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    Dear Apple,


    You replaced my Iphone 4s (lucky for me it had another month on its warranty) due to the home button not responding. However, 7 months later, the top button the new phone became stuck. Hmm. Both buttons faulty? Interesting. So, I made an appointment and took it to an apple store expecting it to be replaced. Well, the drones you have working there said "Its not under warranty." My reply was "But the phone itself is 7 months old. You don't warranty a new phone regardless?" Their reply was the same "Its not under warranty. We go by the date of your original phone purchase date. But you can purchase a replacement for $200." Ha. Iphone 5s are going for that with a contract. After wasting 2 hours with this and watching two security gaurds stand over my shoulder, I decided to leave. I went home and googled a solution. It just so happens that a "ubreakIfix" store will fix it for $40 and it happens to be close by. So, they fixed it. Happy me. Well, 6 months later (present day), The button on my 4s is stuck again. Hmm. Faulty design? I don't think so. I know so. Apple, please fix your product.


    I guess I will have to go back to "ubreakifix".

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    So Apple is doing a replacement program for this but only for iPhone 5 (, which is a total sham because EVERY person I know who had/has, including myself, an iPhone 4 experienced this same problem. And seeing that there is almost 1.4 million views on this thread I'm guessing this is a wide-spread issue that Apple has known about for some time.


    Other than this obvious manufacturing defect my iPhone 4 works great, so there's no need on my end to buy a new model. I would like to see Apple own up to this and extend the program to include iPhone 4.

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    Hi Everyone,


    This is a joke, Apple has been the worst company I have ever dealt with. One Month after a year the button on my daughter's iPhone 4s did the same thing. I went to a Apple store and the gennius or idiot said I had to replace the whole phone for $200.00!!!!!! I told him this is a common problem he informed me it's a button they break......really Apple this is the type of staff you have and this is how you deal with your poor quality.....Then I read online Apple was replacing the defected phones, to my surprise not the 4s, maybe Apple should stop sueing everyone and using that money to provide quality products as they claim or service for that matter. All 4 iPhone my family had did the same thing and same response from Apple. So I took a stand and have purchased Samsung phone for the whole family, two of the Samsung are over a year old and no issue the other 2 are about 6months old. Apple has lost me as a customer and many of my friends that had the same problem and same result from Apple. I am also the purchaser for my company and slowly replacing all Apple products from our inventory. I think if we all stuck together and stopped buying Apple products they would listen a little more. think about they will replace the iPhone 5 but not the 4 and 4s that have the same problem, if that doesn't say scam what can I or anyone trust Apple......and like the above person said he purchased a replacement and same problem 7 months later, but Apple looks at the date of the original receipt.....really that person purchased another phone the warranty should start from that date. Now I can understand why Apple has so much money scamming people, and it is time we fight back.

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    DANG. Me too. My 4s is just at a year but out of warranty and now no power button.  Has the Genius Bar been helpful recently or am I better off with an outside repair for $50ish?

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    I just experienced the same problem with my iPhone 4S. The power/lock/sleep/wake button is stuck. I have spoken to someone at the Apple Store and Chatted with online support. They both told me that it will cost $199 to replace my phone. I explained to them that this is a well documented problem but Torrence (the chat supervisor) told me that I was seeing the issue reported by fewer than 1% of users so it's not a valid concern. I also explained to them that there had been fraudulent activity on my Apple repair account because it shows that my iPhone had been replaced to someone in Brazil, but I had no knowledge of that. The chat supervisor abruptly ended the discussion and did not address the issue.


    I am extremely disappointed with the lack of concern and repair options other than paying $199 to replace an iPhone that is not worth $199. I'm also extremely disappointed by how the Chat supervisor handled the situation without addressing all of the concerns and by abruptly ending the discussion.


    I'm moving on. I've been a loyal Apple customer since the original iPhone, but today I'm buying my first Android phone and I cannot recommend to anyone that they purchase an iPhone in the future. I'm tired of being expected to pay for repairs that are known flaws in their hardware.


    Copy of Chat follows... you'll notice that I was very polite and patient throughout the process.


    Thanks for contacting AppleCare chat support. My name is Dusti. Please give me a moment to look over your information.

    Hi Leif! I am delighted to be assisting you today! Before we get started I just wanted to make sure you have your case number 628371729 for future reference.

    How is your day going so far?

    I'm good

    I am glad to hear! Now I do show your iPhone is currently out of the support period, but if you give me a little bit of information about what is going on, I will be happy to help in any way I can!

    the lock/power button seems to be stuck. It only works if I press on it very hard.

    Just to make sure I understand exactly what is going on, when you try to use the Sleep/Wake button on your iPhone, it doesn’t seem to respond unless you apply a lot of pressure?


    everything else about the phone is in excellent condition

    The lock button is definitely something we want to make sure is working properly, that way you can always put your iPhone to sleep when you need to!

    I just have a couple of question to see if we can narrow down if this is a hardware issue that may require repair. Is that ok?



    When you press on the button with normal pressure, does it feel like the button moves at all?


    Ok, but when you apply more pressure, does it seem to move at all?


    Ok, it definitely seems like we will want to set you up for someone to take a look at the iPhone. It sounds like we may need to repair that Sleep/Wake button for you.

    If I could have your Zip Code, that way I can see which options we have for you where you are located please Leif.


    Now it does look like the closest Apple Retail Store we have to you is in Houston.

    yes, at Memorial City


    We can set up an appointment for you at that location, and they can take a look and see if they would be able to repair that button for you. Now with the iPhone being past the warranty period there may be a charge for the repair. Though they won’t charge you to take a look at the iPhone and quote you a price for the repair.

    We can also set up for a mail in repair. Which option do you think would work best for you?

    i tried calling already, and they said it would cost $199 to replace my phone. This is not acceptable because this is a widely known problem with the sleep/wake button.

    and... the iPhone 5 had a replacement/repair program

    for that same problem

    I understand Leif, give me just a moment to check over some options here for us.

    thank you!

    You are very welcome! I am still checking here to see what options we have, I appreciate your time!

    no problem

    Just wanted to let you know I am still here!

    ok thanks

    Leif, I have Torrance on the chat here with us, who is my Senior Advisor.


    They would like to speak with you further, is it ok if I transfer the chat?


    Great! You have a good day!


    You are now being connected to another Advisor. Please standby.

    Now Chatting with Torrance

    Thanks for contacting AppleCare chat support. How can I help you?

    thank you, you've been very helpful

    my lock/power button is stuck and only works if I apply a lot of pressure

    Hello Leif .. my name is Torrance and I’m a Sr. Advisor here at Apple.. i see that you are having issue with the sleep wake button on the iPhone 4s


    I also se that you have gone to the Apple retail store and you asked for a device on the device due to the iPhone 5 replacement program and the Store advised that this isnt possible is that correct?

    I called the Apple Store and they said that it would cost $199 to replace my phone because the button is not something they repair

    It is a well known issue that this button becomes defective -

    or is defective -

    Leif.. the reason they have told you it would cost 199.00 is because you are currently out of warranty ..the sleep wake button program is for the iPhone 5 and even with that certain guidelines apply.. your iPhone is a 4s which doesn’t qualify it for this program..therefore you would need a warranty to cover the repair for free..which at this time you don’t sorry the 199.00 is the correct option for service or replacement of the iPhone 4s ..

    it's unfortunate that Apple will not stand behind it's devices and recognize that the problem exists with a design flaw

    Leif I’m sorry you fell that way considering we have honored our warranty on this device once already..


    The 199.00 option is away to get you taken care of again..if you’d like to take this option we’d be more than happy to help you get the issue rectified..

    I'm not alone on this. I would better understand if it was an isolated incident. But if you look at the support communities, there are many people that have experienced the same issue.

    the phone is not with $199


    I’m can understand you statement .. but if you really look at the amount of iPhones we put out the percentages that you are seeing on the support communities aren’t even 1 percent.. look i know this is frustrating for you.. but we give all our customer a path for service or replacement when they have a problem with there device. We give you a fee 1 year warranty and we give you the option to purchase the apple care plus or apple care standard.. which would add another year of warranty to the year we give for free.. Doesn’t look like you purchase the apple care plus.. we have already shown that we will do what we can to fix a issue under warranty when we replaced this device for you once before.. not that the device is out of warranty we will follow our standard policy and we will give you the option of service or replacement at 199.00 for this model iPhone..this is standard and we aren’t being unfair in any way.. i know it not what you want and that can be frustrating but the is the sorry ..

    you have just brought up another issue, I actually haven't ever had my device replaced

    I was checking my account and I saw that there was a replacement on my account, but it went to Brazil. There is definitely something not right with the system.

    My iPhone 4S is in excellent condition other than the defective sleep/wake button.

    and to follow along with your less than 1% argument, it seems to reason that it wouldn't cost Apple very much to correct this issue.

    I’m sorry we wont be repairing the device without the 199.00 its out of since i have given you the options available.. i can schedule a trip to the Apple store for this repair or i can give you a case number and the phone support number is 800-694-7466 and the case number is 628371729..if you decide you’d like to schedule the repair we will be available to do so.. you have a tremendous day..

    so you're ending the conversation without addressing the fradulent iPhone replacement?

    Your chat session has ended. Thanks for using Apple's chat support

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    For the people that are recommending using assisitve touch, what do you do if your phone freezes and you need to hard reset? (hold in both buttons to for a boot).


    I guess you just have to prey that Apple devices don't freeze right? Or you don't ever have to put it in DFU mode or you are screwed!

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    This just happened to me as well on a 4S. If I create a gesture to shut the phone off, how would I turn it back on if the power button doesn't work? Thanks.

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    I had same problem since a month ago the power button didn't work most of the time but sometimes work. I was on a long vacation in a different continent and was not aware I can still fix it at an Apple store there. I came back and went the Apple store to ask for help. Sure enough, my phone was a couple weeks out of warranty. The guy who was helping me ( don't know why I always get the same guy who was extremely unhelpful) was more interested in up-selling me a new Iphone 5 than listening to my problem. I ended up leaving the store without doing anything. I was not going to pay $200 to exchange to a new phone while this one is still working and I was not going to trade in this phone that I purchased a year ago from the same store for over $500 for a pitty $135 to upgrade to the Iphone 5S they tried to sell me. And I suspected the problem was probably related to a repair I did just not long ago from the same Apple store.


    Went to a local phone repair store today and they fixed it for me in 5 minutes for $10!!! And they told me it was just a bit loose inside. Now I am sure it's related to the repair I did at Apple soon before that.


    Apple, you disappointed me again and again and your store service is horrible. You hire the wrong person to be " genius ???" I am not going back to Apple after this phone is eventually dead.

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    I will suggest you go to a local phone repair store and most of them can actually repair this problem. They did it for me for only $10!! See below my post.

  • SFSFSF2013 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I can feel your frustration. I had the exact same experience instead in an Apple store. You can see my post above. The guy first gave me the false information. When I told him my phone was still under warranty when the issue happened and I was not able to come to the Apple store as I was on a long trip, he pointed out to me that my phone's warranty was void anyways as I had gone to their store to repair the broken back glass recently and that voided the warranty. I knew that was not true. I knew that only if you went somewhere else to replace it, it will void the warranty not when the repair was done at Apple store. When I confronted his false statement, he said he had to confirm with his manager. I don't understand how they call someone like this who doesn't have any basic knowledge " genius'.

    I am with you. I just sold my almost brand new IPAD and once this Iphone is dead eventually, I am moving on.

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    I took mine to a place called They fixed it for $30 and there is a 90 day warranty on the repair.

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    Dato che è un forum istituzionale Apple di questo cosa dice?

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    Thank you for posting about this, Brendan. I just watched the ifixit video and couldn't see how it could be the button itself, esp. since the cable looks so flimsy, but I was also wary of spending the ifixit price of $25 for the cable assembly. I am going to do exactly what you did. The process is involved but looks doable. I may replace the battery at the same time.

    -- Marie

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    I watched the ifixit video and got enough nerves to replace the power button ribbon cable which cost me 12 bucks online and some steady surgical like a this gonna be an apple lawsuit over this issue?



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    This happened to me, sounds kind of common on this thread... my power button no longer works on my 3s and then I got the dreaded screen freeze so I could no longer swipe.  So now not only couldn't I power down by the button, but I also found that I could not even access the apps or the settings.  Very disappointing because everything I saw online involved breaking my phone apart or waiting the 35h I needed for my battery to drain.  This was not acceptable, so  checking my options, I did find a neat workaround...


    I found that if I call myself from someone else's phone, I was still able to receive calls.  Then on this same call, I then tried to conference in my brother, which forced me to enter my passcode.  Instead of actually conferencing him in, I chose instead to send him a text rather than conference him in.  This then basically unlocked my swiping ability somewhere in the process.  Not sure how this worked, but long story short, when I ended the call with my friend, I was in my apps area beyond entering my passcode with the ability to swipe around and restart my phone instead of being stuck on that mainscreen with no swiping ability.

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