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For some reason, starting a few days ago iTunes 10.2.2 started getting slower and slower. It started randomly freezing and took multiple minutes to start up. It won't recognize my iPhone or iPad. I've tried reinstalling it completely multiple times. I've tried installing previous versions of the Apple Mobile Device Driver. I've tried installing previous versions of iTunes. Nothing works. I try to access the preferences and it takes a full minute to open the preferences panel. I click on podcasts and it freezes.


One thing I've noticed is that for some reason when I start up my system now (started a few days ago), my usb devices (mouse, keyboard,...) don't immediately get picked-up/turn on at the log-in screen. I have to wait about 20 seconds before they become ' active'. I have no idea what is causing this. Could it be related?


As far as I know all my drivers and Windows are up to date. I'm running Windows 7 64-bit.


Thanks in advance for any solution.

iTunes, Windows 7
  • littleone9699 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having the same problem, also running Windows 7 64-bit. . .


    Does anyone have any suggestions??  Thanks!!

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    Having the same problem on on ATV, the the other worls but it also slow.  Upstaits ATV gives only blank screen.  Tried everything short of reset.  Going to try downgrading to itunes 9 if I can't find better solution.

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    Same issue here, same timeframe, same OS:

         Takes a few minutes to start up

         freezes up frequently

         freezes when adding new content

         wont sync to my devices properly

    started on Tuesday - There was a system update to the Win 7 (64) I installed on that night.  I reinstalled itunes. I also rolled back my system to the night of the critical update (I had installed other software after that). This did not help.  I think I will try to roll back to a night before the critical updates.

  • Hagame Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Well,  I just tried it.  Updated to service pack 1.  No change in the slowdown.  Now I am unsure about reverting back to before the critical updates from earlier in the week.  Can anyone advise?

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    I am on Mac so that service pack 1 business is moot.  I got rid of the whole thing.  I deleted iTunes 10.2.2 and installed iTunes 9.2.1.  And now it's working fine again.  You can find out how to do this for Mac an dWindows here:


    Be careful with your iTunes library and media folder. You may have to create a new one.


    This is apparently a problem for many users.  Apple has been digitally strong-arming us by putting that awful Tuneup in ITunes as a non-recourse program.  I think they have been trying hard to force users to buy their media and not copy and upload their own.  So what do I do with my over 700 DVD's geniuses?

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    Haveing same problem, it appears to have happened after I updated to 10.2.2, 10.2.1 was fine. Running 7 64-bit Pro. One thing i found is that if my iPod Touch is plugged in, iTunes doesn't want to work, just sits there with the spining circle. AS SOON AS I UNPLUG IT, iTunes is fine, very responsive and actually seems much much faster than 10.2.1, BUT as soon as i plug in my Touch it freaks out again and goes back to Non-responding.


    So, i removed all Apple software and iTunes from computer, restarted and installed iTunes 64bit download. Now iTunes freezes when iPod is plugged in and won't start. But if i start iTunes THEN plug in iPod now it works fine. So to me it seems like a bug with iTunes. I first noticed this with my wifes 4th Gen Nano, then i noticed it with my 1st Gen iPod Touch. Maybe its just related to the old iPods but i think its a bug with iTunes.


    Never had a problem with iTunes till now. At least i found a work around for me, but this is ********. It worked fine in 10.2.1 speed was slow starting and not as responsive, 10.2.2 is much faster and responsive but doesn't like my iPods anymore lol. Hopefully someone has an idea or Apple has a patch.

  • Hagame Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    So I did everything I could without downgrading but could not get the freezing and slow responsive actions of itunes to correct.  I did did the downgrade last night and it worked fine.  I rebuilt my library and things ran great. 


    Then I ran into an issue...


    I went over to my apple TV (newer version) and tried to access my media only to find out I need 10.2 or higher to access my library.  I found the upgrade to 10.2.1, hoping that the one step below would be better.  Now things are worse.


    It takes over 2 minutes for itunes to start.  songs take over 30 seconds to start.  Dialog windows do not close for almost a whole minute.


    Since then I have upgraded to 10.2.2, I have uninstalled twice, one time rebuilding my library from scratch.


    The odd thing is all other applications run fine on my PC.  I am pretty much committed to using this product since I own ipods, ipads, and apple TV.  Please allpe, give us a fix soon.  I know that Windows is a pain in the *** and you application is secondary to the one on your own OS but remember, we are customers too and there are a lot of us out there!

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    I'm pretty sure more people had iPods and iOS devices on Windows than Apple any way. I've owned and built 10 PC's in the last 7 years and just got a Macbook Pro in 2010. So Apple should consider getting iTunes to work better on PC's even though they can't really control the OS as much but its worked fine till now.

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    Same issue here - WinXP, SP3, iTunes 10.2.2 and whole PC runs in stutters after iTunes starts... actions on clicks are very slow and get worse with device attached. It has bricked my iPhone4 twice. Once while going to 10.3.2 and again for 10.3.3 during the firmware update. It clearly appears to be based on some USB/Service that is used and works fine on my mac OSX (where I unbricked the phone). I've done everything short of reverting to a previous iTunes, but that would be the next step. I wish it wasn't an all or nothing install. Would be nice if Apple would unbundle the components... it's silly that I have to uninstall iTunes to fix driver issues etc.

  • mrlhxc Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    So its not just Windows 7, its Windows in general, and like NoOne, I'm pretty sure it has to do with a conflict with a USB driver or software they use. Its rediculous to open task manager and see all the Apple proccess needed to get this to work, never check on my Mac yet.

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    My issue is now with my iphone which won't sync because it need iTunes 10. (Didn't think about that)


    ITunes 10 is a lemon and so I will have to put my phone back to iTunes 9?

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    I think i've fixed my problem. I'l try to explain what i did to the best of my ability. Had an issue iTunes 10.2.2 starting up and instantly locking up when an iPod was connected, and would unlock literally the second i unplugged it.


    1. I opened Task Manager and got rid off ALL known apple processes
    2. ran MSCONFIG and got rid of ALL apple items in Startup and Services Tab. ( i think one of them said i didn't have privileges even though i should, anyway no big deal)
    3. Go to Program Features or Add/Remove and remove all Apple software and iTunes.
    4. Run CCleaner's Cleaner and Registry features.
    5. Restart machine.
    6. Download the latest iTunes and install it.
    7. I started iTunes and it picked up my existing library and seemed fine.
    9. I closed iTunes and checked task manager, iTunesHelper was blocked from startup, so i manualy launched it and then enabled it again in MSCONFIG in the startup.
    10. I started iTunes, plugged in iPod, connected and appeard in less than 5 seconds.
    11. Closed iTunes, left iPod plugged in, started iTunes, iTunes started in a few seconds with iPod connected.


    Soo, my assumption throughout this whole ordeal / troubleshooting is that the iTunesHelper.exe might or may have got screwed up. Others are having different issues, but i would first uninstall anything that has to do with Apple software and start from square one, if still having issues we'll find out soon enough cause it seems like there is a legitimate issue with 10.2.2 on PC's and Macs.


    Good luck guys!!!

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    I think i'm ready to give up.  No matter what I do... Uninstall, reinstall, clean install, rebuild my library from scratch, I can not get itunes to run without locking up on basically any action other than scrolling through the library.  I just purchased an apple TV (on april 30th) and I think I will contact the store tomorrow and find out about returning the product as I can not use it with their software.


    I am so dissapointed.  I can find hundreds (yes, hundreds) of posts regarding 10.2.2 locking but there seems to be no response from apple that they acknowledge a potential issue and are looking into in.


    If only apple TV would run on a version of itunes before 10.2.  When I downgraded to 9.2, the application ran flawlessly.  Sadly, Apple TV won't work for that.


    I have now tried a half dozen fix suggestions posted and nothing helps.



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