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my 10days old ipad 2 was dropped from about 30cm above and it hit my feet and to a wooden desk by an accident - I was on the desk and trying to grab my ipad and somebody tapped me and i dropped- and the screen is cracked but it works still fine. Only problem is cracked screen sometimes bothers me. I've called apple for repair and advisor asked me $420... is it really $420? though ipad 2 works 100% fine??


I am very disappointed because of this situation, as a huge fan of apple's - I have iphone 4, macbook pro, and ipad 2 and the response from apple makes me have questions if I got a problem with my iphone and macbook pro someday later.IMG_0965.JPG


I hope apple can change the glass part... $420 is ridiculous.

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.1, cracked screen but working well
  • byung_s_kim Level 1 (0 points)

    + When it was dropped, i was holding smart cover and ipad was separated from it.... that's the most part I got ****** off.... apple needs to make items more stable

  • Johnathan Burger Level 6 (15,882 points)

    You need to be more careful and not throw the iPad around like a football.

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    so you mean apple is 100% out of charge? I've only used for a week and it was separated from the smart cover and dropped. how come it can be broke that easily? 30cm above....


    And iPad was not strong enough and it was separated from smart cover... i think apple is partially in charge....


    Have you seen taiwanese smashed samsung cell phones, monitors, galaxy tabs? they gave up since they couldn't break them. and apple? hmm.....

  • byung_s_kim Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree I am in charge since apple didn't do anything on this situation except apple made ipad easy to be broken... but still $420 is ridiculous

  • blitzteh Level 2 (175 points)

    Oh man I feel your pain, I dropped my iPhone the first day and since did not have any warranty. I did not get any help at all. When I went to my provider if I could buy a warranty they told me it's too late and said that it will cost me $250+ to send for repair and I have to pay for shipping, they even recommended that I should buy a new phone. I was so heart broken, I thought my iPhone would come along with warranty or even consideration but my carrier just said no.


    So I thought, there should be someone who can repair my iPhone, it's just the screen. So I went online and found a guy who repairs for half the price my carrier is asking for. Plus, he did it in one day! With my carrier they told me it will take a month!


    Just out of curiosity how many gb is your iPad? Because you can sell it in eBay and since it's still working you may get 80% -100% of the money you spent it and just buy a new one. I sold an iPad 32gb to south America and I got enough profit to buy a 64gb I'm so happy.


    Th iPad is very popular in eBay because for some countries the iPad has not been released yet or it may cost them more than we are paying, so they are saving money buying it in eBay while we're making profit. I see some 64gb 3G sell for $1,100 USD could you imagine that's like buying a new MacBook pro. That's how much people are willing to pay for them. The demand is also high that until now supply cannot catch up.


    Hope this helps

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    I'm having similar problem. It works fine, just cracked glass.  Called AT&T and they quoted me over $400 too.  I found that sells a screen and tools to open for about $115. has an ipad2 teardown video but if you're not careful  you can break the wifi antenna.  I bought mine about a month ago and when I asked about accident insurance he said they didnt have that.  I think that's wrong info.  Also think 400 is price gouging and completely insane.  Another website says they have apple techs and will replace screen for about $250. You'll have to do search cuz cant remember where that was.  I'm still weighing options. I may just get those plastic screen covers so I don't get glass splinters.  Rumor is ipad3 coming in fall, if enough of improvement might just replace and give this one to friend who can't afford one.  GOOD LUCK to you!

  • blitzteh Level 2 (175 points)

    the rumour for an iPad 3 on fall is a false, apple annually refresh their products.

  • dianafromsan antonio Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok, thanks it did seem a little soon for the next generation.  I did find another site that I am going to try charges $109 plus postage to have new glass installed

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    Oops.....ipad2 is $140

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    Anyone who has cracked the screen glass on their iPad should go to the Apple store and plead their case. Apple is understanding when it comes to this sort of thing. They are allowed to replace your iPad one time IF you go in and are honest. The Apple employee has the power to decide if you are being honest about it. You won't need your protection plan information or receipt, but I can't stress enough that your manners are key. I know there are a lot of haters out there who will fault the design, but I think it is amazing that Apple is willing to replace these even once. Same thing happened to me by the way, there was a crack running all the way down the screen, and they took care of it. Don't call - make an appointment at the nearest store and go. If you call they will give you the repair cost. Apple has helped me out in the past and this has reaffirmed for me that their customer service policies are pretty darn good for a company of their size. I hope this has given someone a glint of hope after scrolling through forums with a broken iPad on their lap in the middle of the night. Good luck out there!

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    well, I've called Apple and what it said was "yes and it costs $410" and unfortunately it was on April and now it's June. Almost 5 to 6 weeks past and I am out of the state for the summer sign.. further more the screen became worse though it works perfectly fine. Thank you by the way, I might check out when I go back to state.

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    I put my ipad on a short table outside of my house (ground was concrete) and played that BabyMobile app for my 19 month old son (he loves harry the bunny videos) while I put his shoes on for a bike ride.  When the video was over he pressed the screen, like I taught him, to play another video.  It fell over backwards with the smart cover on it in a triangle shaped stand form and dropped about 15 inches on it's corner and shattered the glass through the center of the ipad's screen.  Everything worked, but as most can tell I was very bummed.  I was proud of my reaction to see it broke because I knew my boy was doing the right thing, I was at fault.


    I brought it to the Apple Store in Roseville, MN today and waited for an hour for my appointment to arrive.  Told the guy my story and he said it would be $375, half the price of the ipad brand new (64g black wifi-only).  I shook my head, thinking it would only cost about $100 and I was ready to pay that.  When he said he would go look to see if he even had one in stock, I text my gf and told her that I would live without the fix.  About 25 minutes later, he came to me and said $375 was all I could do and I told him I couldn't do it.  Told him it was the only toy I buy now (2 years in a row) and that I'd have to settle with broke.  He then interrupted my silence with, "well, your boy knocked it over and I believe you.  I'll exchange it for free."  I was in shock, but still felt like I owed someone something.  Offered him $100, he wouldn't take, I'm sure he couldn't, but I told him I'd put $100 back into the store and bought another case for my ipad and iphone. 


    I just wanted to share, because he deserves my time online, spreading the word about his good deed to me personally.  I will say, Apple is not who I respected in this situation, it was the Apple employee who made me feel good about today and my ipad, because it was up to him to decide.  Apple doesn't post any information about repair costs.  I was upset that I was left with no idea on their website about repairs.  I know that the apple care doesn't cover damage so I wasn't expected to buy that even.


    Summary, I posted because, yes, be honest, don't stretch the truth.  $375 down to $0

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    I droped my new Ipad 2 and the screen was cracked. I bought the screen in the following link for $95.00



  • nocr Level 1 (15 points)

    First of all, apple doesn't actually "repair" iPad hardware.


    The $400-$420 is the trade in price for your broken iPad in exchange for a refurbished iPad.

    Your broken iPad gets erased and set back to the Foxconn factory in China to be refurbished.


    Because the digitizer (what you call the glass) is fused to the frame, the removal requires heat guns patience and time. The Apple "Genius" is not trained to perform this repair. Plus, the genius demands $18.02/hr, whereas the Foxconn workers reportedly make $50 a month.

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