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  • softwater Level 5 Level 5

    It's been availabe for several months to developers and seed testers.


    However, all questions regarding it should be addressed to the forums for those two communities. Not here.

  • PeacePirate Level 1 Level 1

    Why shouldn't be the question addressed here???

    You are right about the fact, that 10.8 is not 10.7 and the topic of this thread is "Lion Finder sidebar color" but i dont get why i should not ask here since someone postet here a tutorial with the SIMB procedure in order to get the color back. Maybe i am wrong because its months ago since i read this topic here (dont want to read all 22 pages again )and solved the problem on my lion system but i believed that the developer of this colorfulsidebar.bundle 1.0 postet here. Since Mountain Lion is in a stage of golden master the problem will soon appear again to those users who will upgrade and dont like the grey icons. Besides that, since someone already found a solution for this issue on 10.7 here and i suppose that an adjustment to 10.8 shouldnt be that difficult, why should i post this issue in other forums, where users probably would have to develop the tool right from the start again...

  • softwater Level 5 Level 5

    PeacePirate wrote:


    Why shouldn't be the question addressed here???




    i. everyone who is testing ML is under an NDA not to discuss it publicly and


    ii. the ToU forbids speculating on Apple's future products and decisions.


    There are forums for people who are testing ML, and those are the proper places to raise questions.

  • PeacePirate Level 1 Level 1

    thanks for the infos according to the NDA.

  • iCaleb1387 Level 1 Level 1

    I don't think it's an insult to users to make the UI look more uniform. I recently bought and sold an older MacBook and installed Snow Leopard on it, and while I did enjoy seeing the blue scroll bars and bright colorful finder icons, it almost seemed disctracting after using it for a few minutes (keep in mind I'm someone who usually hides the dock). I like that the user interface "disappears" when I'm using it and I'm focused more on what I'm doing than the color of a USB drive icon. The dock is beautiful and gets better with each release, the finder gets more refined, and in general I think the improvements are great most of the time. Don't forget, NeXTSTEP was pretty much grayscale.


    I also don't understand the fear that OS X will become iOS. Mac users are the ones that will still have a traditional desktop OS for years to come (if you believe Tim Cook), it's Windows 8 users that are being forced into the new Metro environment that looks like a horrible idea for laptops and desktops. iOS functionality is being added to OS X, but we haven't lost any traditional OS X features. There's still a finder, access to the file system, terminal, point and click, floating windows (funny that OS X will be the only OS with windows now), and the list goes on. Apple develops pro apps like Logic, and Final Cut, it appears that pro users and people who like traditional computing have nothing to worry about. Stop freaking out!





    I hate the "save a version" BS, and I read somewhere that the "save as" feature that has worked perfectly for years is coming back in Mountain Lion.

  • tjennings Level 1 Level 1

    iCaleb, who said we were insulted? Some of us find that the color (other than gray) enhances our workflow and efficiency, and we hate the gray. We don't hate Apple, we don't hate people who love the gray, we just want the option to have our color back. Click a box in System preferences->General - color. Unclick a box - gray. Piece of cake. To each his/her own. We won't make fun of you, you don't make fun of us.


    OS X is already becoming iOS-like. "Launchpad." First thing I deleted from my dock. That, and whatever other "helpful" thing was added to the dock with Lion. Apparently, if I download something from the Mac App store, I'm still stuck looking at - bleccchhh - Launchpad while the item downloads. Hey, if anyone knows how to stop that from happening, please let me know.


    I don't need my apps to be full screen, either, as Apple is moving toward. I have a 30" monitor and a 19" monitor. I don't need that much screen of email or anything else.


    Apple has a history of imposing its will on its users (gray sidebar, although I must say, I like the new calendar), and it's hard to tell what the next huge unchangeable thing will be. For those of us in a production environment, we are wary.

  • dpeam Level 1 Level 1

    I really miss the colored icons in Finder enough that I hacked it. I also turned the scrolling right side up where it should be. I also lament the loss of iDVD (doesn't work for beans in Lion, even with high quality media).

    It now likes Memorex and other cheap stuff.


    I do see some things in Mountain Lion that I like. Missions Control and launch pad are two I get rid of as well as spaces, way too easy to get distracted and lose where things are.


    I am getting used to the sideways scroll in Safari, don't like it, just getting used to it, like a toothache.


    We have two choices, take it or leave it, not much else out there. I know, I looked pretty hard.


    I do hate the way Apple forced it on us, upgrade to Lion or no iCloud. That really ticks me off.

  • tjennings Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah, Mission Control. That's what it was. Poof! Out of my dock. I never used Spaces. I have my own way of organizing things.


    That said, a PC friend was mocking Apple's dock. I love it. I love that I can drag a file to the appropriate icon on the dock, and it opens the program and opens that file in one click. Love it, love it. Can't do that on Win7. So there.


    I couldn't find a colored icon hack that would stick without restarting my finder each time, and the rest of my system started to act funky. Better to have gray icons than a peevish system, but I'm still grumbling about it.


    I do NOT enjoy the scrollbars AT ALL. Oh, I hate them so much.


    I do know that as much as I love Apple products and have for eons, and as much as I'm being forced to suck it up and adapt (or die), I'm starting to lose some of my Apple joy with some of these recent OS changes imposed on us.

  • Sam Beaver Level 1 Level 1

    there is a reletively recent sidebar color restore app. free.

    colorful sidebar and side effects. have used side effects, and it is nice to not have to relaunch the finder each time.

  • iCaleb1387 Level 1 Level 1

    I thought I read someone say it was insulting to make everything gray, I was kind of replying to what stuck out to me as I was reading thru this discussion. What would be great is to just give users the option as you suggested and put it in the appearance button in preferences. It already has "agua" or "graphite", just make it work for everything, aqua = full color everything (including favorites icons), graphite = grayscale! Everybody would be happy.


    Launchpad is awkward, I gave it a chance and organized all of my apps into folders, but for some reason that just reminded me of Windows 3.1. I never use it, and it's not on my dock. But, iPhone users that decide to buy a mac for the first time might appreceate the familiarity, even if we don't.


    It's nice to have the option of fullscreen, thought I rarely use it. But it's giving users an option that windows users have had.


    Mission control still does what I need it to, as I only ever used expose' to quickly see application windows or all windows, so it hasn't affected me.


    The scroll bars do suck if you're using a traditional mouse, I watched my friend trying to scroll the "old way" on my MBP and laughed watching him try to get the curser over the tiny scroll bars. He's still using 10.5 on his 24" iMac and after running Logic 9 on it for a few weeks, I couldn't stand it. I had to bring my 13" MBP in to get work done (although having a giant screen would be nice). Again, Windows 8 users are the ones who are really having to deal with change. I downloaded Windows 8 rp and installed it on a virtual machince and it was so different, I didn't know what to do.

  • iCaleb1387 Level 1 Level 1

    Having to upgrade to get iCloud does suck, but the update was only $29 and so I just did it.


    I love the dock too, and before I bought a mac I had dock envy and remember trying a few different pc docks and of course they never worked like the real thing. I also know someone who bought a new dell a year ago or so, and it had a doc built in with windows 7. That was a little strange.


    I've looked for ways to restore the icons too that didn't require an app, I was hoping a terminal command could change it if I decided I really wanted them back. I didn't really like the gray icons at first, but they're growing on me. If I really miss them I just look at Go on the finder menu bar, that usually does it for me haha.


    I don't have the same feeling about Mac's as I did when the first G4 iMac came out, or when I was working at a University and saw all the G3's and G4's sitting around, and even machines with OS 9, but Apple still makes a great product.

  • iCaleb1387 Level 1 Level 1

    Did you hack it using SMBL and colorfulsidebar? I thought about trying the same thing, but didn't because you had to restart Finder every time you log in. I found a work around though, and this is done after installing SIMBL and colorful sidebar. Now everytime I login, I'll have the colorful icons without having to do anything.



    1. Open automator

    2. choose "application" when prompted to choose type of document

    3. under library click "utilities"

    4. under utilities choose "run shell script"

    5. write "killall Finder" (you may have to backspace anything pre-written)

    6. save your application


    7. in system prefferences > users & groups > click on "login items"

    8. click on + and locate your application.

    9. logout, and log back in to colorful icons every time.


    I guess this makes me a hypocrite since I said I didn't mind the gray icons in the first place, but maybe this will make up for it. Hopefully someone finds this useful.

  • tjennings Level 1 Level 1

    I tried this (both ways), but it started to make my system unstable.

  • iCaleb1387 Level 1 Level 1

    Running the script made it unstable or SIMBL? I've had too much time on my hands today and I've just been reading about it and trying things out. I'm not sure I like the colors to be honest, but I can see how it's harder to see the difference betweem the gray icons, so I'm setting the sidebar icons to large instead of small.

  • tjennings Level 1 Level 1

    I'm not sure. All I know is it became unstable,and then stabilized once I took everything off - script and SIMBL.

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