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    Have you tried a different cable, a different computer, or checked the dock port for fluff? It needs a restore to clear those pending sectors. Any time the iPod tries to read data from those it will stutter.



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    Thanks, I was able to restore it using my laptop. Thanks for the help.

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    You're welcome.



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    Retracts:                0  

    Reallocs:                48   

    Pending Sectors:    352

    Poweron hours:       96

    starts/stops:          22906


    This only started happening maybe 2 days ago. What do you think?

  • turingtest2 Level 9 Level 9 (60,075 points)

    What started happening? What have you tried already?



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    When I try to play certain songs (mostly from certain albums), my ipod freezes for a while and then skips to the next song.  These songs have been on my ipod for a long time and they've worked before, and they work when I play them on itunes.  When I sync my ipod to my itunes and click on one of the "bad" songs from my ipod (not from my itunes library), my computer freezes. Furthermore, whenever I connect my ipod to my computer, it recommends that I try doing a "automatically fix file system errors" or "scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors". I haven't done either of those two yet.


    Basically, all that I have tried is just resetting my ipod.  I would rather not do something that requires my computer being on for many hours because my computer is prone to freezing and shutting off at random times, and I don't want that to happen while it is formatting my ipod or whatever.

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    The freezing happens when the iPod needs to take say 10 or 20 goes to read the sector holding the data. At some point it will mark the sector as "pending" because it is hard to read, and eventually it will just give up and the iPod will skip to the next track or sometimes lock up completely.


    If your computer has a tendency to freeze it could be from a similar cause. If you don't have a backup of your iTunes library and other important data then see to that pronto.


    Every time Windows starts writing data out to a disk it sets a flag to say it is busy, then when the write process completes it clears the flag. If something goes wrong then next time the drive is connected Windows "knows" there might be inconsistent data which is why it flgas it up for checking. You should let it do so.



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    My 2 year old 160GB ipod classic ?6th generation? has suddenlty decided not to sync with itunes as it should. About 2 months ago it froze whilst syncing, i managed to reset it and resync it but not all datd transferred. Last week i tried resyncing it and have had increasingly less data going over each time. Each time the ipod was connected itunes was running really slow or would crash, this didnt happen when my iphone, ipod nano, or ipad were connected.


    I have reformatted the classic as both ?NTSC? and FAT. I have deleted and redownloaded itunes. I have restored the ipod countless times. Having just run the SMART test these are my stats....


    Retracts 148

    Reallocations 313

    Pending sectors 16

    Power on hours 2643

    Start/stops 113

    Temp 22

    Temp min 13

    Temp max 53


    I have just reformatted to FAT again and rerun the test, there are no differences in the stats. I am currently manually transferring the music in blocks of 50, so far it seems to be accepting it......althoug i could be here a while theres over 9000 songs to go on :-/


    From those stats are we looking at a failing HDD? IF so is it worth me buying a replacement HDD? are they easy enought to fit? I no longer have warranty so no worries there! Thanks

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    After everything I've been through to get my ipod working again, this process fixed my problem in 10 seconds flat.

    Ron I hope you realise how much you're helping people by posting what you did.

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    Hi tt2,


    I have got the following numbers after my Smart Data check:


    Retracts: 40

    Reallocs: 6232

    Pending Sectors: 3320

    PowerOn Hours: 939

    Start/Stops: 15529

    Temp: Currenct 36c

    Temp: Min. 1c

    Temp: Max. 50c


    What does this mean?





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    Doesn't look promising.


    What happens when you try to restore it?



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    Now I can't get it out of Disk Mode.


    But at first when I tried to restore it, iTunes gave me a error called '1429'.



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    A reset should get you out of disk mode. You could try a DFU restore. Like a normal one, but connect to the USB lead then press menu & select for 12 seconds. The device should reset and then the screen should go blank. I suspect the drive has some serious issues but I guess it is worth a try.



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    I was given and Ipod Classis and it wont seem to restore all the way.. and the my itunes will freeze when connected but work as soon as i dissconnect the ipod. I did the Diagnostics Mode and came up with this. I would assume since the max temp is so high its totally fried.


    Retracts: 13    

    Recallocs: 1656    

    Pending Sections: 8

    Poweron Hours: 135

    Start/Stop: 23012

    Temp: Current 35c

    Temp: Min 59c

    Temp: Max 245c

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    I have an ipod classic 160gb which I've only had for about a year. I can only put about 350 songs on it and then itunes freezes and no more songs can be put on. I've restored the ipod a few times and rebuilt my library but I still have the same problem


    My numbers:


    Retracts: 11

    Reallocs: 6784

    Pending Sectors: 432

    Start/Stops: 35124