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I have an iPad 2 (less than 1 month old) which now has the volume icon stuck in the middle of the screen.  The volume is also stuck at zero, and the mute/unmute button does not work . In the sound settings 'Change with buttons is set to 'on'. If I change it to 'off' the only change is that the mute button shows the speaker symbol with the line through it for a second and then reverts to the unmuted symbol but at zero volume level immediately afterwards.


This started after charging it last night (through power adapter, not iMac).


I have tried switching off and on

I have tried a hard reset (home button + on/off button -> apple logo etc) repeatedly

I have tried plugging the iPad into an iMac (interestingly the icon goes away when the 'sync in progress' message appears, but then comes back)

I have updated the software version to 4.34.



Appreciate any help; thanks.

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3
  • Demo Level 10 Level 10 (86,800 points)

    No clue is this will work but try plugging and unplugging headphones or earbuds in the iPad a few times. Restart is and see if that does the job.


    The only other options I would suggest would be to close open apps in the task bar - double tap the home button - hold down on an icon until it wiggles - tap the minus signs to close the apps. Then restart the iPad.


    The other option would be to restore ... I would exhaust all other possibilities first though.

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    Thanks for these suggestions; turns out though there was a dent in the case by the volume buttons which caused the problem. Bought new this way; looks like others are having the same problem.

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    I'm curious what ended up happening for you. I used my ipad last night with no issues, put it on my bed side table and then picked it up this morning. When I opened it on on my ferry to work, I had the same exact problem. I checked for scratches... nothing. Only after reading your post did I discover there is a dent in the same place. I haven't dropped it and I've only had it since the 2nd of July. I want to take it in but I'm afraid they will say I damaged it. I KNOW it has not been dropped and it was working perfectly fine last night. Well, I'm not sure if the volume button was working, but the volume icon was not stuck on the screen.


    What did you do to resolve this?

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    Interesting. We got an appointment at the Genius bar at an Apple store and took it in (we were still covered by Applecare, as I imagine you are if you've only had it since July). The very helpful Genius person was very understanding and believed us when we told him that it arrived this way. I suspect ours might not have been the first he had seen like this

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    Thanks so much!! So I made an appointment to take it in and as I was walking through my issues with the tech support I realised that now the ipad keeps rebooting itself. There is definitely something that is not right.


    I can't say if it arrived this way since I've literally never touched the volume... no need- I don't watch videos on it... BUT I definitely know nothing happened between last night when it worked perfectly and today when it started acting up in numerous ways. It has a case and is always kept in a bag away from other things so if it got dented somehow after I received it then it definitely isn't built very well. I had an iPad 1st gen for 7 months and was pretty rough with it. I dropped it on the carpet a few times and had no problems. Now less than 4 weeks after I get this one (and after taking immaculate care with it) I have problems already! So frustrating.

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    Same issue here

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    I had the same problem until I turned the mute button off on my iPad.

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    We're you able to have it repaired? How much did it cost? I have same issue. I don't know where or when the dent occurred! So thing is less than a week old!

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    Mine was still under warranty so they just exchanged it for me for free. He also found another issue (can't remember what it was) and to the technician- that particualr thing was worth replacing anyway. It sounds like a lot of people have this situation so take it and see what they say.

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    We took it to warranty too and made sure the dent was no there in the new one. Seems to be a manufacturing issue in previus lots. Hope your warranty has not expired.

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    I'm so unhappy with Apple right now!

    I also have a white Ipad 2 (since nov 2011) and several weeks ago out of nowhere the volume icon appeared on the screen and the volume button seems to be stuck. I did not drop my Ipad and have to guess that there was something wrong with the volume button from the beginning reading all these other posts about the Ipad volume button being dented.

    I live in the Virgin Islands and there's no Apple store here for me to take it back to. The Ipad was bought in Texas and I had a friend take it to the Apple store in Puerto Rico for me to see if they could help me. He brought my Ipad back with the message that I had to send it back to my inlaws in Texas so they could take it to the store it was bought since it wasn't bought in the PR store.

    So I express mailed it to Texas and had my father-in-law take it back to the store it was bought. No luck there either, he was told that this would not be covered in the warranty because it must have been dropped to get a dent in the volume button. What is absolutely NOT true, It DID NOT drop!!! I He was told I could send it in for repair but that it will cost a lot of money. How unfair is that?? I've only had my Ipad for a couple of months and had it protected with a hard case and a smartcover (and stored in a neoprene sleeve).

    Anybody any ideas on what to do now? Or will my only option be to pay for the repair?

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    I hear you! how disappointing! You may have already done but phone call to support and explaing the situation, the guy at the store may have not known about this issue but I think they can give you a report issue and start the procedure, any how it needs to be taken to the store again.

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    Exactly the same problem here. I brought my iPad back to the store and they told me it would be swapped for a new one. How disapponting that the repair suggestion was buying a new iPad. This can't be true. They say the iPad must have been fallen or bumped. But this is not true. Maybe we should upload photos to see if there's any similarity in this issue.

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    I was wondering how I could have missed seeing any type of dent at the volume button. I figured out why though, I put a hard case on it for protection on the day I bought it and with the case on there you can't see anything wrong. It's really frustrating reading how people that have dropped their Ipad and returned them to the store received new ones and that I'm told that I damaged mine myself (what isn't true) and that its therefore not covered under warranty. I added some pictures of my Ipad (with & without case)IPad_001.jpgIPad_002.jpgIPad_004.jpgIPad_003.jpgIPad_005.jpg

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