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    Well said Sandler77. I came on here to check if the update fixed the bug. Apple certainly knows this is a problem, but won't fix this bug for some reason. I downgraded to 10.1 from 10.2 in order to have a bug-free version of iTunes on my computer. I was hoping that 10.2.2 would fix Apple's dumb mistakes, but it doesn't look like it. I will send more feedback and encourage others to do the same.

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    Still looking for a work around for the long description issue on PC. Anybody?? I use the apple script one for my macbook pro and it works great, but I need one for my main movie server, which is Windows 7. I tried the windows script posted here earlier with no luck. Hope someone can help.

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    I still can't figure out the Mac script. Any detaile instructions that aren't so confusing?

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    Mac Script (using AppleScript Editor) saved as MacUpdateDesc:

    tell application "iTunes"

    repeat with eachitem in selection

    set dsc to description of eachitem

    set long description of eachitem to dsc

    end repeat

    end tell


    Save the script(s) into your iTunes Media/Scripts directory. You can locate this directory by the following:

    Mac select iTunes -> Preferences -> Advanced and see where it locates the iTunes Media folder.


    Now use a file browser to open the location. If the Scripts directory (folder) does not exist then create it. Copy the script(s) into the directory.


    Open iTunes and select all of the files that you want to update in iTunes. Note that you need to have the "description" field populated for these scripts to work.


    With the files selected, run the script as follows:

    Mac: double click MacUpdateDesc in the Scripts folder. This will open AppleScript Editor. Click "Run".


    This was posted in the discussion earlier and works for me.

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    I did that and don't get any errors but when I right click on the file, the descriptions are still cut off.

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    Cut off, or missing all together? I have noticed that Apple TV does cut off long descriptions even when using the script. It seems like it limits the length. You have to keep your descriptions down to a couple of sentences. The Apple Script posted on here is the only workaround I know of that works. I am still searching for a Windows 7 long description workaround. If you come across anything please post.

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    This is definitely an iTunes issue, as the descriptions that are shortened or missing on Apple TV, are shortened in iTunes, and shortened on iPad.  Purchased movies are fine.  Movies you tag yourself, even if you use tags from a rental, don't display properly.

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    Ok -- I have the Windows script and it works just fine if I select the entry in iTunes and run the script.  Here's my setup:


    I have BeyondTV that records programs and a script package processes each file after recording to convert it with Handbrake.  I then automatically run a script on it to copy it into the "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder.  It then shows up in the library transparently and without intervention.  Takes about 8 seconds in Windows version of iTunes.


    How can I modify the Windows script provided here:


    var iTunesApp = WScript.CreateObject("iTunes.Application");

    var i = 1;

    for (i = 1; i <= iTunesApp.SelectedTracks.Count; i++)


    var track = iTunesApp.SelectedTracks.Item(i);

    track.LongDescription = track.description;



    to automatically select the most recent file in tunes and run itself on that file only?  Instead of "SelectedTracks" as a modifier, is there a "LastTrack" or "MostRecentTrack" or similar to use intead?  I am trying to keep this as transparent as possible.


    This is a coding question, I understand, but this is the only place I was able to find that was trying to fix this problem.  You can see by my inartfulness that I am not a coder myself.  Thanks for any help.

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    I think it's an AppleTV issue imo. I restored my ATV2 to 4.2.1 firmware and I have my movie decriptions back. Although the longer descriptions are truncated, but was that ever not an issue?

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    @ Buckethead82


    It's not an Apple TV issue, it's a iTunes problem/discrepancy.  This all started (for me) after the iTunes 10.2 release.  I removed 10.2 and reinstalled 10.1.  Now my Apple TV (2nd Gen running the latest updates) will display all the metadata.  The only problem is having to rebuild your library and you can't "home share" to mobile devices (iPhone/iPad) using 10.1.


    iTunes 10.1

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    @ stevejacobson


    Well I have iTunes 10.2.2 installed and can see my metadata including movie descriptions on ATV2 with 4.2.1 firmware. How do you explain that one?

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    I don't have a clue!  What I know is this:  If I install/run iTunes 10.2, any media that is added to iTunes post installation will not have it's metadata properly displayed (specifically the descriptions).  Any media that was already in the iTunes library before 10.2 won't be effected, only the new additions after the installation of 10.2.


    What kind of media are you using?  "Homemade" or iTunes rentals/purchases?

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    There must be an issue on both sides. I don't really want to downgrade to iTunes 10.1 to experiment further. I was delighted I was still able to restore to the older ATV2 firmware, as the latest firmware forces my ATV2 to output at 50Hz, which is ridiculous, but that's another story...


    My media is mostly self encoded, tagged in subler. Metadata is showing with iTunes 10.2.2 and ATV2 on 4.2.1 firmware (displayed as 4.1.1 on the ATV2 'About' section, which is confusing.... anyone shed some light on that?), although as I stated before, longer movie descriptions are truncated, which is another big annoyance.


    Really losing faith in Apple, they continue to get the basics so wrong....

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    I think you may be correct, something is seriously wrong.  I wouldn't recommend downgrading unless you're comfortable with rebuilding your library (not fun).  All my media is self encoded (Handbrake 0.9.5 x86_64 and iDentify v396).


    It's been 63 days since this discrepancy was opened by phoe66 and Apple has yet to correct the discrepancy or even identify the problem.

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    Are your long movie decriptions truncated on your ATV2?