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    I was just about ready to chime in on the very subject, this is not limited to the MBA - but it seems perhaps all OSX 10.6.7 security updated Macs. I upgraded from Leopard 10.5ish to Snow Leopard 10.6.7 the other day - chose to do a completely fresh installation. After installing the update 10.6.7, iTunes broke, but it "sneaks up" on the crash. When I attempt to purchase/download any content of any significant size, e.g. HD movies, give it about 5-10 minutes to pucker up... the power button hard boot is the closest way out. This actually occurred during a "your last chance download" iTunes so graciously provides you to restore your historical iTunes purchases (I don't want to talk about why I had to ask for it... just accept that I had to).

    I was so angered at the idea that maybe my RAM or HD was failing, because Apple wouldn't put out any update that would cause this level of problem, would they? No... Had to be hardware. But everything tested just fine. Then the search engine we all love brought me here.

    Also, not that it is of any significant bearing on this, I also "tested" the App store for similar issues. Trying to volley the idea of the root cause having to do with downloads, that maybe there was a buffer leak in a network card driver. The application I chose to buy (Aperture) downloaded fine - just doesn't launch save an error report to submit to Apple. Then I downloaded the xcode and ios sdk.. no network card driver problem because I got all 4.44GB without fail. Just didn't have iTunes launched.

    All things considered, I figure it is a learning experience I wish I could have only read about rather than experienced. You know, "...only a fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise man from the mistakes of others." -Otto von Bismarck

    But I "mistake'd" all over this one....

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    I am going to add a little here - in an attempt to thwart holding the power button down to reboot, I launched terminal to shutdown -r my iMac. Permission denied. No sudo. Rebooted, opened terminal, and can sudo just fine. Going to leave that open for when it crashes again to reboot a little more gracefully. wishing
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    Hi all,

    Same problem on my MBA 13" late 2010 bought a few weeks ago.

    It all started since the update from 10.6.6 to 10.6.7. It happened the first time while I was using Firefox 3.6 and running iTunes. iTunes ran for 5-10 seconds, then the MBA freezed. Reboot, same operations again, same consequences.

    I've tried nothing to fix it. But since 2 or 3 days, when my MBA comes out of sleep, I've got the colour wheel and no reaction from the interface except that the trackpad seems to work well because the colour wheel moves. I also ping the MBA from another computer and get a response.

    Is anyone experiencing the same thing after the MBA comes out of sleep?
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    I just tried to repair disk permissions in safe mode. I ran iTunes several times without any problem just right now. This evening, I'll try to close my MBA and open it again at home to see if it freezes again after coming out of sleep mode.
    Hope this will work...
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    I can only say that all of these solutions are only of temporary duration. I had my iTunes up an running for two days (I thought that fixing permissions and uninstalling Facetime did the trick). But yesterday afternoon - after two days of rebooting/sleeping and using iTunes without any problems - the system froze again when I started up iTunes.

    So in my opinion there is no PERMANENT fix for this problem at the moment. All of these solutions work out for some hours or even, if you're lucky, for some days - but in the end you'll find your iTunes crashing your MBA again.

    This is why I went back to 10.6.6.
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    Same problems here... iTunes is freezing after around 15-20 secs.
    hoping for a fix soon!
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    Something I wanted to add to my previous post, but forgot.

    For those still experiencing those freezes, even after a safe boot (aka "without extensions"), could you check the dates of the _i386 and x8664 caches in /var/db/dyld?

    I remember having forced a re-build of the _i386 ones (while re-enabling iTunesHelper), since they seemed outdated.
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    I to have had the same issue. I have reinstalled my OS and reinstalled iTunes.
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    That seems as good an explanation as any. Unfortunately, whatever is getting corrupted seems to return to that state after a while. My MBA returned to freezing on every open after two days. I repeated your steps and it cleared the problem. Now I'm just watching to see how long it'll be before it recurs.
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    So I posted a couple days back about my own troubles with the new 10.6.7 update and I've only found one solution to get iTunes back up & running with no freezes...

    Holding down the OPTION key when mopening iTunes will prompt a window that allows you to choose a library or create a new one... I opted for creating a brand new library and then proceeded to add all my songs back (188,000 tracks or so), which was obviously quite time-consuming, but at least I can listen to my music again... Granted, you will lose all your DATE ADDED chronologies and I had to recreate all my SMART PLAYLISTS, but it's the only way I can get iTunes to open and close without freezing up on me in 10.6.7...

    I am also going to refrain from syncing my iPhone with this new library until I'm certain APPLE has fixed this glitch... After all, most of the smaller-sized apps can be updated via the APP STORE application itself, yet I won't be able to change the music in the iTunes library on my iPhone until this problem is rectified... I'm currently 2 days into this new library and I've quit iTunes and opened it a couple times, with no freezing nightmares thus far...

    I know it's not the most ideal way of getting iTunes to work again, but it's better than silence and sadness...
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    I have the same issue and it seems it does lock up the graphics/graphics-driver as the system is still running when it freezes (i can still hear the music).
    let's hope they fix this, i'm filing a bug report now!
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    Is it safe to update on a MBA now? I thought Apple does the testing BEFORE releasing updates...(?)
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    I've also got the issue.

    Is there any fix? I don't know my way around these forums very well yet

    It's very annoying, open iTunes and the computer completely crashes. Only got it a few weeks ago so was hoping it wasn't an issue with the internals or something! :S
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    Hi William

    Well its been 36 hours without a freeze so the
    a) Repair Permissions, b) Cold Boot and c) Restart before starting iTunes
    Seems to have worked ... for now
    I suspect that a) contributing little but I dont know.

    Strange this. It definitely affected my Mac Mini but did not hurt my iMac.

    Considering my Mac Mini's only function is to manage Itunes this was a large pain in the proverbial ....

    I too made a mistake. I have become complacent and blindly trusted Apple updates.
    I should have waited a bit, then checked the blogs, then updated only one machine, then waited etc.
    Next time..
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    What video card do you have?
    the MBA 2010 has a Geforce 320M.
    I have the feeling Itunes freezes the video card, i think i have read in this topic's precedent post that the bench on 10.6.7 shows some numbers down on the video thingy compared to the 10.6.6.