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I am on my second 6th Generation Nano.  The first was ruined by sweat (after only the second or third time running in hot Florida weather).  They gave me a refurbished one...which failed after just one run in the heat.  There was no rain.  It was clipped to my waistband...because it has a built in clip and is supposedly made for running!  When I brought the first one to the Apple store, they said they were not aware of this issue (hard to believe) and advised I wear it farther away from my body (AGAIN...IT HAS A CLIP FOR WEARING ON CLOTHING AND IS SUPPOSED TO BE CREATED FOR THIS ACTIVITY)  I asked if there was a product available to protect against this problem and they were not aware of one (Watchbands for it are available in the store, but I do not want it on my wrist).  I believe this to be a common problem (my wife and I had the same problem with the Shuffle...which also had a clip for clothing), but Apple employees (Genius...hmm?) claim to be oblivious to it!!!!!!  Any solutions or similar experiences?

iPod nano, Sweat damage with Nano 6th Gen
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    Yep, same problem here although I obviously had a 'good' nano because only the sleep/wake button doesn't work  and I did use it constantly through the humid NZ summer for a good seven months - $34.50 post inspection told me the switch doesn't work because of water damage! 

    After much tooing and froing with Apple support they finally told me tough it's water damage.

    This is my final email to the supervisor in Sydney


    Hi Glen Mariano,


    Thank you for getting back to me today with your comments about my now defunct ipod Nano.


    As you said during the phone call it is Apple's policy to 'empower' its customers and empowered I certainly am, and will be when not recommending this particular product in the future.


    Companies who value their customers generally show a little more respect for feedback especially when that feedback eventually shows the company and certain brands to be lacking in value.  The ipod Nano as you can see from comments in online forums including Apple's own, is frequently criticised and for that reason alone  refusing to replace a product that is just six months old regardless of what is wrong with it is just bad business.


    I am only one dissatisfied customer but I am not alone and as such will make sure that no-one I have any association will buy this particular product. 


    Quite simply the ipod Nano is a sub-standard product which does not perform well in circumstances it is marketed for.  Either it is a design fault or shoddy components have been used to maximise Apple's profit margin resulting in short-term gain for Apple, but long-term damage to the companies reputation.


    Other large companies such as Nike who I have dealt with recently over faulty goods replaced the product without hesitation, hence I am an advocate for Nike's customer service and will continue to buy Nike products - something that isn't going to happen with Apple. 


    And I've gone back to an old iRiver that can handle any amount of sweat/rain, it's just ugly, but who cares - ipod Nano all fur coat and no knickers product.

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    I have never considered this before, for any product or service...even though I am American...but, I am so frustrated with the way that the product is marketed and the lack of response from Apple...I'm thinking CLASS ACTION SUIT.  It seems that there are enough people with the same issue, that this might be the only way to make Apple take notice.  Their marketing is clearly misleading OR the product is defective, or both.  Based on response from phone support and at Apple store (all Apple employees I've spoken with claim to have never heard of this issue, or say that it's very rare), I believe they are truly turning a blind eye.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    I have had my iPod nano 6 gen. replaced twice now (see my post here, both times after running with it clipped to my waistband. It isn't sweat or water damage, but I think it just can't take any kind of minor jostling or jiggling. I am treating my 3rd nano very delicately and broke out my more reliable Sansa MP3 player to run with. This is my first Apple product (although my daughter has a Mac) so I can only assume that this is a defective product and not the norm for Apple products. I would feel better about that assumption if Apple would admit that they have a problem with the nano 6 gen. but that probably won't happen at least until the next generation of the nano is introduced.

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    If you can organise a class action in the states then go for it.  Here in NZ we're pretty much treated with contempt, obviously Apple sees the tiny market of 4 million Kiwis as not even worth supporting properly we have to deal with Australia, always at least 2hrs behind us.  I'm taking my complaint to the NZ Consumer watchdog mainly under the 'fit for purpose' clause.  The Nano may be a smart design but it is NOT for people on the move despite putting a clip on it and if it is for people on the move then there should be a warning saying, "DO NOT SWEAT OR MOVE IN HUMID CONDITIONS", I wouldn't have bought it if that were part of the marketing message and neither would a lot of other people.

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    Will look into it this week and will try to post results.  I figure an attorney could take a look at all the blogs out there (include this and several other strings on the Apple Support site, as well as on to get an idea of the pervasiveness if this issue and the lack of any response or acceptance of responsibility from Apple.  I would think that, if they believe it will be profitable for them (obviously that would be the motivation for an attorney here), they could advertise the class action in places like Runner's World, Running Times and running websites and blogs.

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    Good on you!  I posted a comment this morning about useage of the ipod Nano and a certain celeb who happened to be running in a duathlon with her ipod Nano clipped to the top of her run top, it was removed, deemed either

    Rude or inappropriate language - not the case OR Non-constructive rants or complaints - certainly the case.  Interesting that you're not allowed to complain about Apple products on their forums or offer what I consider evidence that the ipod Nano is, indeed being used by athletic types.  Methinks they're a little be ruffled.

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    I'd be curious to know what was in your post.  I suppose they could take these down any time they want to and I'd have no way to contact people I've discussed this with.

    I've been thinking about the Nano issue much more than the monetary value of the product would justify.  My wife and I both had problems with the shuffle (sweat with running) that were similar to those with Nano, but, I figured that the Nano is more expensive, so, hopefully it will do what they say it will.  After now being misled on two consecutive products, I guess I'm just feeling vengeful.

    By the way, when I brought back the second Nano on Saturday (after just one use in the Florida humidity), they would not provide another refurbished one.  I spoke with the manager (calmly, I might add) and no luck.  I started my conversation with him (after unsatisfactory response from a "Genius") with the question, "Would you at least concede that part of Apple's marketing of this product is to runners?"  His response:  "I'm not going to answer that question."  Nice.

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    I also live in Florida and have experienced the same thing.  I'm on my second in 6 months.  Luckily Apple has been very good about exchanging the unit.  The first time I was having trouble with the nano going into speak mode every few minutes so they exchanged it.  I recently found that the problem was with the earphones that come with the nano.  Evidently any moisture will cause them to malfunction.  Yesterday I visited the Apple store to have my second Nano looked at since it was no longer working.  The rep looked and said the reason it wasn't working was due to water damage.  I can assure you this unit was never exposed to great amounts of water, only sweat.  He said that sweat will damage the unit.  I asked him why they would market it for workouts if sweat would damage the unit but he had no answer.  After a little haggling he said they would replace the nano at no cose.  I've been using my 1st generation nano for years now and have never had any problems.  On at least one occasion I did run in a heavy rain but the old nano kept operating.  The design of this nano where the earphone input and charger are on the side when clipped to your waist rather than on the bottom is, in my opinion, the real problem.  Perhaps they will re-design this in the future.  All this said, I love the nano and hopefully this one will last.  I've had every ipod made and this is the only one I've had any issue with.  I just a little disappointed with this nano.

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    The post that was removed simply made comment of the fact that Pippa Middleton was photographed wearing a pink ipod Nano clipped on her top whilst taking part in a duathlon.  I said I wondered if she'd ask her sister to bring in the big guns if her Nano failed due to sweat, nothing offensive, just mere speculation on what Apple would do if a high profile celeb complained. 

    The main issue with the Nano is the fact that it is marketed to people on the move, the clip means it's going to be attached to clothing that will get sweaty and yet there is no warning anywhere about the possibility of damage if sweat contamination occurs.  IF, there had been this warning I, and possibilly lots of other athletic types wouldn't have bought the device therefore it's being sold unfit for the purpose and that's wrong!

    By law, here in NZ the store that sold the ipod Nano hasn't broken the consumer guarantees act and as such that's going to be my next stop - the product is unfit for its purpose, simple.

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    Hi,  I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything else from Apple on this matter? I have had the same issue with the nano 6th generation- failing after being clipped to my waist.  The first time, the product was replaced. Two months later I accidentally sweated again on a run (my apologies!!)  and the two month old nano died again. Apple is refusing to replace the new one.  They labeled the issue as "misuse".  Absolutely ridiculous.  I wish they would just admit to the faulty product, and at minimum give a credit towards their new nano- which hopefully addresses this issue.  This is unfortunate.  Between my wife and I, we have two iphones and two nanos and I purchase all my music on itunes.  I would expect more from Apple on this issue..... I guess I'll just have to go back to Sansa for my workout music player.

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    Okay, so after I vented a little in this post I decided to call Apple.  I was very courteous and explained the situation.  Apple's support was very helpful and decided to do a one time replacement. So I take back my original post.  However, I will be buying the armband and will not longer be clipping it to my waist on runs. Thanks Apple for your customer support. 

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    Your experience with the Nano matches mine however, you obviously got a much more customer friendly service manager who quite rightly replaced the Nano, the Australia manager refused point blank.  I then took mine back to the retailer under the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act and he replaced it without any query at all, saying he knew of the fault but that Apple weren't doing anything about it.  He gave me, free of charge the arm band, however, it may just be me, I've abandoned that because it causes a build up of moisture inside the plastic cover which I can only imagine this delicate little Nano won't cope with.  I have come up with a solution for sweaty athletes, once you've finished using your Nano pop it in some rice, aka, solution for washed ipods, maybe it will keep moisture buildup to a minimum. Stupid solution for an apparent top notch piece of hi tech equipment.  Apple couldn't give a toss - if you get the chance to see a British programme called Business Disasters, you'll see what I mean - classic arrogance from a corporate - first rule of business always blame the customer.  This probably won't stay here for long because Apple don't like being criticised either.

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    I live in Singapore where its always 85degrees and about 90% humidity and I am on my third Nano in as many weeks and the store is refusing to replace the device any more. Frankly its substandard and will no doubt get replaced shortly.


    The problem is that most of us will go out and get the new one - pathetic really

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    I really really dislike this nano too.  I mean the idea is great but seeing as I'm on my 5TH one since January (one year warranty) and they seem to die or 'white screen' after a few runs.  I live in Canada & summer is bloody hot (34C or more plus humidity) & this thing repeatedly dies! My husband has a hate-on for all things Apple & their proprietary software- and this nano only fuels his convictions .  We're also convinced Apple is keeping 'mum' on the issue & their 'genius' employees seem fully unaware of this & have repeatedly told me this is so 'rare'.  If I could just get a refund or something else.  Unfortunately, this will likely be the first & last Apple product I purchase.

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