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    It's funny to me that this problem is clearly systemic, and yet I still see people in here complaining in agreement, and then mentioning a few lines down that they now own an iPhone 5 or other Apple product. Seriously? This is why problems like this aren't resolved. You can bark all you want on a forum, but if you continue to buy products from a company after crappy service then they have ZERO incentive to improve. All products have flaws, sure, but Apple has made no effort to make this right. So hit them where it hurts, stop buying from them.


    I was 2 months out of warranty when my power button conveniently went, and I continue to deal with it. However, I will not buy another Apple product for my next cycle of electronic purchases.

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    Sleep/wake button just went on mine last night. It is an iphone 4, 17 months old and I had it in an Otter. Definetly a hardware flaw. I breezed through the complaints and this will be my first and last iphone after my contract is up. Been showing friends and family this "little" problem. I'm getting laughed at by all my beloved non-apple users.

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    I wish they could just replace all these fauly phones. I've had my phone now for nearly 2 years, only 4 months till my upgrade, but I dont believe that I(or anyone else) should have to pay for a replacement or have to suffer till the next upgrade. This is one bad apple. Try the apple store, although unless your under warenty I dont think they'll help you with anything.

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    Hello People.

    Firstly I'd like to say a massive thanks to Keaanee. Following their advice I got on the phone to Three Mobile, explained the situation and told them I wanted them to sort it out.


    They tried to send me back to Apple saying I'd need to pay but I stood my ground, did everything they asked (like speak to Apple to check it was a hardware fault rather than software) and in the end they gave in and replaced the broken 4s with a new 5. They only gave me a different model as they couldn't get their hands on a 16gb white 4s and the 5 was the closest match.


    Seriously people if you're in a contract, speak to your provider, stand your ground and don't be afraid of the first person you speak to! If you’re not happy with their answer, get your call escalated!! 


    Just to point out that Three did offer me a few options before the replacement.  First was that I paid for a repair and they’d give me the money, second was they’d transfer me the money and then I’d get it repaired and third (which I took) was a replacement.  Just bear in mind that they only have to either sort a repair or replace, it was only because I didn’t want to deal with a repair and being without a phone that I insisted on a replacement!.

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    You're very welcome ChilledDude2002. Contacting Apple directly was my solution as O2 are useless. Be persistent guys, it seems to have worked for both myself and ChilledDude2002. Congratulations on the new phone, you even got a cheeky upgrade!!!

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    Just had this happen yesterday.   Went to Genius Bar at the Grove and the "genius" said he had the problem and there is nothing you can do but to replace the phone because this section of the phone is not accessible.

    Really Apple?  Something this vital is released without some way to repair?  He showed me how to work around the issue with using touch screen but that's a sort of fix not a solution.  This phone was a replacement for another issue while my phone was under warrenty.  I understand there are several class action suits underway.

    I wish Apple would have already trouble shot this problem with a solution before releasing this phone to the comsumer.  I have been a loyal, unquestioning, supportive all Apple household for years but my unquestioning faith is starting to falter.

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    I have a 4s and it happened last week as well. Now my 4s is over 2years old but still in very good shape.

    Took it to an Apple store but they told me that my two options where either repair ($$$!) or an upgrade. I refused both options. At home I got the Feedback email for the visit, and I complained on it that I don't see how Apple is selling a "premium" product and is charging about $600 for it and there is a hardware breakdown after 2 years, and calling the supposed solutions simply dissapointing.
    Then I got a call from the Apple store Manager today asking about my visit...after telling her the same thing she told me to come back and she will exchange my phone.

    Great job Apple...that is how you get me to continue to buy Apple products.

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    I am glad to hear at least some of you have gotten satisfaction upon pressing the point with Apple -- with comparable functioning hardware. I also wanted to pipe up and remind everyone of the software workaround, Settings/General/Accessibility/Assistive Touch. Frankly I still have activated -- and sometimes use -- the Assistive Touch though I was able to get a replacement phone past the point where Apple was legally bound in warranty.

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    I've had my Iphone 4s for maybe 10 months and the lock button is stuck. I didn't push it any harder than a normal click and it just got stuck. I've also been using the accessibility tool but I don't know how to turn my phone on and off again and there's no option on the accessibility tool either. I need to able to do this so I can get my calls and texts back that I've just paid for but I can't unless I renew it or something.. I should get one for free to be honest.

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    If you hold your finger on the "lock screen" icon it will power off.


    BUT BE CAREFUL!!, you may have to press very hard on the physical power button to get the phone turned back on.


    I recently had to power off my phone and was afraid I wouldn't be able to get it back on. Apple defintely needs to offer a free fix/recall for this issue!

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    You can definitely get a new phone if you have the evidence proving that you've had it for less than a year. I on the other hand was out of luck since I've had mine for about 20months and my power button only broke last month. Make an appointment at the Genius Bar then go to the apple store and tell them that your power button isn't working and that you've had it for less than a year.

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    As Eric said, holding your finger on the lock button will turn of the phone. To turn it back on later just plug it in like you are going to charge it and it will come back on. I have the mophie battery case on mine and I can just switch on the case and it turns on my phone so I don't have to plug mine in to turn on. Just another work around I know, but it does work. I have gotten pretty used to the Assistive touch button and use it now most of the time. My phone is only 1 month old 4s and it works fine, but I liked the Assistive touch setup and figured it would spare me the hassle of a faulty power button.

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    Knorrski I wish had your luck! I had pretty much the exact same situation (iphone out of warranty but just barely, in good shape when button got stuck), but I couldn't talk my way into a replacement. Genius bar said I'd have to upgrade or pay the hefty fee. I did the customer feedback thing and got a call, but they just reiterated the same nonsense. Maybe I wasn't angry enough or something...


    So I'm done with Apple. It's ridiculous that a $600 device can lose major functionality after a year and change and Apple won't do anything about it or even admit it's a design flaw. I've been a customer over a decade when I got the original ipod. What's hilarious is that device had a design flaw too (battery stopped holding a charge after a few months), and Apple wouldn't admit it. It ultimately took a class action lawsuit to get them to fess up. Shame on me I guess for getting fooled twice. ANDROID here I come...

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    Mine just broke last night too.  I made it over 2 years so can't complain about that and thousands of times hitting the button but still the labor to fix it is crazy.  For a $3 button on ebay I really want to try and fix it myself but after watching a detailed video you have to take the entire phone apart to fix a little button.  The paper trick may be temporary but has anyone else tried this? Does it last a long time? I hit the lock button a lot during the day and am unsure if this will hold for a week or longer.

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    My 4s has the same issue with the power button, Mine is 2 years 20days, gald I didnt spend  the money for apple care.