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  • sven geudens Level 1 (0 points)

    Mine was replaced with a refurbished one, no questions asked. It was older than one year so no apple warranty, but still under European 2 year shop warranty.

  • BrandonBu Level 1 (0 points)

    This just happened to me today, my only question is will the Apple store replace my phone? I actually bought mine at Verizon, so should I take it there or is this an issue with Apple?

  • SergZak Level 5 (6,725 points)

    I would take the phone directly to an Apple Store...Verizon had me do that as they said there was nothing they could do.


    Apple should replace it if it's under warranty and it's deemed that there is no physical damage, like it being dropped. If it's not under warranty, first thing the Geniuses will recommend (they did this with my stuck power-button issue) is to enable AssistiveTouch under Settings>General>Accessibility>AssistiveTouch. This puts an on-screen button on the display which will let you control various aspects of the phone without using the physical buttons. Check it out as it's easy to enable/disable.


    I'm currently using AssistiveTouch, even though my power button is fine since the phone is new (refurb). I had to pay the $149 charge to replace my phone due to the same stuck-button issue and being out of warranty. Seems the issue can happen at any time to any phone so I'd rather just put less wear & tear on the buttons as I can, thus my useage of AssistiveTouch. This is a plain hardware defect which Apple should be taking care of but they have chosen to recommend AssistiveTouch rather than replace the phone if it's out of warranty.

  • jagomezco Level 1 (0 points)

    In my Town an iPhone coasts something like $800.00 Dollars. (16GB)

    My wife and I have, well.. had iPhones 4 and we were on our 13th month and our 2 iphones stopped working well..

    First, my wife's phone had the problem of the microphone and They changed it for free... that was like 6 months ago, now her 6 months new iPhone 4 doesn't work from the Power Button and  mine died completely, They said that It was the motherboard and They couldn't do anything than sell me another for $400.00 dollars..

    I am very disappointed with Apple, because their products are not longer a warranty, I had the iPhone 3GS 4 years ago, and still works, I use it for iPod so... are They doing it on purpose for us to buy new iphones every 6 months? beucase if it's like that, that is so low...

    I'm getting doubts on buying the new iPhone 5 or whatever they call it... And the worst thing is that there are THOUSANDS of "Discussions" in this "Apple Support Comunities" of angry people with this kind of problems and They don't even care.. Apple is no longer what It was.. shame..

  • thesisoflove Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm agreeing with that.


    I've had my iPhone 4 a bit over a year, and after my warranty was up.. I started having malfunctions on my phone.

    My home button was being stupid, not functioning.. phone was laggy.. now my power button is stuck.

    I don't want to go to apple store and be charged like $150 for a company I'm starting to hate.

    One day, I'll just switch over to Samsung because this is really ******* me off

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    same problem to add to the list with a 4s iv only had jusst over 6 months. lucky i still have the warrenty i think. is this a really common problem with the 4 and 4s as never had this trouble with my 3g or 3gs

  • rmcgonegle Level 1 (0 points)

    Add me too.   


    They swapped my phone on 22 of May, and the power/lock button stopped working a few days ago -- while I had a bumper on, walking down the sidewalk, went to lock it to put it back in my pocket, and button no workie. 


    apple said for 150 bucks, I can have it fixed.  i think she might have even used that word, fixed.   not swapped.     then I asked management why these buttons kept breaking and they told me --  it was dropped near it, probably.    not dropped - no physical marring at all.  And then I asked them if they knew anything about how the phone actually worked and what else was near the power/lock button, and they rolled their eyes.   Followed with the obvious, no we do not know how or why it works. 


    Can't wait for my detractor email.....   you guys used to be good, used to care about the products, used to pretend to give a ****.   but now, how can you guys?   you're the most profitable comapny consistantly: you are way too important to have good products and a strong relationship with your client base.


    They will blame the death of Steve for yet another toppling of Apple's Humpty Dumpty Throne, high atop the wall.   But we know it will really be the un-abashed and un-apologizing over-growth of egos and stock prices, too fat to stand on your own legs, too many phones to look at in the Soho Apple Store to politely greet anyone - let alone actually give a **** they spend money on the products; or that maybe they were one of the few apple fans who bought apple products before the iPhone - or ****, what if they bought a Mac before the third-generation iPod.  


    Surely not.   Surely they couldn't have bought anything before the third-generation iPod  - no one was alive then.  

  • nate8it Level 1 (0 points)

    So I perordered my iphone 5 at 0300 EST last Fri. with the plan to give my wife my 4s and sell her iphone4 just as soon as i received my 5 .  As luck would have it, the power button on her iphone 4 stuck today which will make for a tough sell.  ***. gonna stop by our local apple store to see what they will have to say about it.  I have owned every iphone except the 3gs. I dont care that its no longer under warranty because, as someone already stated, a suposedly premium product sold for a premium price should last longer than a year

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    Mine won't push and since it's out of warranty they couldn't do anything but they showed me an alternative.

    Settings > General > accessibility > physical and motor > assistive touch > on.


    Then a dot shows up. Touch it. Touch device. Touch lock screen. Just don't shut off your phone!

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  • ipodkid122 Level 1 (0 points)

    i have had the same problem but will the limited 1 year warrenty cover it if my lock button is broke because people at my school said i could but i don't know if its true. The reason i am wondering is because i need my lock button to be fixed so that i can get my iOS 6 app store to work again. but so far all i have seen on the internet was people say to take it apart which i do not trust myself doing because i will mess it up most likely. And my ipod lock button has been like this for about 10 months and i am getting aggrivated with it. i have not even had it a year it was when i got it a day later it got stuck so i am wonder if the limited 1 year warrenty i got is still good enough to fix it. If you got any advice please reply back to me ASAP.

  • Shawn Ulibarri Level 1 (35 points)

    I, too, have this issue. The button started to fail occasionally, with the feel of the power button (the sleep/wake button on top of the iPhone) getting mushy. Now, there is no spring-action - no resistance. Just sits there.


    The phone is a little over a year old, so the button should not be failing. If it was 5-years-old, then maybe. THIS IS A DESIGN FLAW.


    Meanwhile, I use the Assistive Touch to 'sleep' it, and even to turn it off (just hold the on-screen button, like you would the physical button). To power it on, just connect it to the computer or charger.


    Some iPhone repair places will do the fix for $60, rather than Apple's $150, but we should all write Apple and let them know of our displeasure.


    (If you're technically savvy, and your phone is OUT OF WARRANTY, you can also try this: )

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    I fixed my powerbutton easily with some

    water repellent oil. I dont know what its called, it is that thing you use for locks and hinges anyway. My iphone powerbutton has been working for like 7 months now. There is no difference from when it was new! I can really recomend this. Just remember to turn of the phone and have it upside down when you spray. And dont use to much! Theres no need for more than a few drops.

  • krilleswe Level 1 (0 points)

    I fixed my powerbutton easily with some

    water repellent oil. I dont know what its called, it is that thing you use for locks and hinges anyway. My iphone powerbutton has been working for like 7 months now. There is no difference from when it was new! I can really recomend this. Just remember to turn of the phone and have it upside down when you spray. And dont use to much! Theres no need for more than a few drops.

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    This exact thing happened to my iphone 4. My phone, unfortunately, is out of warranty though. I went to the Apple store and they tried to realign the button, etc but no luck. but there is good news!! I have been successfully using the phone for MONTHS since the button broke! At first I was worried that if the phone ever shut off I would never be able to turn it back on- Solution: if your phone dies, plug it in! it will turn back on by itself! Also the Apple tech put a solution on my phone that allows me to lock the screen. Go to Settings>General> Accessibility.... then turn on "AssistiveTouch". This will place a light square/circle on your screen that stays on top of whatever you have open. click on it and select "device" and lock screen! You can click anywhere outside of the menu if you want to return to the page. It may get in the way while playing bubble shooter but overall GREAT job Apple with having this option because it has gotten me soooo many more months worth of use out of my phone even while broken. Now just waiting for the iPhone 5 and iOS6 to work their kinks out and I will be upgrading

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