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  • goofball@@ Level 1 Level 1

    Ok. Everyone please follow these instructions. Someone posted this one or two pages ago and it works!! I've just re-written them for clarity.


    On your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch:


    1) Click on your device's home button

    2) Click on the "Settings" icon

    3) Click on iCloud

    4) Enter your Apple ID & password

    5) On the next screen, ensure that "none" is selected as the credit card type

    6) Fill in all fields not associated with the credit card information (note: you must select a title; i.e. Mr., Mrs., etc)

    7) Click on Done and wait for the transaction to complete


    Now, return to the App Store or iTunes and download free apps or songs til your heart's content!!

  • TPW200 Level 1 Level 1



    I don't have the "none" option with iCloud or the App Store. Perhaps it's a New Zealand thing?


    I just want to be able to use the App Store without having to load my credit card details. There are no options.


    Perhaps if you set your location to another country you get the "none" option for payments?


    Now, everytme I log into the App Store, I get a nag screen wanting credit card details, can't even log into my account without the nag screen. If I hit cancel it logs me out.


    If I just ignore it, and then try to buy anything free, I get another nag screem wanting credit card details.


    This is pretty annoying. Apple can do better than this - I don't get anywhere near the same level of annoyance with the Android Store on Google....

  • TehYoyo Level 1 Level 1

    Here's the solution:



    Second post.

  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9

    TehYoyo wrote:


    Here's the solution:

    I don't need a solution but thanks anyway.

  • HanRB Level 1 Level 1

    Ok for iPad (not sure if this works for iPhone and iPod), to sign get the "none" option just go to settings -> iTunes & App Stores and then sign in and review from there.

  • Aursidian Level 1 Level 1

    Good Morning,


    Firstly thank you goofball@@ for pointing me in this direction, see his post above.


    I have also struggled with this today for a few hours. I am setting up iPhone 5's for employees of my company.
    I originally created the Apple ID by clicking "Create an Apple ID" at this page:


    After much googling and testing the method that worked for me was the following:
         1) On the device open the settings App.
         2) Open the iCloud options and sign in to iCloud with your existing Apple ID.
         3) Once signed in select the top option (Account <<Your_Apple_ID_Here>>).
         4) The bottom of this screen showed "Storage Plan" details for me. I selected "Payment Information".
         5) At this point I was prompted for and entered my Apple ID password.
         6) The top option here was "Payment Card" and I was able to select "None".
         7) Before I was able to exit this screen and save the payment options I also had to fill in "Title", "Area Code" and "Phone".
         8) Now I was able to save and exit with the "Done" button in the top right.
         9) Now I was able to open the App Store, sign in with the same Apple Id and install the iBooks App
         10) The final step before the iBooks app installed was to enter three security questions and answers. BUT NO PAYMENT INFO


    After the initial frustration of finding this method I then followed the exact same procedure for two other devices and it worked each time.


    My only thought on why I was unable to follow Chris CA's directions is that either I was missing some vital step or it may have to do with locality, I am in Australia.


    I apologise if this method does not work for you.





  • shepherd53 Level 1 Level 1

    After many hours of trying to work this out I followed Chris's suggestion and it works. Maybe it was how I signed up that it worked. Why is it so difficult especially as many people use itune cards and I have just read about the many people who have had itune cards credited to PayPal accounts.

  • Esoremada Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you very much, this finally worked after hours of frustration and annoyance at Apple's ****** software. THANK YOU

  • ravi4480 Level 1 Level 1



    It worked the way Vikaschopra84 explained.


    Thanks alot Vikas.

  • rich44 Level 1 Level 1

    There was no solution in this thread to the same problem I had. For starters, "create a new account" does not solve this problem, because this problem is how to do it without creating a new account. "It works for me" is also not a solution.


    Also, the iCloud solution, while good for people who have that, is no use to people who don't (want to) use iCloud. Also some of the solutions talk about using iphones or ipads or macs. I have none of those things (I have a nano), I am trying to use itunes on windows.


    Entering your CC and then removing it after is not really a solution (although better than nothing), because the OP (and all the people with this issue) want to know how to do it WITHOUT a credit card at all.


    Apple support doesn't even acknowledge that there is a solution to this, and tells you to just enter your CC and then remove it.


    Chris CA's solutions didn't work at all for me.


    I seem to have found an actual solution to this thread that doesn't require icloud or iphones etc. Perhaps it was a freak occurance that this solution worked for me but it would be interesting to see if it works for other people who haven't been able to use the imperfect solutions people have already posted.


    1. Open itunes, and go to the store. You are not signed in (if you are you don't have this problem)

    2. Click on the "Redeem" link on the right side of the page (even though you have no redeem code to use!)

    3. Now it will ask you to log in with your username and password, so do that.

    4. Now it will appear to still be failing, and it will come up with a box asking you to Review your account to begin using it. Click Review.

    5. Now it will still appear to be failing, and it will show you the screen about how having an apple id lets you use itunes. Click Continue.

    6. Now it will ask you to accept the terms, accept them.

    7. Now you will be on the credit card information screen, only this time, for payment options, it will have the None button! Pick None and finish the process, and you're in.


    If this doesn't work for you I don't know what to tell you. The only thing I did differently was to click on that Redeem link, and after that None showed up as a choice.

  • avinashsarode Level 1 Level 1

    But I tried everything and had not signed out.if I m making iTunes I'd from apps than its asking for credit card no.and my apple I'd is already there.

  • avinashsarode Level 1 Level 1

    But iCloud has been struck it,s not responding.

  • avinashsarode Level 1 Level 1

    If I m downloading any thing and giving apple Id or password  ot is written that 'ur apple I'd and password is not used in iTunes Store what is it means.'

  • SiegeAy Level 1 Level 1

    What Rich44 suggested has worked for me. Thank you, Rich.

  • onlynayla Level 1 Level 1

    i seriously dont get tht option:((

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