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    iPhoto 9.1.1 still no fix!!! Incredible!
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    I've just bought iPhoto 2011 - and I'm amazed at the fact the keywords have been moved from the very helpful "under the photo" location to the idiotic "on the right hand side, but only if you click on that specific photo" position. Do i need to uninstall 2011 to get the functionality back?
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    Almost hard to imagine this easy to fix bugs persists after all this time. Keywords under the photo is an essential feature for anyone trying to organize a large photo collection, its removal certainly has to be a mistake. The fact that the removal has persisted so long is almost unbelievable.
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    Another month, no fix. Kind of sad. After uninstalling '11, I have been running '09 and hoping to be able to go back. This is as fundamental of a feature as possible.
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    Apple, please fix this.

    We need keywords to show in the viewport, as the 'view menu' indicates it SHOULD BE.
    My wife and I are both very annoyed about his.
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    Don't ask us for a fix as we're all just users like yourself. Send a feature request to Apple via

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    This is not a bug, this is simply Apple telling us how to run our iLife, yet again. I love Apple products, but I hate their mentality when it comes to customer satisfaction. Every keynote, Jobs turns around and says how "we listen" and then they do something for us. But they're obviously not listening to this and many other threads. Yes, we can all send feedback, but they even say there that they may or may not do anything. We all (should) know Apple products and software work for how Jobs wants it to work, and if it's the same as you, then well and good. If you want to do it differently, then design your own products. This seems to me to be how Apple view customers.

    Oh yes, and I hate the missing keywords as well, and the easy to tap rotate and split etc. But having to use a shortcut to rotate the other way, or navigating a menubar at the top of the screen.... This release is a downgrade.
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    I just submitted the following to the iPhoto feedback. Perhaps people can copy, edit and paste similar dislikes or feature requests into the feedback... Or should we submit one for each complaint/bug/feature request?


    Problems with the new iPhoto....

    1) please put keywords back where they belong, under the thumbnail so we can see keywords on multiple photos simultaneously

    2) please put back the easy to see and click rotate, split/merge buttons on the bottom pane

    3) please allow us to name faces in videos, or don't allow iPhoto to create unnamed faces for videos, I still haven't found a workaround for this except to create a NEW smart folder looking for unnamed faces in things that don't have a keyword of movie - LAME!

    4) "BUT NOT" smart albums... Allow us to have exceptions to smart albums. Eg, I want all my Singapore photos in an album BUT NOT if face contains ex-girlfriend. New girlfriend (now wife) particularly hates seeing these old photos, I have to delete (not an option - it's an historical record) or HIDE them - refer later point (X) re privacy

    5) selecting a group of photos from another album cannot be added to an existing (but different) album on facebook, why do I have to create a new album, or wall post every time? Get in touch with me for more detailed info on this one

    6) please allow us to send "photo naming frames" (I can'tthink of a better description, but the square around someone's facial features) to back, allowing us to add a new face with more ease. Often if two faces are close together and iPhoto has only detected one face, the when you add a new face, the square can appear behind the first. The only workaround for this is to delete the auto detected face to move the newly added face square- by default, newly added ones SHOULD be added to the front, not the back

    7) please allow us to easily remove all unnamed photos from a selection. I have hundreds of photos that have incorrectly identified faces in them (they're not even people), yet I have to go into each one and deselect or delete the unnamed face - sometimes it's not easy to find these Just let us select a group of photos and have a menu option "Remove 'unnamed' faces from these photos" - ok, that's too long a menu option, but you get the idea.

    8) thanks for the additional social features, some good advancements here, BUT... How about just letting us create folders from within iPhoto? In the main (facebook) window I can delete an album, but I can't simply create one. Really, the albums should be listed under the "web" menu on the left and we should be able to drag and drop photos there. In fact, think there were albums under the left before, why did they get removed? I know they were there for Flickr, but I never tried for facebook, so I could be wrong there.

    9) how about a camera model that is ANY iPhone? Every new iPhone model that comes put, I need to add a new keyword. So now my iPhone smart folder has Camera model is (you don't even have a contains option here!) "Apple iPhone", "Apple iPhone 3G", "Apple iPhone 3GS", and now "Apple iPhone 4". Just include some option for ANY iPhone.

    X) PRIVACY I can't believe that's still not here. Allow us to password protect albums, or at least hidden photos.

    11) rotate videos that the iPhone incorrectly fixed in the wrong orientation

    12) allow us to HIDE particular faces. I have so far over 120 identified people in my photos, I don't care for most of them, but it's good to be able to show them or have them there, but I don't want to have to scroll through (potentially) hundreds of faces to get to Vince (for arguments sake). Or at least have a "favorite" faces that have our 5 or 10 user defined faces at the top of the list

    I hope that Apple considers some of these valid points and that they are being looked into, particularly (but not limited to) privacy, keywords, and unnamed faces...

    But please, put back the keywords under the thumbnails.... PLEASE
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    13) the right sidebar info pane takes up so much real estate, incorporate the keyword manager/editor in this dock instead of the pain in the rear end floating window
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    This is a good list. I am AMAZED that Apple hasn't addressed this keyword issue. It's so standard and anyone who used iPhoto will agree that this is a BUG, not a "change in the way to do business".

    I had purchased the upgrade and was forced to downgrade back to get my features working -- not the least of which was Bullstorm's keyword manager product which I live by. Fortunately, the way I downgraded allowed me to keep the benefits in things like iMovie that I do like, but the iPhoto "upgrade" is a downgrade.

    I did just see that Bullstorm now has a beta available for their software to work with the new iPhoto software. I'm tempted to try it, but I've rethought it because I'd still be losing the keywords under the pictures and not really gaining any new features or capabilities.

    I say again. Shame apple. Fix this one. It CAN'T be that difficult. The menu bar says "SHOW KEYWORDS". When you select that, nothing happens. That is a bug.
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    Impossible to view keywords on the display, even though they offer that option in VIEW. I know how to find them in INFO but I want to see them when I scroll---for one thing, it verifies that I remembered to add the keywords in the first place. The current system is a real nuisance, because I have to check each photo, one by one, instead of being able to see the keywords under the pictures. Besides, what's the harm? If a user doesn't want to see the keywords, they can uncheck the selection in View.

    I have been given conflicting advice at the Apple Store re reverting to iPhoto 09----from "possible" to "very difficult, risky & probably NOT satisfying."
    But unless this is resolved, I wish I could.

    Another bug---some thumbnails are black in Full Screen
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    Another bug---some thumbnails are black in Full Screen

    No, not a bug but probably a damaged library. Make a temporary, duplicate copy of the library and try the three fixes below in order as needed:

    Fix #1

    1 - delete the iPhoto preference file,, that resides in your Home/Library/Preferences folder.

    2 - delete iPhoto's cache files that are located in your Home/Library/Caches/ folder.

    3 - reboot, launch iPhoto and try again.

    NOTE: If you're moved your library from its default location in your Home/Pictures folder you will have to point iPhoto to its new location when you next open iPhoto by holding the the Option key. You'll also have to reset the iPhoto's various preferences.

    Fix #2

    Launch iPhoto with the Command+Option keys depressed and follow the instructions to rebuild the library. Select options #1, #2 and #6.

    Click to view full size

    Fix #3

    Rebuild the library using iPhoto Library Manager as follows:

    Using iPhoto Library Manager to Rebuild Your iPhoto Library

    1 -Download iPhoto Library Manager and launch.

    2 -Click on the Add Library button, navigate to your Home/Pictures folder and select your iPhoto Library folder.

    3 - Now that the library is listed in the left hand pane of iPLM, click on your library and go to the File->Rebuild Library menu option

    4 - In the next window name the new library and select the location you want it to be placed.

    5 - Click on the Create button.

    Note: This creates a new library based on the LIbraryData.xml file in the library and will recover Events, Albums, keywords, titles and comments but not books, calendars or slideshows. The original library will be left untouched for further attempts at fixing the problem or in case the rebuilt library is not satisfactory.

    As far as the keywords is concerned, send a request to put them back under the thumbnails to Apple via The more requests on this the more likely they will listen to us.

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    As many here know, Keywords have been an issue since version 9 came out. 


    Does anyone know how many requests does it typically take for Apple to consider a change?  I know a lot of people that want the keywords back in the photo preview. In fact, we were looking for more keyword capability for easy sorting and selection on this screen, not less.


    Should we be twittering our requests so that we get a few thousand people requesting it? or do we need more?

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    No, no one knows how many requests.