level 1 Level 1
    With my screen fading to white
  • lucylu2 Level 1 Level 1
    I've had this problem for 2 days now...spoke to apple and they had me reboot in safe mode then clear the caches and do first aid on the disc in system preferences. hopefully it will start working again fine, but the guy on the phone didn't seem to understand the problem completely so i'm not completely reassured! he said it was definitely a software problem though...
  • dins93 Level 1 Level 1
    Mine just started doing this today ! it has happened 4 times in less than an hour ! ;(
  • simshan Level 1 Level 1
    My white macbook is also having the exact same problem when the screen will freeze and become pix-elated and then eventually turn completely white. It used to be fixed when u would toggle the screen or press the back on the screen in a certain way but this now no longer works. My warranty just expired at the end of decemeber (12month warranty). Has anyone with this problem had it fixed and what was the cause? Any information would be a huge help! Thanks
  • Bdawg75 Level 1 Level 1
    I have the exact same problem as the first two post, my screen starts fading and then ends up looking just like the one pictured. I find if I apply pressure to the upper left corner of the screen it's a temporary fix... but often moments later it begins again.

    Very frustrating.
  • soiwent Level 1 Level 1
    I purchased a white unibody macbook last year, during Feb. I had problems with the screen right off the bat - green, white, and red lines were appearing on the right side of my screen. After I got the original screen replaced, my screen started to fade to white with no apparent cause. The screen would also "jump" around. Both symptoms would stop once I would adjust the screen. However they would often happen again, with no apparent cause.

    I took the computer into an Apple store and it passed all diagnostic tests, however the problem still persisted. The final time I took it in the technician was able to reproduce the symptom (I also video taped the problem in case my computer wouldn't do it again) and they replaced the screen. So far I have had no problems with it. It has only been a few hours with my new screen though.

    I suggest that you take the computer to an Apple store, video tape the problem, and hopefully they will replace the screen.

    Good luck.
  • laisdeluna Level 1 Level 1

    My name is Lais de Luna, i'm brazilian, I graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from Mackenzie University and currently working at Editora Abril, the largest publisher in the country ( as Analyst of Marketing and Corporate Exhibition Production (
    Receive a salary of R $ 2,700.00 (U.S. $ 1,600.00) I have no own house and paid $ 1,000.00 in rent, then you can see how hard it was to buy my Mac.

    In December 2009, with great effort after 02 years I could buy my Macbook from Apple, which sells brand trust, respect and security. Everyone I know use Apple, my husband have a Apple and work with a band that has only recording with Apple, i use Apple on the job and never heard complaints of serious problems. Despite being a notebook, just use at home, rarely had to tranport it and when I had to take somewhere I did it with a backpack specifically for notebooks, also have no children or pets and not work with a housemaid. Beside myself, no one else uses the equipment.

    I worked on this machine for 01 years and 01 month with no problems and very happy, always telling friends how good was the equipment. Until one fine day I was using the computer as usual and the screen just crashed, leaving whitewash. Restarted and continued using it and for my despair that began to be widespread.
    Today, I can't use the computer.

    Step 1 - I thought: I turn in the store Fnac São Paulo Pinheiro (telephone | address and name of the guy) to get some orientation, that the warranty had expired just 01 months, and to my disappointment I heard the clerk: - "Or do you demand technical assistance, or buy another. "
    Step 2 - I called some assists authorized. Without analyzing previously, they told that this was a problem of the screen and it should be replaced.
    Step 3 - I searched on Google and found a lot of people with the same problems, in Brazil and abroad. Here are the links: 101322404a461ea509d7&p=4619806

    I write this email because I bought an Apple thinking on quality assurance and tranquility of not having to invest in a new computer for a long time. And 13 months are not a long time.
    I await a quick response from you guys, because every day without using the machine is a delay in my work process and I feel hampered by having a trusted brand so highly regarded that didn't meet expectations which discloses to the market.

    I need your analysis and answer.
  • simshan Level 1 Level 1
    This problem also happened to me 13 months after my purchase so I was out of warranty. I took my computer to an authorised apple repair centre. They told me that the LCD screen would needed to be replaced at a total cost of nz$850. I rang the apple help centre and pleaded my case, that a computer should not fault this soon out of warranty and many other people on apple forums had also experienced this problem. I spoke to two different people and within a short time apple agreed to cover the entire repair cost. After having the LCD screen replaced 3 weeks ago I am yet to have another problem again. I hope you also experience the same success!
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