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    USA:iPhone 4 gsm key home difficult to press, to return on the home and to activate the multitasking, in Italy we have inside according to year of guarantee of Apple Store, fortunately is replaced me in according to year to the store

    italy:iPhone4 gsm tasto home difficile da premere,tornare sulla home e attivare il multitasking,in Italia abbiamo il secondo anno di garanzia all'interno degli Apple Store,fortunatamente mi è stato sostituito nel secondo anno allo store

    France:iPhone 4 gsm touche home difficile à presser, tourner sur le home et activer multitasking, en Italie nous avons le second an de garantie à l'intérieur d'Apple Store, chancheusement m'a été substitué dans le second an au store

  • Kbosotina Level 1 (0 points)

    My power button has not worked for a few months now on my iphone 4. I have tried everything to fix this but it doesn't seem to work. Oh and of course, the phone is just over a year old. Now, my phone is a few months shy of two years old and it won't turn on. I'm told to go buy a phone. How do you make us sign a two year contract while your phone doesn't last for two years? This is crazy. Not only did I spend money to buy the phone originally, but now not even two years later I have to lay money out for another? Shall we say scam?

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    If phone can't turn on, plug into power - this should power it up.


    Also, I've been told that Apple will now support/fix iPhones that are less than 2 years old, regardless of 1 year warrantee. Suggest you speak with someone at the apple store.


    Lastly, if phone can't be replaced, do a search for iphone 4 and power button on YouTube. There's a fix where you jam paper under the button. Not perfect, but it worked for me.

  • Charles Daffin Level 1 (0 points)

    Well my 4S now has a faulty power button. For a few days it was just hard to push, then started getting stuck, now it's not working.

  • Beerums Level 1 (0 points)

    I've had my IPhone 4S for just over a year now (out of warranty of course) and my power button started acting funny. I tried blowing some pressurized air to clean it out but to no avail. I've been debating on whether or not to bring it in to Apple to have it fixed but I really don't want to she'll out $150 for a re manufactured phone. For the cost of these phones they shouldn't have major mechanical issues like this. I can understand having some software glitches here and there but software can always be corrected with a free update. These mechanical issues are ridiculous. I had my Iphone 3G for over three years and never had any issues.  What is apple going to do to fix this known issue?  Nothing of course but take more of your money. This will be my last Iphone.

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    I have been having this same problem. Wandered into an Apple store today and was informed that, as the phone is out of warranty (conveniently enough) there will be a replacement charge for a new handset. I retorted that this was a commonplace problem, and was told that it only occurred in a minority of cases. I suggested that this thread implies otherwise.

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    ive only had my iphone a couple months ...  no damage at all .. yeaterday out of no where the button stopped working ...:(

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    Same thing happened to my 4S.    15 months after purchase.  Was sticky for 1 week and then quit working altogether...    I'm going to try my luck at the Apple store tomorrow, but I am not expecting any satisfaction.  Power button stops working shortly after warranty expiration and they say Apple knew about the problem.


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    Same problem here! I'm from Malaysia and my iPhone4 is nearing 3 years so I guess I must be pretty lucky to have it last for this long. I went to many apple centers and some offered to have it fixed for rm100. And another offered to have it replaced for rm620. However I'm not sure if its a new one and if they will give me an exact same model as I own a 32gb. My home button is also faulty and since these two buttons are faulty, I can't use my phone until a notification pops out and I can unlock the phone. Help! Since its apples fault, they should really do something about it! And also offer upgrades to newer generation iPhones if we decide to pay more.

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    Same problem - phone is two years old and power button abruptly stopped working.  Took to Apple Store and they will only repair for $149.  I don't mind paying to repair a phone if in fact I broke it, but to have the gall to charge for a clear design flaw is not acceptable.  My wife and I both are in line for new phones, but it seems it will not be an Apple due to this situation.  It sure seems shortsighted and foolish on Apple's part to not figure a way to bridge me until the new phone comes out (something like make me pay now but refund if I upgrade and return the phone - that's not complicated).  And I've been an iPhone person since they came out.  Too bad for Apple.  Foolish result of declining product quality.

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    My iphone 4s has same problem. The power button stucked inside the phone one day and now i have to press it really hard in order to work it out. Apple charges me 149bucks to replace it.

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    My phone has had the same problem. I’ve had it for about a year and a half so no doubt will have the same problem with it being out of warranty. Surely iphones have a longer expected life than this so could be under Consumer Guarantees Act in NZ? Don’t want to have to fork out to get it fixed when it’s obviously a common problem with their manufacturing

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    Hi everyone,


    In the UK and Europe there is a law called the Sales of Goods Act 1979 that covers all electronic equipment for a period of 5 to 6 years from purchase depending on your country. This is referenced directly on the apple support website. Across Europe you do not need extended warranties.


    This is a known fault by Apple and they will replace your phone free of charge - the complaint needs to be dealt with through your original seller but just quote the SOGA and you will be entitled to a replacement. This is an EU law.

  • katiegirl1 Level 1 (0 points)

    The most Apple will do is give you is a referbished phone they will not give you a new phone. That is what gets me mad . I purchasd a NEW phone why should thye replace a NEW phone with a referbished phone.

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    I don't think you'll get anywhere with the Sale of Goods Act - I tried that approach and got asked to leave. I took in a 20 year old TV remote with similar buttons which was still working and showed them. I asked if the fault would have been covered under warranty, they said yes, which implies a manufacturing/design defect (i.e. not abuse, breakage or consumable) and that the SOGA says the product should last a "reasonable period" which could be up to six years. This is a legal right in addition to the years warranty. I had a copy of the Italian ruling and fine. They huddled then came back and said they were unable to have legal discussions in store, gave me the address of their Irish solicitors, and asked me to take it up with them - the store couldn't help any further.


    The next action would be to pay for an independent repair, get a report showing it was a manufacturing fault, then take them to court, which would take more time and much more money than the £130 for a refurb.


    I paid up for the refurb. Yes the issue should not occur, they should improve the design. However if it had been any other handset with a years warranty you'd be on your own and perhaps have to buy a whole new handset. So I guess paying that extra money to get (effectively) a new phone, new battery, isn't so bad after all. It certainly increased its second hand value over what it would have been worth as an 18 month old phone.


    I just spotted your comment about "original seller" - I bought the phone sim free mail order so took it back to the Apple store. I have had success quoting the SOGA before in shops, but they must know even if they don't deal with it, you have a painful journey ahead to prove the fault (I think after a period of time it's up to you to prove it was a manufacturing defect, whereas before that time it's assumed it is a manufacturing defect).

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