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After doing the recent apple software update (now 10.5.8, mail 3.6)  mail keeps asking for keychain password on only 1 of my 2 email accounts (both from same provider). The mail can work easily in the background then randomly asks for password. I can either re-enter the password or  check cancel, wait and then "take all accounts on-line" it will work without me having to put in the password again - so I know password is correct and stored in account preferences correctly.

So far I have checked :

There is no time out lock out on the keychain login.

I have deleted the saved email passwords from keychain and re-entered the data again when mail asks.

The same email addresses work fine on ipad and iphone with no log-in/password issues.

I can easily access email addresses via their websites.

I have tried varying periods for when to check for mail - 1 min, 5min, 1hr etc.

On other discussion groups there were references to APOP setup issues but I have checked this and it is not the issue.


All these things did not stop it.


Any help please it is driving me crackers?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8), mail 3.6
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