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My iphone 4 been running on 4.3.1 smoothly until I upgraded my software to 4.3.3 this week.

I cannot connect to my wifi(apple timecapsule) all my other devices still running 4.3.1 can connect.


Reading the forums, I did the following.

1. Reset all network settings-did not work

2. Hard reset-did not work

3. Restore and setup new phone without restoring backup to 4.3.3-did not work

4. Trying to downgrade to 4.3.1 did not work as itunes ays that its not eligalbe for this build after going into DFU mode.


The bad for me is I never jailbreak any device and still going a legit route i now only have a 3G working.


Is this a confirmed bug?

If anyone has the same issue but solved let me know.

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