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    I have had a few mp3 players over the years, the nano is the first one I had to worry about sweating on.  It came with sport headphones with a short line I like clipping it on my collar now the thing is ruined.  If apple can't build a device that can stand a little sweat then they should let us know or provide a case instead of the built in clip.  Due to their poor engineering I am out several hundred dollars.  At this point I won't be buying any apple products.

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    I called support and was told the screen dying was most likely due to moisture such as sweat.  I am very upset, I want all the money I have sunk into this piece of junk, including all the music I purchased on i-tunes. 


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  • richardfromadrian Level 1 (0 points)

    Don't sweat on it or use it in high humidity, I have gone through two of them and now I am out in the cold.

  • richardfromadrian Level 1 (0 points)

    The nano is clearly not durable enough for real world use.  Apple is aware there is a design flaw with this device but doesn't want the negative publicity which would be garnered if a recall were issued.  I'm also sure Apple doesn't want to spring for new and better designed nanos for all of us who had one die.  My nano came with sport headphones with a short line the only obvious place to clip it would be the neckline.  The headphones were well designed to deal with sweat, obviously the nano itself wasn't.  There are plenty of other products out there and I will be switching brands.  I once thought Apple set the standard for quality products, I am sorely disappointed with the nano and Apple's response to their poorly designed, over priced, keep it in a warm dry place or it will die piece of junk.

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    I am switching to sony.

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    I am on 3rd ipod in less than a year.  They have been kind enough to replace them but it is not made for people who sweat or work out in humidity.  I wear mine on a watch band and it doesn't seem to help.  Yesterday I had it attached to the water bottle holder I was carrying and it crapped out from the humitidy alone.  I want to love Apple products but they are just not durable for runners.

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    As a heavy sweater, the only possible solution available to me to protect my non-warranty replaced iPod Nano was to get a waterproof armband - Amphibx from H2O audio - to guarantee that no water or humidity could get to the device.

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    Three weeks and my Nano6 screen is blank from sweat. Here's the Apple + Nike ad from the website:


    If the device can't perform under the normal use demonstrated by its own advertising, Apple needs to ad a disclaimer.

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    fedex just delivered my non-functioning 6th generation nano back from support along with a note saying the "liquid contact indicator" (LCI) was tripped and that a repair wouldn't be covered under warranty. Have used and loved it the past 8 months for both weight workouts and running. Pretty much did some type of sweating activity with it everyday with it clipped to my waistband. Had it in one of those flexible silicone cases, but the case didn't plug the connection port. Live in the Houston area (i.e. high humidity) and sweat like a pig! On a plus note, its been less than a week since I filled out a service request using their online site and dropped the device off at a ups store for shipment back to them. It doesn't look like they are going to charge me for this which seems cool. Not sure they ever directed me to check the LCI before sending it to them. My 2nd generation nano died in a hot tub submersion incident after years of faithful service. Only wish my 6th generation one would have passed on in a more glorious manner! :-O

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    My nano died 4 runs after only 4 runs due to sweat damage.  Took it into the apple store and best they would do is offer a new one for $65.  I agree with the others - this product is poorly made given how it is marketed.


    One idea for folks is to buy a waterproof case (i.e. H20audio) that folks use for swimming.  A bit of overkill but if it protects it from swimming it should protect it from buckets of sweat!     ***** to have to spend the $$ on such a case but....


    note:   I have never used the h2o products, just read about them on various tri forums.  They generally receive good reviews though...

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    Just went through my second nano in 3 months- first time replaced FOC bc they couldn't figure out what was wrong, this time charged me $65 bc they said liquid damage puts it out of warranty... love the idea of a class action suit, let's lawyer up!!!

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    I bought a nano for running, and I certainly wish I had known that it is not good for running. It's a cute, modern looking walkman! This was my first Apple product, and it will be my last. I will look for a better mp3 player.

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    I've had mine since they were released and have not had any issue, but I'm careful to clip it where sweat will not get into the dock connector. You can purchase plastic inserts for the dock connector if you can't find a place to do that. You can also get an H2O case and even swim with it.


    This is a user-to-user support site of Apple users, do you actually think your threat accomplishes anything?


    Be sure when getting your next MP3 player to get one that the charging/syncing port can be covered when not connected. Any electronic device will have damage if sweat gets into it. This is also true of headphones, be sure to get athletic ones that are designed for exercise or otherwise sweat will eventually get into the drivers and destroy them. Learned that one the hard way with some nice earbuds.

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    Just came back from Apple store where they "understood my frustration" but couldn't stand behind their crappy product. My nano lasted all of 3 runs. I just paid $65 dollars to replace it since it is sensitive technology which can't get wet while being used in the way Apple markets it.

  • deggie Level 9 (52,662 points)

    Get a plastic insert for the dock connector, which is probably where your sweat got in, or clip it in a different spot. I always make sure the dock connector is pointing down.

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