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  • Bullitt08 Level 1 (0 points)

    Before you take it anywhere, I suggest you give a blast of compressed air to the sleep button. you may be able to do this with a can of compressed air usually sold in places like Radio Shack or a photo supply store. If you have a compressor or have a friendly mechanic that has one, they may be able to do it for you.


    I had exactly the same thing happen to my Iphone 4 out of the blue. The button seemed fine so I blew it with compressed and voila!


    What may be happening is that over time particles of dirt manage to get in and eventually interfere with the contact. Give it a shot, it will cause no harm and if that does not work, there's always the Apple store.

  • Dxtra30 Level 1 (0 points)

    Dumb question is this the same kind of compressed air that you use for computer keyboards and stuff?? Just making sure.. If this works I will try it tonight for sure.. Mine has been stuck for a while and it's very frustrating..


    If this works, thanks for the Tip  Bullitt08

  • jpksd Level 1 (0 points)

    if you can stand to use the accessibility feature until your upgrade/replacement time that might be the best bet.  


    the notion that it can do no harm isn't exactly true.   I tried this with an ip4 and the canned air spit out some liquid and stained the screen from the inside leaving annoying spots in the screen.  all this and it didnt solve the problem.   the part thats faulty is a VERY tiny sensor attached to the proximity sensor cable.   the plastic disintegrates after 20-30,000 cycles.   canned air can't correct this and it's VERY difficult to replace the part for a non expert.   I tried and failef to fix it, and had to replace the phone.  


    the iPhone 4s uses similar configuration and from what I have read it is also prone to the same failure at about a 2% rate.  


    good luck.  

  • Bullitt08 Level 1 (0 points)

    You should be fine with the type of canned air for computer keyboards, etc. But if you are worried about getting liquid from the canned air I suggest you just go to someone that has an air compressor with a good air tip and use it instead.


    In my case it worked,  but like others have suggested it may be that the switch is shot and no amount of anything will help. If this is the case, the accessibility feature should be your best alternative.

  • Westah Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi everyone, who is in the same boat as me or was... I have an 4S purchased in November 2011, so about 8 months old.


    Yesterday ( Thursday ) I went to (Not an apple store, we don't have the official ones in Sweden yet) But A premium reseller and authorized workshop. And showed the technician my phone. He said something that "They don't replace the button or its mechanism, but they replace the whole phone, do you have a backup, bla bla bla." So I guess I now have to wait 3-5 working days to get mine replaced with a new one. (Still wonder why it should take so long time.) He took my phone and examined it quickly, felt the power button and agree it was stuck.



    I know I haven't dropped my phone in water so the water damage shouldn't be a problem. If this isn't covered by warranty, the next thing I'm gonna do is go and buy a ******* blackberry! And I asked, Is this gonna cost something? No, not if it's under warranty he said. Which according to me, it should be? If I hear back from them and they want me to pay, no matter how much, I'm gonna get furious and I wont pay a dime.



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    Add me to the list of stuck power buttons. I got my iPhone 4 delivered the day before it was officially released and had it replaced at about the 10 month mark for a bad noise cancelling microphone. My refurb'd iPhone 4 had about 15 months of use on it when the power button siezed up (can't push it / doesn't work).


    I have ordered both a screwdriver set (for pentalope screwdriver, plastic pry bar, screws, etc... and the power flex / proximity sensor flex cable for a total of less than $11 on eBay. I know I'm in for a couple hours of repair time, but to me it's worth it as I'll be able to sell my iPhone 4 on eBay for > $200 when I get my new "iPhone 5" this Fall.


    Good luck fixing your poorly designed iPhone power buttons everybody, and as a longtime Apple buyer, I too am disappointed that a recall hasn't been done for this obvious issue that many people are experiencing!



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    My iPhone 4 is rumning 5.1.1.  When its on, if I press the on/off button or if it goes into  Auto-lock, it will shut down and I cannot "wake it up".  I can press the on/off button with or without the home button for 45-60 seconds and it will not turn on. I try it again later and it will.  Sometimes it will randomly turn on or awaken after I've pressed these butons several times.  I've reset. wiped, restored and it continues to happen.  As long as it does not "got to sleep" it works perfectly. 

  • srac1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I see there are 19 pages in response to this power button problem.  The work around doesn't allow for screenshots and is inconvenient to say the least.  Cars have recalls when enough people complain about a part failure.  The Apple solution made to me was a $145 dollar service call charge.  If a phone that retails for $700 can't even last the two years of a service contract with most carriers, a free fix is in order. This was my first IPHONE and may be the last.  Like many of the other people in this post, my phone was always in a case and had very light usage, still the button is stuck and no reasonable offer to repair has been made yet.

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    i had similar (home button) last year. when in humid conditions it would stick. they replaced it immediately with no questions asked. i just went in to the genius bar.

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    Similar issue here too. I didn't drop the phone, didnt wet it, nothing! It just stopped working suddenly (got stuck).


    Just back from the apple store and they gave the same stinky reply to me too.. $150 for replacement with 90 day warranty. When I told that I got the phone for $200 1-year back, they were quick to tell me that the origional cost of phone is $700, but they failed to explain why a product worth $700 stops working just after an year and can't be fixed??? really??


    This is very very very disappointing Apple. Why do I have to replace my phone? Why cant you fix this button or fix your desgin so that this issue is not faced by millions of people. This thread itself has got 310K views.



  • kat_o Level 1 (0 points)

    In Canada there is a place called iPhix ( they do repairs on all apple devices and most smart phones. It's $89 to replace the button just thought I'd put it out there!


    I got my phone wet yesterday, I let it sit in a bag of rice for a day then restored it and thank goodness the only thing not working is my power button, but of course it won't be covered because of my mistake


    Good luck everyone, it seems this is a common issue and that Apple does not review these posts...

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    I have the same issue just bought my iPhone in Febuary, works perfectly except for the power lock button as its still under warranty it's not a huge issue but I am wondering weather I will receive a new or refurbished phone being that this phone is perfect except for the button and only 7 months old also if they give me a referb does it carry a warrenty my genius bar appointment is tomorrow I was at the nearly empty Apple store tonight and was told by a guy that was just standing around and asked if he could help me that I could make an appointment with him it wasn't a bother since I figured I would need to but the store has 8 apple employees and maybe 2 people in the store but anyway I was just wondering if I should use my phone till its a lil closer to the year if they are just going to give me a used phone ?

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    Thanks!  This is exactly what I was looking for!

  • Westah Level 1 (0 points)

    After a week in "repair" I finally got to pick up.... Tada, a new phone. Exactly what I expected. So, in my case. I got a completely new phone. At least what it looks like on the outside. 90 Days of warranty on the job (button I believe) so I'm satisfied! Even though I had some dings and scratches on the phone. I got a new one, they didn't think it was dropped. Which it wasn't. But I feared they would go with that card since I read somewhere that apple can refuse warranty if it has marks on it.

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    Car components do not get issued recalls just because "enough people complained about it."  They get issued recalls because of safety concerns. That's it, that's all.  A power button is obviously not a safety concern (even though it's obviously a defective Apple product), but it's highly possible that there is no upgraded component, and even once they replaced the button, the problem would continue occurring.  So the chances of Apple doing anything to help their customers who are out of warranty is highly unlikely.


    Luckily, there are several places in my city that can repair this for about $60-80 bucks.


    Anyhow, in reply to the original question, if you Reset Network Settings under Settings > General, that will restart your iPhone.

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