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  • 16dawn Level 1 (0 points)

    Oh also.. I cannot unlock the phone as the panel is covering most of the numbers. So yeah, it's going to take forever to run my battery down when all I can do is play music.. the internet is on aswell but as I am not actually using safari or running any games etc I can't imagine it will run the battery down any quicker, if anyone knows an alternative please please PLEASE let me know. Thanks.

  • SmartAft Level 1 (0 points)

    In theory, if you connect your iPhone to iTunes and 1) back it up then 2) restore it to its original settings and 3) restore the backup it should reboot several times in the process. I'm not convinced that what you are doing will result in the desired results.

  • Dani7 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm not sure you'll see this since you posted a year ago, but worth a shot. When I follow your steps, if I press really hard on the stuck button, it prompts me to slide the bar to power off or cancel. It doesn't bring up any voice command option like you mentioned... Am I doing something wrong? 

    I'm out of warranty and this is driving me crazy!  I've enabled assisted touch fix but that's a pain.


  • pepper62 Level 1 (0 points)

    My daughter's iPhone 4s button just stuck yesterday-nothing happened-just out of the blue stuck.


    I discovered we are a little over 2 weeks out of warranty so under the ATT insurance I can get it fixed or replaced with a refurb for $199.


    Ok so that is ridiculous.  It appears from reading this thread that I am out of luck.


    She wanted to get an iPad but no way-


    This phone was well cared for-this is ridiculous.


    My only option is to go to the Apple store and hope I get someone who will give me a new phone even though I am out of warranty?  Do you really think that is going to happen?  I was always leery of Apple and now I have my confirmation.  She will have to use it the way it is and when we can upgrade it won't be with an Apple product-unless they make this right.

  • simonfromamaroo Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, other than having paid for the apps I might already have changed phones. I have a Macbook Air but have gone back to Windows7 on it and am unlikely to buy another Apple computer such is my disappointment at how Apple have become what they seemed they wouldn't - not backing up their product with obvious hardware faults and releasing software updates with bugs.

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    Agreed this is very disappointing, I have always had much better experiences with Apple.  Frankly, being told that my 13 month old phone is now broken through no fault of my own and that I need to pay $199 for a refurb is just brutal.  This is a design flaw and Apple should own up to it. 

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    My power button has been stuck for a couple of weeks now and I can't reset my phone anymore which is the main problem. I have not gone to an apple store yet and I really don't want to. If anybody has any other ways to fix this problem please let me know.

  • Ryanhelper Level 1 (0 points)

    Get tweezers and with the tweezers grab both ends of the button and squeeze and lift, that might help.

  • SmartAft Level 1 (0 points)

    Too bad the "geniuses" aren't smart enough to create an app to reboot the bloody thing. If you hold down the lock screen button, you get the slide to shut down ... But you'll never get it on again >:-(

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    Turn on AssistiveTouch found under Settings>General>Accessibility>AssistiveTouch.

    You can hold the ‘Lock Screen’ button and it will bring up the swipe to turn off, screen. Once you’ve turned it off, simply plug your phone in and it will turn back on. Make sure your phone is unplugged before you turn it off or you will have to unplug it and plug it back in.

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    The same thing happened to my 4 month old white Iphone 4s. It was working fine then I go to press the button to "sleep" my phone and it doesn't work. I took the cover off and the button is jammed. Stuck down and I cannot use it anymore. I was able to chat with an Apple rep on this site and he was very helpful. December 20/12 he sent out the empty box so I could send my phone back. It came to my place on Dec 24 but I wasn't there to get it so they left it at Purolator. I didn't bother getting it right away due to the holidays.

    I sent my phone out yesterday, Dec 27/12 & they recieved it this morning (Dec 28). It was showing as "diagnosing product" for a couple hours and is now in the 3rd stage, showing "product replacement pending."

    So far, I am impressed with the service and speed of the repair. We will see how it goes and how much longer it takes.


    I hope I don't have to dish out any money. I shouldn't since my phone was pretty well new and in GREAT shape. I took very good care of it and never damaged it. I am still under my one year warranty as well.


    Whether it is a brand new phone or a refurbished one, I just want it to work well and keep working for more than a couple months. Fingers crossed!

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    Power Button Sticks: 

    went to the iphone store dec 29th 2012 asking why the phone randomly dials people in my phone pointed out the main button thingy was a bit sticky, turned me towards the tech dept...they said well, it only has two parts & one of them we can fix is not the button thingy, sorry, we have to replace the phone....i says well i was thinking about upgrading anyways..oh yea the new iphone u can take totally apart & fix stuff, i gets back to my car & looks at the graphite/lockeeez stuff i just bought for the car ignition & spray it all over the button thingy & rub it in several times & press rub press rub....and well, i guess i need to go back to the store & tell the geniuses there how to fix the button....

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    I dropped my iphone 4 on carpet, it slid onto my hardwood floor and the screen a CASE. I had "this" iphone for literally 2 months. The one prior also shattered.

    I've also been through another 4 iphones, yes 4, because each malfunctioned - so I have gone through 6 iphones within the last year and a half.

    I refused to purchase another replacement iphone for $150 and continued to use the cracked iphone. Last night the power button randomly stopped working. I didn't drop it or anything. However, being my screen is cracked I'm screwed because of Apple's stupid motto of "physical damage trumps manufacture failure."

    In case you didn't know Apple, my phone would be working if your product wasn't so ****** and you actually fixed your screen defects (actually, I'm pretty sure Apple used a different type/thickness of glass for the iphone 5 because of this reoccuring problem with the 4 and 4S - they likely will never admit it though) or at least knew how to repair the product.

    Anyhow, even Steve Jobs himself stated the screen was quote on quote "shatter and scratch proof" - there are YouTube clips of the conferences of him stating this (when he first introduced the new iphone 4) and actual case law supporting this. With that being said, the screen itself should be considered defective if it cracks.

    Being my screen is cracked, looks like I'm SOL about the jammed power button that is defective.

    Thanks Apple for your wonderful customer service and loyalty; no wonder the company's stock has dropped.

  • Miller10 Level 1 (0 points)

    The screen is actually easy to replace yourself and can be done for around $20. Go to eBay or amazon and order a new one, they usually even come with the tools. There are many detailed step by step guides as well to show you how. Once you replace it, take it to the store about the power button issue. I have the same problem but am out of warranty so I jailbroke the device and set it up so if I double tap the clock, it imitates the sleep button. I even tried replacing my button but that didn't work.

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    I have an i-Phone 4. Had it 13 months, always been in an otterbox defender 3 part case since day 1. Never been dropped in water. My power button stopped working today. I agree that with a phone that cost this much $ there should be a free fix. Super disgusted and annoyed it stopped working and even more upset when I read that it is a common problem that has no fix. Refuse to pay the insurance fee to get a refurbished phone that's had who knows what done to it. APPLE WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIX THIS???????

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