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I have just discovered a lot of songs with white stars that I suppose iTunes is rating automatically. How can I disable that "feature"? I can't find it anywhere and I can't even sort songs by rate in order to put together all the automatic ones to put them to zero...

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    How can I disable that "feature"?


    you can't.

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    really? fabulous! Thank you

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    In another (of several) thread about this feature bug, someone suggested using the iTunes Feedback page:




    The best part of this feature bug is that on an iPod there isn’t a way to tell if it’s an album or song rating. You’ll find yourself asking “Why did I rate this 4, it’s crap, what is wrong with me?”.

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    White (hollow) stars are album ratings assigned by iTunes, based on the average rating of the songs in the album.

    From the iTunes help: If you rate tracks but not the album, iTunes displays the rated songs’ average as the album rating. Stars that iTunes assigns are hollow; stars that you assign are solid.

    The only way to disable it, is by rating the album yourself, but then all your songs in the album would have the same rating, and I don't have a single album where I would rate all songs the same

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    You can't. I guess you want this for the dynamic playlists / sync with iPhone / iPod. Just rate all the songs in the albums that are automatically rated. Album will keep the average rating but the songs in the dynamic playlist will be ok.

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    Found this in another area. Hope it helps.



    In Windows, in itunes 10.x and before, what you would do is select "album view" under options, then right click on the album itself (rather than the songs), scroll to "album rating" in the menu that pops up and select "clear album rating".  In Windows, in itunes 11.x and after, what you would do is select "albums" on the top bar, right click on the albums effect one at a time, go to "album rating" and then "clear album rating".


    I don't know how to adjust these instructions for a Mac, because I don't own one.  However, the layout of the program is probably similar enough that maybe you can use these as a rough guide and see if you can accomplish anything.

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    I've been trying to remove these auto ratings for a while now. I don't care if iTunes rates an album on an average, but it drives me nuts to have the average applied to any unrated songs in that album. It screws up my smart playlists based on ratings constantly. This has to be one of the most miniscule blunders Apple has made that has an incredibly annoying and persistent effect on users. I mean, to screw up averaging ratings for an album? And the only solution is to unrate each album? Horrible.

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    This is a really annoying feature/bug.

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    I've been sending inquiries into the support team endlessly trying to get them to at least put in a setting to disable this "feature". I've even gone in a few times into the store and spoken to the "Geniuses" about it. I've never been so disappointed in a company. This needs to be addressed yesterday.

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    Just Right Click on the Album and go to "Album Rating" and choose "none"

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    Please try doing that about 50 times a day while you're in song list view because you sort through music as a profession (I dj for a living) and tell me how much fun you have. I know exactly how to use every bit of iTunes... The fact that I'm locked into a "feature" is just wrong.

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    We know it's frustrating, Axist. Mohammed was just trying to help.

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    With edit select all option you can't do that for all albums. But thank you Mohammed AMiNE.

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    Yes, I know this is not a final solution , Apple should make an option on iTunes to let us disable Auto Rating entirely