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So I have my iPad that is now cracked. Pictures are below.

The iPad was dropped from about mid body/underarm and slide and roll off of me.
It fell onto asphalt while it had a Smart Cover on and a sleeve on it.

I would just get the glass fixed but the body is chipped too.
This is the sleeve.
Image Hosted by

Screen works fine and overall damage.
Image Hosted by

Point of impact I am guessing
Image Hosted by

Shows the multiple cracks running from the impact area to every other corner.
Image Hosted by

I am planning on going into the Apple store tomorrow (I have an appointment) and seeing what they will do or offer me as a price.

Just as a fun note. I got this as my second iPad 2 because the first one had a small spot of back light bleeding... This one has it around EVERY side! My dad's has it and so does my sister's... 4 out of 4 back light problem.

If anyone else has had their glass replaced could you let me know the price point or what they offered you as a replacement?

iPad 2, iOS 4
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    Welcome to the Apple Discussions!

    Sorry about your bad luck.

    This is why I bought the Square Trade 2 year warranty for accidental damage. I knew these were fragile and expensive to repair.

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    What did Apple say? What was your resolution?

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    Right so i bought my ipad 2 three weeks ago from Westfield in London, with the first model i that noticed a fault and i got an exchange from Regent St in London and that was last Saturday!


    However, the following Friday i had an accident with it and dropped my DSLR on the screen from about 10 cm height. Screen shattered, i was gutted to say the least, but my own fault.


    i booked an appointment with the genius guys just to see what i need to do next, in terms of cost and time scale. I was in shock when the guy replaced it for FREE to a brand new ipad 2


    THIS IS WHY I ALWAYS BUY APPLE PRODUCTS!! i own an imac, macbook pro, iphone 4 and ipad 2 and have received the same high quality service throughout the last 10 years.


    i didn't expect it to be for free as it was my own fault and im still over the moon even now and i wanted to share my delight in what happened.




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    I have had my Ipad2 for just over a month now. Amazing piece of tech! Always wanted the first Ipad but due to funds i have never been able to afford one but i saved my pennies and finally got the new version like i said amazing to have and pure joy to use. I use at work, it has my hole music collection and a couple of films for long journeys! never leave home without.


    Unfortunately coming home from work last night i managed to knock it out of my hand coming into my building, landed on its corner which has shattered the top left side and has put a crack running the lenght of the pad. As you can imagine im a bit devastated.


    Booked an appointment for tomorrow so they can have a look at it, all i can do is hope and pray they turn round and say "its ok here is a new one" maybe give me a slap on the wrist for not taking care of it. Not sure what i'll do if they cant replace it, cant afford to pay for the repair costs as i can imagine is going to be pricey. Worse comes to the worse i will just have to make do it


    Lesson learned tho.... if you have one of these gems, make sure you take good care it !!

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    Today, I had my iPad 2 replaced by Apple. While I don't know the specifics of repairing a broken screen/dented side of the 16GB and 32GB models, it would have cost me $349 to fix my 64GB Wifi only model. However, the Genius which I had scheduled my appointment with offered me a one-time replacement for free and promptly gave me a new one. I handled one of their iPod Touch Checkout-Device things and indeed the replacement was under one-time replacement. It seems to be an "official" policy that they will deny. Anyway, great customer service by Apple and they've won a loyal customer in me!

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    So I am in the same dilemma. My daughter broke the the glass on her iPad 2 64GB. I took it to the Apple store at Gardens Mall West Palm Beach, I guess I did not get the right Genius. Because I was quoted $350 for the repair and then the Manager being the nice guy and since it is the first break reduced the price to $175.00. Which still is a lot so I left. I am going to try some local guy to repair.I was told about this "official" policy by my friends. but I guess since it is "official" it depends on the staff to staff. Anyhow good luck on the repair and I would check other local sources also the might be cheaper.

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    First sorrry my English

    By the way there is a app they call ipf is like a a forum for ipad...

    There some guys talking about a replacement off broken glass...  And many stores do the  change of your ipad

    I have the same problem now ...

    I leave my ipad 2 in front of gear box of my car and when i put the 3gear i hear the glass broken... f_____ now i go to the appe store in boston and try to ,,,,, i dont know change or fix the glass im so worry about

    If you decide to go, I would, just tell them what happened and how upset you are at yourself. Ask them if there is anyway they can fix it and if all goes well they will understand your pain and replace it. Don't say anything about you have read online how they replaced others who dropped theirs, etc. Be nice and sincere and with a little luck they will make you happy.

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    i worked all summer for the 32 gb ipad i finly have just the right amount to buy it on aug 17 2011 so on nov 5 it fell 19" off my couch like i was so depressed than my mom and i loked up on line and pepole say thay get a new one free and stuff if u tell the trouth so we drive to newmarket today we walk in get an apointment fast so whatever right than the guy comes out takes a look and says at most that will cost u400$ so he says let me take it to the other guys in the back just to make shure so about five min pass he comes back and says the guy asks how it hapend so i ekplain how and tell him i heard that some pepole get free omes that was a mastack so he charged me 350 fo it my mom paid for me but now i have to repay her and donload all the games agein


    Leson dont say anything about the internet

  • Ptrshen Level 1 (0 points)

    You definetly SHOULDN'T have told them other people said you get free ones, its an unofficial policy, and they don't have to...

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    I guess it just depends who you get at the Genius Bar at Regent Street. I took mine in today, with small cracks predominantly across the white and a few actually going across the screen. I explained that it was lent on and despite having the smart cover plus being in a leather cover had cracked. Before seeing it I was advised that "as we can't repair the screens we have to do replacements so it will be at around £200 - £250". He then said to let him have a look as "if it's not too cracked we can replace for free" before telling me that mine was too bad.

    Have seen a number on the forums replaced for free in much worse state.

    I didn't have a problem paying for a replacement until he made his comment as if they can't repair the screen and thus need to do replacements why does the state of the cracks matter....

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    Free replacement has clearly gone the way of the Dodos.  My 3yr old son knocked my iPad2 off of the coffee table in our living room.  It fell 21 inches to the floor and the glass looked like it had been shot twice at close range.  Went in to the Apple store and told them my story, my fault for leaving it where my son could get to it, aw yeah, that's a bummer, we see that a lot.  So anyway that will be $269 US to replace it.  Gorrilla Glass?  Not so much.  More like Capuchin Monkey glass.  Sneeze at it and it breaks.  Mine was even wraped inside a full body case when it was sent sailing off the table to the floor. If this Gorilla Glass is so durable, why does it shatter so easily?  I think Apple knows that the Gorilla glas is flawed and was willing to fix it to avoid a public outcry early on.  Clearly that has changed. Think I will put both my iPhone 4S and iPad2 in a bublbe at this point.  I was willing to pay something to have it fixed, but more than half the cost to buy a new iPad2 16G WiFi model is rediculous.


    Same thing happend when I spilled coke on my 2007 MacBook Pro and the keyboard went out.  Went in to the the Apple store and copped to the situation.  I did it, my fault.  Need to get it fixed.  No problem they said.  That will be $600 US.  1/4 of the price of the laptop new at the time($2599.00).  The Genius who helped me had the audacity to tell me that $600 was less than the cost of the parts to fix my MBP.  Nobody fixes ANYTHING for less than the cost of the parts so I knew that was BS. I bought the parts to do it myself off of eBay for less than $200 US and am still using that MacBook Pro today. Apple's repair prices are astronomical relative to the price of the devices new.


    In that same time, I've had a drive fail on both an iBook and an earlier MacBook Pro and both drives were replaced free of charge and the laptops FedEx'd to my house.  Things have changed recently and I don't think for the better.


    I've been a devoted Apple buyer since I bought my first Apple IIe and IIc+ more than 25 years ago and have never been disappointed with their service until today.


    Buyer beware.  If a new 16GB WiFi iPad costs $499 and the glass breaks to be repaired for $269, something is wrong.  Those price points are skewed, and not in your favor.

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    I also had my screen crack from a fall a few weeks ago.  It slipped out of my hand while holding it about 3 feet off the ground...I too thought it was stronger glass than that.   I asked a friend who had a similar problem and he went to the Apple Store in October and got a new one for free (after some discussion).  He told me to just be firm and they would replace it. 


    I went to the Apple Store this morning for my appointment and was told they no longer offer free replacements.  I tried to be very forceful and asked to speak to another person.  They both told me that Apple changed their policy regarding replacements in Novermber 2011 and that a one time replacement is not "only $269".  He smiled like it was such a deal.  With a poor customer service decision such as this, I can't help but wonder where the company is headed without Steve Jobs.


    My loyalty towards Apple has always been for the products and the services.  The service is definitely going downhill in my eyes.

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    I am amazed, though I shouldn't be, at the number of people in this thread who were completely careless with their iPads and now expect Apple to replace them for free.

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