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  • dawsonj Level 1 Level 1



    it it just SIMBL again as I have a closer read

    and I might have an explanation why I have no icons at all, time to remove SIMBL



  • bignate256 Level 1 Level 1

    Weird, I've been using that for awhile now and my icons show up. Is it showing up with a blank sidebar or no sidebar at all? If it's the latter then click on Finder, View, and click on Show Sidebar. I can't help you there if it's just coming up with a blank sidebar. The only thing I can think of is the developer forgot to replace the colorfulsidebar.bundle with the newer version on his site. MacUpdate has SideEffects too and that's where I downloaded it from.

  • dawsonj Level 1 Level 1

    yes it is wierd but then I blamed SIMBL forgetting I had just rebuilt my macbook air by downgrading to Lion then upgrading again so no SIMBL in sight in fact I had erased the drive along the way


    a reboot fixed it the icons are back


    going into system preferences if you changed them from small to medium to large (medium is default) you could see the spacing between the text in the sidebar change as if the icons where there just they were invisible


    i had been fiddling with bootcamp for two days couldnt install windows until I discovered you have to unplug all other external mac formatted drives (windows installer hates GPT volumes) to get past the format step maybe bootcamp upset something?



    anyway they are back to stay and after using windows explorer with nice little subtle coloured icons I am kind of tempted..............

  • dawsonj Level 1 Level 1

    gotta stop spelling weird the wrong way, my touch typing fingers always do "i before e"

  • Sam Beaver Level 1 Level 1

    glad someone else has issues with the spelling of the word weird. it is just weird to spell.

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    Personally can't stand the grey taking over in so many of the programs. Sidebar icons were so much easier to identify when they were color. Seems like the retina displays would really do well with the color icons.

  • Eric Root Level 9 Level 9
    Mac OS X

    Go to the link below, download and install the program. Please read the instructions on the page.



    Then go to the link below, download and extract the program. Put the program in the plugins folder created above.



    Force quit Finder and when you open a new Finder window, you should have color in the sidebar, although not across the top. You will need to Force quit Finder and open a new window after almost all restarts and startups.


    Not perfect, but it works.


    As an alternative, you can go to the link below and download the program. In the Lion Tweaks section, there is a tweak to restore color in the Finder sidebar, but I haven't tried it, so I don't know if it works.


    Hope this helps.

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    I wish that color was the only issue with this new breed of cat. If it were I would be happy but it is one of the least problems at least IMHO.

    Mission Control, Spaces and the worst is the dummying down and making it much harder than necessary to get under the hood.

    I am so disappointed with it that I still use SL and that will, in all likelihood, be as far as I will go as long as L and ML are as bad as they are.

    I really like Apple products and every once in a while even they have to have a few bad ones, now they might have it out of their system and fix it.

    I do have Lion installed on both an external and ML on a mostly unused MBP just so I can help those fix issues with networking, plists and the like.

    Everyday use I stick with the tried and true SL.

    I am a long time Mac person, since 1989 so I do know a thing or two.

    Did have quite a few Apple shares and may have again.

    But Lion and Mountain Lion, probably not. One very bad idea Apple had was to cut every OS below Lion off from the iCloud, bad idea Apple, you cut off 80% of your base.

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    dpeam wrote:


    One very bad idea Apple had was to cut every OS below Lion off from the iCloud, bad idea Apple, you cut off 80% of your base.

    It was never built for earlier architecture. OSX10.7 and 10.8 have a different coding than the old OSXs. Simple as that. Where did you get 80% from? Never had a problem with ML on my Macs.





  • tjennings Level 1 Level 1

    Well, I'm on a Woodcrest 1,1, so I can't upgrade to ML. If it weren't for iCloud, I wouldn't have upgraded to Lion, and since I hate Lion more than I like iCloud, I wish I hadn't upgraded from SL. ColorfulSidebar didn't work very well, requiring ForceFinder each time I booted, and SIMBL caused my system to be unstable. I do not consider this an acceptable solution to the sidebar issue.


    They make a Mac Pro that is, except for the logic board, modular, upgradeable, and extensible, and then put out an OS (a hobbled OS) that doesn't support the older Macs. Whatever.

  • dpeam Level 1 Level 1

    How many Macs are out there that cannot run Lion or ML? Or how many like the OS they have? Apple supports Windows for iCloud back to XP so tell me why it will not go back to Leopard?

    That is only part of the problem, next comes forced upgrades. If you want (iCloud for example) then Lion is required. What? You have a G4 or G5 that can't run Lion? Too bad, buy a new Mac so you can enjoy the dumb OS.

    I have Macs dating back to 1994 that are still running fine, won't do much of what is out there but still running well. I can live with that, now I have much newer and faster Macs that cannot run Apples latest so I am out in the cold.

    I have an iMac that Apple replaced with a Lion iMac, I tried reverting to SL, had to return the iMac for one that would run SL.

    Same iMac, different ROM chip.

    IMHO Lion/Mountain Lion is Apples Vista/Me answer for Windows, it is bad.

    Maybe when the next cat appears I will take another look.

    I do lots of out of warranty Mac repair, both hardware ( easy) and software, Lion has made that quite difficult.

  • Force2Reckon Level 1 Level 1

    I understand there is an OS hack to bring back color but really, I have to run an exploit or hack to bring color back to my desktop. I moved away from the windows platform because of needing to do things like that. I would never have upgraded if it was not for a piece of stop motion software that needed ML. I first upgraded to ML when it came out and didn't like it. I reinstalled with SL and was happy until a few months ago when i needed this software that required ML. Now my OS is unstable and every few days hangs up, I don't have color in my sidebars any more, and I am feeling like I am running a windows machine with the instability. The hang ups seem to be focused around Chrome but I will find out for sure when I reinstall again. If this was a secondary machine I would probably run the hack but I just dont feel I should have to and don't want to introduce system instability which some people claim happens, and some say it does not. I am pretty sure both are true.

  • tjennings Level 1 Level 1

    Interestingly, in an article in ComputerWorld, "Apple to kill Messages beta for OS X Lion next month" dated yesterday, "According to Web metrics company Net Applications, OS X Mountain Lion has grabbed approximately 26% of the Mac operating system usage base since its July roll-out." That means 74% of Mac users are NOT using Mountain Lion. and these are not great stats for L/ML, either: becoming_Apple_s_XPhttp://I


    So how does this affect GUI changes like the sidebar?? I am on a Woodcrest 1,1. I am not heartbroken I can't upgrade to 10.8.

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    @force2reckon: you could have SL installed and run ML in a virtualBox or have it on an external HD if it's just for one app.


    pity those that bought a mac with Lion or ML preinstalled and can't get SL to run on that machine...

    icloud sort of works with SL (and probably older OSs as well): you can get your mails, adresses and calender events synced over icloud. reminders and notes are also synced but end up in mail. there is no need to go to Lion just for iCloud, it works under SL (look for tutorials online).

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    I wouldn't upgrade for iCloud

    Dropbox is better anyway and it syncs your photos (and videos) from you ipad/iphone


    Sure if you already have mail etc you can still sync calendars and mail etc as you point out but as a user of iWork on both platforms (OSX and iOS) I love the way a document created on my ipad appears in the mac version of pages for example but do the other way and it never shows up on the ipad.  You constantly get messages that the versions are edited in different versions of pages do I want to make a copy? (NO) It just doesnt work yet there are dozens of apps for ipad/iphone that happily sync with box, dropbox, etal and they are just folders on your mac or PC for that matter this is a whole lot more flexible.


    very annoying I cannot put SL on my new macbook air I would if I could