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I'm sure there's a need for it, but I think the Resume feature in OS X Lion is one of the most annoying things about the new OS. Is there any way of disabling this feature?

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    Ditto! As some might recall, Resume was once a feature in Glims - which I'd disabled. Given this, how can you disable Resume?


    Isn't there any guidebook to spell out these options?

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    Thanks...the fix worked perfectly!


    Now, I'm hoping for a Lion guidebook. A whole screen of Lion questions is recycling  every twenty minutes!

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    Yeah, I did that before I found your thread. It doesn't turn it off completely.  I am hating this resume thing. I don't always want to go back to where I was in an app every time I open it!

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    I have Lion installed on an iMac and Macbook Pro. The change didn't stick the first time, but when I rebooted, and verified tha changes were done properly, Resume disappeared on both computers. Also, make sure your home site preferences for home site are current.


    Yeah, Resume is irritating.

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    Thanks for the reminder on the Home page.  However, this issues extends beyond Safari open the last web page used and Pages or Word opening the last document viewed/edited....  It also will reopen any apps you had open on shutdown. I don't necessarily want all the same apps open every time I log in! If you don't have SSD, it takes forever for apps to open if you're not patient and wait for OS X to completely load the desktop and menubar items. Resume forces the very thing to happen that I try to avoid. ARGH!!!


    I may go back Snow Leopard for this issue. I am hating it that much...

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    Is there a way to un-install Lion and go back to Snow Leopard? If so, I am IN! I can't stand this product, and I've been on Apple computers exclusively since 1985.

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    No, there is not. I installed Lion from "scratch." So, I have all my data backed up on separate drives. Since I haven't created any new data since, I could use my Snow Leopard disc to blow away the Lion partition and install SL from scratch also... It would only take me about 3 hours to get back to being fully functional with all my apps, etc... Right now the only thing I would miss about Lion is the new

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    Interesting---thanks. I guess I'm stuck with 250 "new and improved" features, zero of which I need or like.

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    Actually, I found the answer. You can.




    No this is NOT the answer. See here.

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    These two issues seem to be constantly getting crossed.  You have the "application" resume and then you have the "system" resume.  The application resume you can disable as has been indicated.  However, everytime you shutdown or restart your system, you are presented with an option which defaults to having your system restart with all of the currently running applications.  For the most part, if I want to sleep my machine, I will do that... if the battery goes too low, it'll safe sleep (hibernate)... that's fine.  However, if I'm restarting my machine for some reason, I typically want it to start clean.  Granted, unchecking a box isn't that difficult... but it is annoying and there should be a way to make the election permanent.

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    Removing the Resume feature for both the applications and the system FOREVER.


    This feature is irritating especially the System Resume feature which can not be switched of at all and causes a large amount of problems if the Mac has crashed and you don’t have access to the tick box on the shutdown / restart window.


    First of all you have to gain access to the User Library folder which for no good dam reason has been hidden in Lion. Open a termanal window and do this.


    The following method makes the user library folder permanently visible.

    • Launch Terminalfrom Mac HD > Applications > Utilities.
    • From withinTerminal type the following command and press Return: chflagsnohidden ~/Library
    • Enter systemadministrator password if prompted and press Return:

    Note: The System administrator password is notvisible as you type it.


    Now open this folde rand find the folder “Saved Application State”.

    Open this folder and delete everything that’s in it then lock the folder so Lion cant right to it anymore.


    You have just stopped any application remembering its saved state. YAA


    Now find the file in the library folder that will have this path.

    Library/Preferences/ByHost/ C0C81.plist


    The numbers may be different but the ‘’ is the clue.


    Before you lock this file close all programs and only have the Finder running. Once you have done that lock this file.


    Congratulations you have just disabled Resume System wide and it will never make you wait for your computer to start up or open up your holiday snaps at the beginning of that important business presentation.


    Apple if you are listening THIS FEATURE IS SO BAD. It may be great for users who only have iTunes open but for serious designers it creates a waste of a great deal of time. We are the sort of user that has already backed up their stuff in three places anyway and just need the Mac to restart after Flash crashes the whole system, not have to wait for the 26 programs we also had running to RESUME there last saved state.




    Alan Payne BEd MSc ITHCI


    ( Don't patronize me Apple with your call centers and censoring of my posts I have more qualifications in this subject than the entire staff in the Aberdeen Apple Shop ) OK

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    Yes, I summarised how to turn off both in one 10-step procedure here:


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