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  • wejfewsdjv Level 1 (0 points)

    Yep, around midnight tonight my lock/power button simply stopped working. It used to almost make a 'click' sound when I used it, and I noticed it was not doing its job. I am currently doing the Assertive touch function, but this shouldn't have happened in the first place. I've had the 4 since October of 2012, I don't have a case, but I haven't dropped it either. I take good care of it, and I actually don't bring it with me everywhere (not that it should have a problem if you do take it everywhere, as I would say 100% of people do).


    I have an appointment at the Genius Bar later on, interested in seeing what they have to say about this, since it seems to be quite the frequent issue...

  • amharm Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi wejfewsdjv,


    It is indeed a pain, but there is hope for positive resolution -- and you sound (your overall attitude and approach) like you're in a good position to benefit. I have always found Apple to be more than fair, in terms of customer service. I think the fact that you're logged into this community (able to benefit from the patterns formed by others' experience and ideas), is another distinct benefit. I hope it goes well today, at the Genius Bar.


    Thanks. ~ Anne

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    apple has to cover that part with a new phone if they dont then they are screwing ou over my family members button broke and she went to get it fixed with no cost because it is an older phone.

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    Add my name to the list. I am a bit confused because some people report that the toggle on the side freezes. In my case, it is the on/off button on the top of the phone. It is not frozen, but it just doesn't work. My screen stays on 24/7 and I get about an hour of battery life.


    For about six months before this, the proximity sensor was problemetic. I'd take the phone down from my ear and the screen would remain off. Sometimes I could bring it back by pressing the home button or the on/off button. Sometimes not and I would end up hanging up on a caller unintentionally.


    I have a jailbroken iPhone and have no interest in getting a new phone from Apple for $150. I only paid AT&T $199 to buy it and I am out of contract. I am sure I could get a 5s if I wanted one but I don't. I also don't want the Barbie themed iOS 7. I'll wait until iOS8 and see if they do more than just change the color of the buttons. Although Siri got a little better in iOS 7 . . . still stupid as a second grader.


    I live in a city where there are numerous repair facilities. It's $60 to have it fixed . . . I have an appointment for today.


    BTW, I was one of the lucky few to get a survey to complete after I am finished . .. while I love Apple and their products, getting them to monitor this board or admit there is a problem is very difficult. Because they don't want to recall a few million phones. So they quietly tell the folks at the genius bar not to charge anything for the replacement, as some people have reported here.


    There is a Class Action lawsuit filed in San Jose over the 4s power buttons. The court will determine if Apple had prior knowledge and used these parts anyway.not for me to say.


    I'll just pay my $60 and go on my way . . .

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    I appreciate the thorough rundown/report of your experience. Just to clarify, the button I've been referring to (stopped working; Apple replaced phone at the Apple Store even though I was a bit past the 1-year warrantee) is on the top of the phone -- just to the left of the top righthand corner, in fact. Hope that helps.

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    If it's any help, my 4S power button stopped working as well. At first I started having to press the power button harder and harder to shut off the phone. Then it just didn't work at all anymore. Had the problem for several weeks now but finally got it working again using the following steps...


    1. In Settings/General, turn on AssistiveTouch

    2. Press Home

    3. On the Home screen, tap the AssistiveTouch icon and tap "Device"

    4. Tap and HOLD the "Lock Screen" button and wait for the "Slide to Power off" indicator to pop up.

    5. Slide to power off the phone and let it shut itself down.

    6. Try the power button now


    This worked for me and I have no clue why. Hope it works for someone else!

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    Just adding my name to the list of people whose power button has stopped working for no reason. I have the 4S, got it in October 2011, never been dropped or damaged in any way and has always been in a bumper. I expect things to last longer than this when they're properly taken care of so I'm very disappointed. I'm not going to bother going to the Apple store or anything since I've read a lot of posts on this thread and know what the outcome would be.


    Luckily I made it over 2 years with this phone so my contract is up and I'm eligible for a new phone. I didn't really want to before this since I was still satisfied with my phone and saw no need to upgrade. But now the time has come. I'll be looking into Android phones to see if they have any similar issues and how they are dealt with. Hopefully I will find something reliable. If not, back to a flip phone for me. I will never give another dollar to Apple and I urge everyone in this thread to do the same. Apple's (lack of) response on this issue is just ridiculous, people pay too much for their products to be treated this way.

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    Pears, did you try my fix mentioned in my post here?

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    Hey Johnnie, yeah I did. I can shut it off with the Assistive Touch but can't turn it back on with the button. I had to plug it in for it to turn on. Thanks anyway though

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    Hi, I have been experiencing the same problem with my iphone, with the only difference that this time when I plugged it in, it didn't turn on...

  • JohnnieLee Level 1 (0 points)

    Effie, did you try plugging it in using both the AC adapter and then the USB to PC/Mac adapter? One or the other may start it up again.

  • Effie_K Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi JohnnieLee, I did, but nothing started it up again...

  • JohnnieLee Level 1 (0 points)

    Effie, you might want to leave it plugged in overnight. Also, make sure to blow out the connect at the bottom. A small piece of pocket lint will keep it from making a solid connection. Happened to my daughters phone. Blew it out, plugged it in and it worked.

  • Bill Lundbergh Level 1 (0 points)

    This exact same thing happened to me last week....The power button on my 18 month old 4s stopped functioning. It's permanently depressed and I had to activate assistive touch to power it off. This is my second iPhone with an equipment previous phone, an iPhone4, had a Home button Home that suddenly stopped working. Both of these problems mysteriously surfaced after the warranty expired. Both were kept in cases and essentially babied. I'm not eligible for an upgrade on this line for another months however we have a family plan with Verizon and two other phones have available upgrades so I'm transferring one to this phone and buying a Samsung Galaxy 4 Android phone. I'm through with Apple products for now. They need to build a more trouble free product or start fessing up to these equipment problems and take care of their customers. Until then, consider me another former iPhone owner.

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    If I use a compressor, is there a certain way i have to blow the power button or do i just blow it? How do I blow it?