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  • duderRama Level 1 (15 points)

    Adobe Flash And Silverlight use what is called "hardware acceleration"


    It basically means, that Microsoft and Adobe have written their plugins in a way that allows them to access the GPU (graphics processor) to significantly reduce the load on the CPU.


    Apple blocks the API's Microsoft and Adobe use to access the hardware.



    End result = unless a video is playing through the native/local media player built into OSX your not going to get good efficiency because of the Apple block.



    You can see this Apple block at work when comparing other systems.




    Safari -

    html5 = 13%

    flash = 32%


    Chrome -

    html5 = 50%

    flash = 50%




    Safari -

    html5 = 14%

    flash = 7%


    Chrome -

    html5 = 12%

    flash = 2%




    If your waiting for html5 to solve your video problems, you might as well switch to windows, cuz it's never gonna happen.

  • Unknown Citizen Level 1 (15 points)

    Completely agree with duderRama.  Over the past couple of months I've noticed that my 2007 24" iMac has had issues running video on Youtube at fullscreen without dropping frame rate.  Hulu, Netflix, and Youtube are completely useless if I try to play them fullscreen at the highest resolution.  I recently reinstalled Windows 7 back into my iMac and when I run these videos in Windows 7, they run flawlessly.  I haven't had any problems on my 2010 Macbook Pro, but running Youtube noticeably forces all the fans on after a few videos.  I know it's more of a war between formats and video codecs and lack of hardware acceleration, but I wish Apple would handle this somehow.  It's completely unacceptable when we pay as much we do for these computers. 

  • ldsmith Level 1 (0 points)

    Unfortunately, your numbers don't tell you anything about where the problem lies. And Apple does not block the OpenCL APIs which any application can use to access the power of the graphics card. It's more likely that Google, just hasn't taken the time or consciously chooses not to implement hardware acceleration on OS X.



  • MacPCmb Level 1 (0 points)

    Claas -- thank you! you gave me the missing piece of the Netflix / Safari / Silverlight puzzle. 

    Your post provided the last hiding place I had not looked for vestiges of Silverlight that was preventing a reinstall of the Silverlight software on my son's MacBook Pro (Early 2008) running OSX 10.7.4:  without these removed, the installer would yield the "A newer version of this software already exists on this disk".


    /private/var/db/receipts  found and deleted the following:


    Other locations searched and files previously removed:

    /Library/Internet Plug-Ins                        deleted Silverlight.plugin

    /Library/Receipts                                   deleted Silverlight*.pkg

    ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft   deleted Silverlight


    Once these were in the Trash, I restarted the system.  Once rebooted, I returned to the Netflix web site using Safari 5.1.7, downloaded the Silverlight installer, then quit Safari.  At this point I ran the Silverlight installer and it ran as expected (no error message) and completed. I then re-launched Safari, returned to the Netflix web site, and tested a "watch instantly" program -- works just fine!


    Again, thanks for your insight!  -- Paul Mullin

  • Jay Rogers1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Can you explain what you mean hitting the F key? My problem is the videos won't work on NYT even after I install new flash player. They work on Firefox but it finally indicated silverlight was interfering.



  • Moncrief Level 1 (0 points)

    This is all irrelevant since Safari 6. Silverlight does not work with Lion, period. Firefox cannot be set to run in 32 bit mode since Java 7 installed on Lion... I use 10.7.5. If I am wrong,  please  let me know. I have tried everything including what is mentioned above re: hidden microsoft files. My Imac is not my primary video machine for Netflix, but having it working is still desirable. I even tried the reboot holding down 3-2 to supposedly boot into 32 bit mode. It did not work. Maybe Mountain Lion allows for setting Safari or Firefox to 32 bit mode? Not updating right now if it does not. I don't think you can install an earlier Safari version anymore. The Netflix support folks are not even aware of these things. I mentioned it to them today and they thanked me for the heads up. They send people to Microsoft.. that is a big joke. No help there. I did it for fun. The girl took control of my desktop and could not even navigate to the right file folders.

    Agree with Unknown in the last post re:HTML5.


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  • raynapple Level 1 (0 points)

    This worked for me, neither Netflix nor Microsoft suggested this. I changed from USB speaker back to internal and BAM it works

  • pfkellogg Level 1 (0 points)

    buying one of these and pluging it in to my mac mini fixed my problem.  i can even use the same logitech usb headphones -  the same ones that before completely froze up my netflix video -  to play netflix flawlessly.


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