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  • georgew6 Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah,   I just also got fed up with gray.  After hoping this thread would answer, and I did not, I am sending in my feedback.  I do think there must be a reason for the gray  fetish.   My thought is that it is cultural.  Recently, the TODAY TV show on NBC had a feature on how gray hair is now considered SEXY for women of all ages. Probably, female Apple employees, already were gray and wanted to show the world that an Apple gray screen is the same. 


    Anyway, seriously, these grays on gray hurt my eyes and I find it difficult to understand why Apple does not come out somewhere to admit the problem and solve it too.  Today the business news is all abuzz with the news that APPL is still making a fortune.  Apple reported great sales of its iPHONE and iPad in the last quarter of 2011, but they never pay dividends. They keep the cash and jokes are going around that Apple could provide a great stimulus to the USA by giving everyone an iPad for free, or maybe pay some of the national debt.


    So,  I already sent in my FEEDBACK and pointed out that there are many complaints of the community pages. You would think they would read these pages, but they say they do not. Apple does claim to read all the feedback, therefore, if you have serious gray problems, write to them on their feedback email form.

  • Gunny Sack Level 1 Level 1

    Did Apple give us back colored sidebar icons in 10.7.3? I'm back to using 10.6.

  • georgew6 Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry, no.  That seems to be unlikely, judging from the length of time people on here have complained about it. You might help by sending Apple a Feedback message since the company claims to read them, but not answer. Maybe with enough complaints someone will do something.  After writing in this forum, I began to wonder if the faded colors have something to do with how they appear on an iPad. Apple must use software over and over and maybe what is a problem here is good on another platform?  Just thinking, know nothing.

  • GWW Level 1 Level 1

    I can get the colors to work until I use Total Finder. Then they go away. I love Total finder so I am stuck again without colors.

  • Király Level 6 Level 6

    georgew6 wrote:

    I began to wonder if the faded colors have something to do with how they appear on an iPad.

    Almost all user interface design changes in Lion have to do with how they appear on an iPad. The Lion UI experience is less Mac OS X and more iOS for Mac.


    The design changes are intended to appeal to a millions strong set of people: People who know their iPads and iPhones inside out, but have not yet made the move from Windows PC to Mac. Make the Mac more like an iOS device and this set will be more likely to buy it. The number of potential new switchers is bigger than the expendable number of of longtime OS X users that are alienared by the changes. And so it looks like the changes are here to stay.

  • Hartz Arrea Level 4 Level 4

    I totally agree with you: I installed Lion on a secondary drive only to try it out, but I never left my reliable and trustworthy Snow Leopard.



  • electblake Level 1 Level 1 n-finder-windows/


    I just tested and it works.


    You'll need to go to the developers website (in japanese) to get the "ColorfulSidebar1.0" SIMBL Bundle. (which is here at the time of writing)


    and of course you need the SIMBL core installed to enable the use of SIMBL packages - download here

  • 白龙 Level 1 Level 1

    I don't wish to be disrespectful, but that solution has been posted here a couple of times - please read before you write.

    To be fair though for me this isn't about whether I can have colored icons in MY sidebar, it is about the fact that there are changes from Snow Leopard to Lion that are really worrying.

    It used to be that an upgrade to OS X was done when the install finished, you didn't have to personalize( better:modifie)  it like you have to do with a new version of Linux or Windows.

    It used to be that changes in OS X were an improvement not only aesthetical wise but also more functional - (obviously taste varies... so sometimes it was just more functional)

    The changes in Lion are less functional - grey icons, removal of the volume fine controlling, a hidden library and so on... Thoses changes are not only annoying, they are worrying because that shows us that Apple now works on design rather than function. If Apple employees forget about the principles of human interface, they are going to destroy all kinds of functions in future versions of OS X.


    According to european law I can return things I bought online within two weeks of shipment - I deinstalled Lion within a week, because I asked myself: what kind of improvement is there and justifies it the amount of work I have to put in, in order to get back the functions of Snow Leopard that they removed? I came to the conclusio that I don't want a system where I feel I was the programmer - if I wanted I would get Linux. Could i get my money back?

  • jochenfromberglen Level 1 Level 1

    Come on Apple, give us color back!!

    It takes significantly longer to find an icon when all icons are gray in gray.

    At least make it an option in apperance settings.


  • dpeam Level 1 Level 1

    This is something that Apple may not do, it is up to us to unfix what Apple fixed. There is a real nice, easy to use and cheap way to do this.

    I like it and so will you, it de-iOSs Lion.


    Or this link might work, Download Lion Tweaks for Mac - Tweak certain features in Mac OS X 10.7.


    Works a charm.

  • dawsonj Level 1 Level 1

    With all due respects and not intending to dis you but this Lion tweaks you have provided has been provided before.  If you select change sidebar colour in Lion tweaks it will just tell you to download SIMBL etc etc as has also been stated before (several times).


    Give apple feedback through their web suggestion box.

    Install SIMBL and download the colour plug in.

    You can also "show package contents" on iphoto and itunes while you are at it and copy coloured icons into there (web search will provide how to).


    Can we stop putting up suggestions that have been repeated multiple times in this thread?

  • bignate256 Level 1 Level 1

    Please do since the solution to bring color back was posted back in page 7, and myself leaving links to my Youtube videos. Problem with Lion Tweaks is, it doesn't do the "killall Finder" Terminal command. You'd be better off just installing SIMBL on your own along with the bundle you need to make it work.

  • benjamingordon Level 1 Level 1

    i hate the grey sidebar.


    its made the finder really horrible to use.


    PLEASE bring colour back apple!

  • fabiofava Level 1 Level 1

    Hey folks,


    After days looking a solution on the internet, I've found "Lion Tweaks" that allows to color the Sidebar (using the SIMBL solution that requires a Finder Restart after each login). I've created a Script to quit and reload Finder with 2 seconds interval (also found on the internet), and put (hidden) on each user's Login Items on my Mac.


    So, just after loggin in, this last Login Item restarts Finder, and voilá: coloured sidebar! If someone wants the Script -> <- just drop it somewhere all users can access (i.e. somewhere inside Shared user folder), and add it as latest Login Item for each user.


    Hope someone can benefit, best regards to everybody.

  • GWW Level 1 Level 1

    That works well as do the other great options people put here. The problem I am having is that I love Total Finder with its tabs and the cool double menu. I can't get it to work with any of the ways suggested.

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