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I was on a 3 week vacation and took a lot of notes during that time.  When I got back, I wanted to e-mail them to myself.  When I brought up the Notes app all my notes (about 15 of them with a lot of details in each) had disappeared.  When I called Apple Support they said I should have backed them up regularly and that the iPad is not a storage device (good to know!)  Obviously, I don't take my desktop with me on vacation to be able to use iTunes to back my iPad up daily, right after I create my note, so I am not caught by this surprise.  Of course, I can e-mail it to myself as a backup as soon as I create the note.  But that assumes I have Wi-Fi access available wherever I go on vacation.  So unless anyone has any ideas on this, I have just lost a lot of detailed information that I was going to use to write a travel blog.  How does something just disappear from a device without it being deleted or without a serious failure of the component that persists it?


Very disappointed with the iPad and Apple, especially considering how jaded everyone is with this company and its products.  From that statement you may realize that I am a new Apple product user and not as enamored.

iPad 2, iOS 4.3
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    Have you tried a hard reset holding the power and home button until the Apple logo appears?  Sometimes this gets everything back in order.

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    Yes, support had me do that. However, my wife just found the solution.  The only e-mail account on this iPad is hers.  I was using the Notes while on the trip.  She just signed into her Yahoo e-mail account and voila, all my notes were back.  Surprising that Apple's highly rated support, and escalated support, did not suggest this.  Oh well, the problem is solved and maybe I am not that unhappy with the iPad and Apple anymore :-)  Interesting that the Notes are somehow associated with an e-mail account without any indication as to that association.  For example, on my Palm webOS device I can choose the account to display the Notes associated with it.

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    You can set where new notes will be stored/associated via Settings > Notes . You can also set whether notes associated with an email account are displayed in the Notes or Mail app - Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars , then tap the account id on the right-hand side and if it's an IMAP account there should be a 'notes' on/off slider ('on' means displayed in Notes, 'off' and you'll get a Notes folder in the Mail app alongside Inbox, Sent etc).


    If you have the mail account notes set to display in the Notes app, then pressing the 'Notes' button in the top left off the Notes app should then give you an 'Accounts' option allowing you to whose notes (or all) that you want to view. If you change the mail / notes settings then you may need to completely close the Mail and Notes apps for the changes to become active.

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    Are you talking about the iPad?  Because none of what you said here works.  In Settings for Notes there is no option other than to set the font.  In the Settings for Mail, Contacts, Calendars there is no setting for Notes.  In fact, there is no account id to tap.  And then it Notes itself there is nothing you can tap on other than previous and next note, mail the note, or delete it (at the bottom).  There is nothing you can tap on the top.

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    I am missing about 2 weeks worth of notes on my iPad 2 as well.


    I just landed on this page looking for answers and I read apple says "the iPad is not a storage device"?!?


    Your telling me I paid several hundred dollars for 32 gb of B.S.!?


    Say it ain't so Apple.  And pease tell me I didn't just lose several pages of critical notes on your cutting edge revolutionary device.



    Where is my pencil and pad?

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    I just read your second post, and I think that bit me too.... I just added another email account to this device, so I'm hoping I found the same quirk as you.


    However I'm still less than pleased with what Apple support told you about the iPad not being a storage device.


    Methinks this odd notes behavior will be "adjusted" in the next OS update.  And lets hope that Support person gets "reprogrammed" too with a more down to earth sentience.


    ....keeping my pencil and paper nearby....

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    If that can help, I had the same issue of "disappearing notes" in IPad; I use GMail and a few days ago decided to manage my labels; without realizing the "notes" label was connected to my iPad notes, I removed it from my Gmail account; doing this removed all my existing notes in IPad; I simply returned to GMail, re-applied the "notes" label and everything reappeared in the IPad

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    If your email account is an IMAP account, then when you select it in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, you can set Notes to 'on' which will display the notes associated with that email account in the Notes app , set it 'off' to display them as a folder in the Mail app.  As long as there is at least one email account where the notes are set to be displayed in the Notes app then you will get the option in Settings > Notes as to where to save/associate new notes - if all the email accounts are set to display their notes in the Mail app then you don't get the option in Settings > Notes as there is nothing to chose between i.e. new notes will be stored on the iPad and not to an email account


    So if you had an email account on the iPad that had been set to display its notes in the Notes app, then you may have been storing new notes to that email account. If you then deleted that email account from the iPad (or changed its Notes on/off setting) then the notes that had been stored to it would also have gone from the Notes app, but they will still be linked to the email account.

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    I'm glad I came here. I lost my notes too. Not sure if it was from the last OS update. Anyway, I went into my Gmail set up on the iPad and made sure that Notes was "on." And voila! All my notes came back! Not sure why the Apple tech support wasn't able to tell you this. And how the heck is one supposed to back up their iPad when they're on a trip? That doesn't seem very "Post PC" like Mr. Jobs stated.


    Thanks everyone for the help!

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    The setting for Notes is in the Gmail (or possibly Yahoo, too) mail account.  Go to Mail settings, select Gmail, and you'[ll see the Notes icon and a button for ON or OFF.  Set it to OFF and then the iPad won't sync the notes with gmail. 

    If you go to your mail account (on your Mac/PC), you may find your notes are there.  I found mine in the Trash folder

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    That was it!!!


    I found two months of missing notes buried within my Gmail account. What doesn't make sense is that I had all the settings set up to sync notes. You can imagine the feeling when I went to my notes and found out a bunch were missing.


    The other thing I realized is that there are settings in several places. Within the Gmail account on my desktop, in iTunes, on my iPhone and on the iPad. That's alot of syncing to get messed up.


    Well at least this wasn't as bad as losing all my contacts (that was 4 months ago). When I got them back finally, they quadrupled themselves. What a mess.


    Back to iPAD notes sync, now that I found the missing notes, how do I get them to appear on the iPAD NOTES app?


    Thank you!

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    I am very interested. My wife has lost all her notes written since she got her iPad2. To make matters worse, our pc just failed. She has a new iMac and has ot synched to the Mac. Appreciate your help!


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    I followed the steps that others have posted here. Go to you Settings, Mai, Contacts, Calendars and go to your Gmail account. Make sure that Notes is turned on. When I did that, all my notes came back! Not sure why, but it worked. Good luck!

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    I have a similar problem.  I did not lose all my notes, only the ones more than 30 days old.  I did find them in my gmail account on my iMac (they don't show up on my iPad Gmail even though all other emails go to both).


    Right now under settings.mail,contacts,calendars,  my gmail is set to on, my calendar is set to on, and my notes is set to on, and archive is set to on.


    Will this stop happening if I set archive to off?


    Second question, how do I get the notes back onto my iPad?



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