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    Earnest Rutherford wrote:


    Two years?

    Re: iPad not charging via PC

    Jul 26, 2012 1:59 PM (in response to icloudroi


    Cool thanks for that information. We will try that...


    July 26th 2012 was two years ago?

    No, but the November 15th 2010 post to which you directed your response was:



    Re: iPad not charging via PC


       Aug 22, 2012 5:23 PM    (in response to FIVEby5IVE
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    I was looking for a solution for this problem and saw this response, tried and worked.



    You don't need any other accessories. Simply update your computers system to increase voltage output for USB which is what this tool does.


    Thanks to the one who shared this

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    Thanks!  The ASUS AI Charger program worked great on my HP ProBook 4530s. Still have to use the right side's two USB ports, the left side's don't work at all, but I'm sure that's hardware related.

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    Glad it worked for you as well!

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    Just confirming what other folks have already said...


    If you read the Apple Support Article HT4060 here ( and you still want to try and charge from a standard USB port--try this application which works flawlessly with my new iPad.


    Asus Ai Charger:


    Short Link:

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    Fact:  the message "not charging" when the iPad is in fact charging is incorrect and can therefor cause someone to take unnecessary action.  I have an always on powered hub and still get the message even though the iPad is charging just fine.  I haven't timed it, but subjectively I see no difference using the PC, the powered USB hub or the Apple-supplied wall wart [yes, that is the correct spelling}.


    Someone early in this thread said "If you don't like Apple products, don't buy them."  That statement comes with two problems: 1) some Apple products have desirable features, not least of which is the screen on my iPad 3, so not buying isn't much of a solution but 2) Apple users and marketers would have you believe that Apple is fully intuitive, has no hidden quirks, and is better than cold beer and pretzels.


    I have used many different computers, operating systems, and applications over a working lifetime in the computer industry.  Apple products, the iPad in particular, has if anything less intuitive, more gimmicky interfaces than average. To those of you who worship all that is Apple:  you are worshipping a marketing-hype idol.  Be more iconoclastic.  Apple has good points and bad, just as Windows, Linux, the PC platform, Android, etc.  Be honest about it, not self-righteous.


    BTW, I installed the Asus AI package on my desktop and have seen no change in the "not charging" message. Charging continues as before - not sure yet if it's any faster.

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    Hello Everyone,


    Just putting my 2 cents in ...


    Charing my iPad from my Lappy, I receive the "Not Charging" Status, Yet, leave it conencted for 2 hours has gone from 38% to 55% battery remaining .... Its deffinately receiving juice



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    asus AI charger app for PC seems working good.
    but Im preferring orginal cable charger instead of attempting to use PC ar recharger
    because of Amper difference sense

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    Just tried the ai charger there n my dell E4310 and worked a treat now shows as charging..... :)

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    Stevenfrom's post is absolutely right. Charging slowly and shows "not charging" on the panel.

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    I just had that on my ipad,  I had lost my ipad cord and bought one at a cheap shop and it took a night to charge to 20%.  I found the one I got with my ipad.  It has been 6 months,  yesterday I updated the ipad os and it refuse to charge on the cheap cord.  I luckily found my official ipad cord,  and at first it said it wasn't charging, I unplug it and saw it was charging,  I left it for 2 hours and it charge to 43% where before it would take all night to get to 40%  I pull the cord out and put it back in and now it states it is charging.   This is charging off of my macbook,  I haven't used the charger yet.  I think make sure you use the "official" cord/plug.  Try a couple of different restarts/ outlets, make sure everything is plug in properly.

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    If it is charging slower, can't they just make an "if" on that message? If it's charging slowly -> display "CHARGING SLOWLY". Or maybe is this too hard?

    And here: we can read ...iPad will charge, but only when it's in sleep mode. Really? So if I want to work at the same time, I can't? Even my Gamegear that I had when I was 10 charged while I was playing...


    And no, I can't install plugins on my computer. "Some" companies won't let the employers to install whatever they want.


    Just put some effort to please everyone who spends 600€ and don't have the basics. Kubrick would not be pleased with this kind of technology

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    Is it so difficult, when you want to work and charge at the same time, to simply plug the iPad into the provided mains adapter?

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    Did you read the thread's title?