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  • Dave (SA) Level 1 (0 points)

    Display - I had no idea so I went into 'About this Mac'

    My Mac Mini has a Intel GMA 950 and it froze

    My iMac has a ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro and it did not freeze
  • Krikorola Level 1 (0 points)
    Maybe it would be good to list all computer suffering from this and see if they have something identical on the hardware part?
  • NightGhost96 Level 1 (0 points)
    I tried all 'so called' fixes ... but after a while the bug returns! Tataaa ...

    Sorry to say but it feels a little like using Windows again ... I'm mad clickingSWupdatethewholetime
  • mjbchem Level 1 (5 points)
    I have tried it all and nothing permanently fixes the problem. I have 3 apple level 2 techs now owing me callbacks. They don't even try to walk me through any "fixes" when I call applecare now because we have tried it all before. I have captured crash logs for apple engineers to diagnose the problem twice. There appears to be no resolution yet.... It does appear, however, that apple engineers are aware of the problem and working on a fix.
  • Kayjef Level 1 (0 points)
    I have an iMac 27 i5 dead in the water because of thsi update. Safe Mode doesn't allow me in at all
    Finally got in using Command and S keys and running fsck –y which worked and I got in. Closed down and tried again and no can't egt in. Will try and get it running tonight but not impressed.
  • joseph.s.jones Level 1 (0 points)
    I'd just like to join you guys, my MBA is also crashing when opening iTunes with OSX version 10.6.7.

    I rang AppleCare and spent about an hour with a level 1 tech who knew nothing about it, did a load of things to no avail. Then it got escalated to a level 2 with whom I talked for half an hour and tried another load of things to no avail.

    He then sent me some software which collected a load of data from my computer, crashes etc. and filed a full report which he then sent to the engineers.

    At least I've given them some more materiel to work with but no idea of a fix as yet and the Level 1 and Level 2 techs and pretty much everyone I've spoke to at AppleCare have no idea that this problem is going on. One reply was "I haven't seen this before".

    I believe the fact that AppleCare employees aren't aware of the problem doesn't bode well for this problem being resolved quickly.

    Oh well I hope that my additional data sent to the engineers will be of some use, until the problem is resolved I have completely removed iTunes in the fear that it messes something up.

    Hang in there everyone,

  • Pappasbike Level 3 (560 points)
    This had only happened a couple of times to me until this morning. I realized that if I had no other applications open and I launched iTunes the whole system locked up immediately. After doing a forced shut down and reboot and launching iTunes the same thing happened. So the third time I opened another application, Safari, first then launched iTunes. That time it launched properly without freezing the system. I don't know if that will prevent a freeze every time but at least it seems like it helps for now to open another application first.
  • David Clark 2 Level 1 (35 points)
    Same problem here: MacBook Air 2010 13", 10.6.7, iTunes, system freeze.
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    Same problem here on new Macbook Air 13".

    One extra piece of information is that if you delete the iTunes .Plist files as someone suggested, and reboot, you get another shot at using iTunes. Leaving itunes on the 'About' splash screen it stays open indefinitely. I watched a 2 hour movie on Appple TV (movie stored on MBA) and itunes crashed the moment the film finished.

    Tested with other videos, songs, etc, and the crash always happens when the current file Finishes playing.

    Ths is when using Apple TV, so something is happening in iTunes with the library files I think, maybe an overflow, but has to be pretty severe and clearly an uncaught exception.
  • RogerOut Level 1 (85 points)
    Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I've never seen a MacOS update cause disk and file corruption, and permission issues like 10.6.7. My MBA freezes like many others, so I just ran a disk verify and it came back with two errors. Verifying permissions resulted in a huge list of errors. So, now I'm beginning to wonder... I've been using Macs since 1985.

    My 24in iMac began having what appeared to be a failing HD issue. Now that I think about it, the timing of the problems relates to updating the machine to 10.6.6. Now I'm wondering if, for some of us, did the root of this problem really begin with 10.6.6? My iMac also suffered from the same disk and file/permission corruption just like my MBA has with 10.6.7, and it still worked, although slowly.

    I just replaced the HD in the iMac and it's running .7 with no apparent issues. Installed 10.6.3 and went straight to 10.6.7.

    So I'm baffled yet very suspicious that the root cause extends to changes within 10.6.6. ??? Now I wonder if the old HD in the iMac is actually failing or was simply just corrupted to the nth degree.

    I've been in the IT field for decades and when my gut tells me something, it's far more often correct than not.
  • Thomo5949 Level 1 (10 points)
    I have a MBP mid 2010. I'm using 10.6.7 and I appear to be getting the same problem while using itunes 10.2.1 . I originally thought it was a safari issue as the application was locking up and I wasn't getting any response for a few minutes. However I have now noticed that the problem is occurring while I am using itunes.

    I have also had to reinstall osx as I had a disk error and it was the only way of rectifying the problem. It would appear that i am not alone in having the disk error problems.
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    Since I have been having this issue here is what I have been doing to get by. Safe reboot, repair permissions, restart, launch itunes and it seems fine, do any iphone updates or other things I need to do with itunes, leave itunes running and it does not crash till I restart again. I do not use itunes everyday (on this mac)so this is getting me by, but a royal PITA. Still better than windows! I have filed bug reports as well so hopefully all of us have gotten Apples attention so we can get a fix soon.
  • drkirwin Level 1 (0 points)
    FYI: New software update today

    10.6.7 Supplemental

    This update addresses an issue that makes the system unresponsive when using iTunes. It is recommended for all 13" MacBook Air (Late 2010) users running Mac OS X v10.6.7.
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    Downloaded the update having somehow to fix the freezing myself, but itunes still didn't work before. iTunes still doesn't work. My Apple TV (1st gen) is useless still - ever since updating to 10.6.7. iTunes crash whenever it tries to connect.