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    Yes you have the option click&buy.

    It will transfer from your bank account when you buy something in app store or iTunes

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    How ridiculous.  So I have to create yet another email address, and validate it with itunes before I can verify my apple id to download free items from the app store?


    For those of you that already created one, there is sort of a workaround.  It's my daughter's touch ipod, and I don't want her to have the ability to download apps that will charge me so I finally found out how to get around it since the account had already been made - I went ahead and entered my cc info, which let it validate, then went back in  to edit the credit card info and lo and behold, there was a "none" button next to the other credit card types.  I clicked it and it changed to "No credit card info on file."


    Problem solved.  But no solution for those that literally don't have any credit cards.

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    i just bought two ipod touch for my daughters and i am trying to create "a free itunes accout" this has got to be the most annoying and aggrivating thing in the world i will NOT buy anymore apple products you are rip off merchants shame on you why are people tripping over them selfs to get your devices?? siort it out or you will sink back inti history again.poor show

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    UNBELIEVABLE!!!  That there is this inconsistancy in the system.  But I agree the easiest way around the system without purchasing a gift card is to add a credit card and promptly remove it.


    I was helping my brother in law set up his new ipod touch.  We set up iMessaging and Facetime first so I created a new apple ID account for him via those apps first (mistake) because that doesn't lead you to the proper new account pathway that will give you the NONE option under payment.  Then when you later set up the apple ID for free app downloads it asks you to review account and as we all know in this discussion the NONE button is nowhere to be found. Note: at this point it doesnt help to attempt to download any app the review pathway leads to the same results from any direction.


    In iTunes on my compputer I use my CC info including my billing address to finish setting up his apple ID.  After receiving the "successful set up" dialog box, I promptly went to "view account" from the STORE tab in iTunes. There I was able to EDIT both the credit card  (the NONE button is now there!!!!)  and change the billing address info as well. That part did work seemlessly.  I later when back into his account to make sure there was no sign of my credit card number.  ALL GOOD.  Don't stress someone will let you borrow a CC for literally 2 minutes until APPLE FIXES THIS OVERSITE.

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    So here is the answer ............however not the ideal answer. I had the same problem as you guys I created a ID for my son, i then tried to download an App for him and had the same problem. I then went on to my account which i registered with my credit card. When i logged into my account i found that i was able to remove my credit card details. So i added my credit card details to my sons account then promptly removed it. .........I know this is not the best answer just a way around it that was not to painful.

    Hope this helps  

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    use starbucks free itunes song of the week card, this will validate the itunes card without credit card

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    No, not correct Nancydotcom.  Yesterday I went to iTunes and to my account and 'Edit Payment Information' and selected the 'None' button to remove my credit card information from iTunes.  I used my existing account and my account is not new.

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    I have seen that, when I created my apple account, which was around the time the 3GS released in the United Arab Emirates, I had the none option and you know how the rest goes. Got a "free" id!

    Now, recently, I gave my sis an iPod on her birthday and was trying to make an apple id for her so we can iMessage and ****. But the annoying thing is that, when I got to the part about the biling info and everything, they didn't have the none option. That really makes me angry. I actually thought that "hey this will be easy. chat with sis. Once I am off to Canada to study in waterloo which is after a few months then the only means is by iMessage cuz I pretty much use iMessage more now and don't like any other stuff like fb and skype."

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    I have done one thing, that is, purchased a free app and now changed the payment info. I got the "None" option but there is still one problem that the account is now only for the US market.

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    samfromfolsom - I think you must have had an existing iTunes account.  I didn't.  I was trying to set up a new iTunes account with an existing Apple ID without entering a credit card number.  That's the difference.

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    Sorry, I don't know is this has been mentioned or solved allready, but if you go to the app store and search and get Remote (its free) then when it says enter create new account press it and it should give you the option to use no card!

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    I have the same problem. I thought I was the only one got in this problem

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    Hi)) I created apple ID in website, but when I sign in they asked me to click in review,then I had to choose the credit card, but there is no word NONE, so I can't sign in in apple strore, what can I do? Can u help me??

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