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    I've also been following this for a long time and don't understand why Apple is not making good on its commitments to an "incredibly high standard" of Customer Experience (see links below).


    Who is actually compensated on the quality of customer experience? How is it measured; against what requirement?



    "Every detail matters.


    Every piece of packaging. Every swipe of the finger. Every “How can I help you?” Everything. And it doesn’t matter just some of the time. It matters all of the time. That’s how we do things at Apple. The result is some of the best-loved products in the world.


    Simplicity isn't simple.


    Ask anyone here. It’s hard work. It means forever asking, “Why is it this way?” and “How can it be better?” It means rethinking every customer experience until the clutter has fallen away — until all that remains is what’s essential, useful, and beautiful. That might be a new product feature that delights even die-hard fans. It might be a customer support call, or even a display in an Apple store, arranged and lit exactly so."




    "To our customers,


    At Apple, we strive to make world-class products that deliver the best experience possible to our customers. With the launch of our new Maps last week, we fell short on this commitment. ...<more>...  Everything we do at Apple is aimed at making our products the best in the world. We know that you expect that from us, and we will keep working non-stop until Maps lives up to the same incredibly high standard.

    Tim Cook

    Apple’s CEO"



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    I'm not sure what other ppl's keyboard setting are but this behavior happened when I remapped the key shortcut for "paste" from cmd+v to ctrl+v.


    This is because the default system key binding for ctrl+v is "pageDown". You can override it by editting the "user" key binding using KeyBindingEditor:


    (The bottom one is the user key binding which I'm overriding quite a bit)


    Hope this helps.

  • StevenDBS Level 1 Level 1



    In an email to AppleSeed developers on Thursday, Apple revealed it is working on a Mail Update for Mavericks, which looks to deal with a number of issues users are experiencing with the new operating system.


    Hopefully in this new update, they will fix the cut and paste issue, the notification # issue and the mail signature issue that doens't let you send HTML signature links.


    Maybe we should post comments to the Appleinsider, and Mac Rumors websites(and any others) as replys to this story so it gets more attention!!

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    This solution may not suit everyone but I am a long term QuicKeys User (despite having no update for 4 years).  I just made a special set of menu item shortcuts for Apple Mail Only (and I guess you could do the same for Safari too if that doesn't work, putting in <Command><X>, <Command><Y> and <Command><P> into an edit menu shortcut.


    That works well by introducing thsoe edit menu items into the application.  Perhaps other Macro programmes may also work but of course I haven't investigated them.


    Hope this helps and I hope Quickeys gets a well deserved update because there is no other quite so sophisticated to take its place.

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    Well here I am again, puffing out my cheeks in exasperation with the longevity of this discussion. When I posted the original post way back in August 2011, I foolishly thought some keen brainbox at Cupertino would pick up this thread and deal with in his lunch break just to shut us up from moaning about it! Sadly two years on, still nothing! So I've just written another letter to Apple Feedback...



    This has gone on long enough!


    There is a Discussion post on your forum that goes back to August 2011 about the inherint problems with signatures in Apple Mail. Primarily this involves cutting and pasting within email messages within a signature. Although this post is over two years old and with numerous incarnations of Mail, we are still experiencing random locations when pasting within signature areas. Not only that bizarre oddities like formatted text losing their styling after pasting.


    The code behind Mail must be seriously screwed up to cause these issues. Don't think I'm alone here, this post has received to date 213 replies and over 30,000 viewings! This demands some attention NOW!


    - - - - - - - - - -


    I really don't know what else we can try. I recently gave Postbox a go and whilst it handles signatures perfectly it has other shortcomings that Mail can do better. I think we should do as StevenDBS suggests and go to MacRumors and AppleInsider to see if we can get some attention to this via another route.


    Maybe everyone who reads this text copies and pastes the italic text above and sends Apple a feedback post here...

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    I'm as disgusted as you are with Apple's disinterested customer care in fixing a longstanding bug in a core product.


    Cut + paste functions are not the only problem with Mail. I often send a perfectly formatted email to a client (single font + font size), but when they reply I find that my message looks like it was formatted by a two-year old: different size fonts, different colours, etc.


    There are clearly major coding problems inherent in Apple Mail.


    I've once again followed your lead in sending a message via Apple's feedback link - but I'm not holding my breath... Maybe if everyone on this link sends the same message it will finally get some attention.


    PS - I've forwarded a link to this thread to a journo friend.

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    David and others,

    Apple is removing ANY post that criticizes them in any way about this issue!

    Just had two posts removed that I was responding to these last posts. They clearly do not want to fix this issue with their Mail program, nor do they care about their customers.

    So, just continue to cut and paste and repaste and recut and reformat until someday Apple decides to fix their Mail program    

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    Hi everbody


    I to just wish to reiterate my position on the subject. As I have posted to this thread in the past, I cannot believe Apple is turning a blind eye to this core problem in their operating system. I have been an Apple supporter from early Apple II days, so for decades. The length of time this has gone on for is unaccptable and is the main reason I don't feel the same sense of pride and satisfaction I once had when using my Apple OS. And if Apple feels the need to delete this post to hide a good customers ill feelings toward such an embarisly crappy system bug I will be even more dissapointed.

    Maybe others should post feedback (again) as David Jenner2 suggests or atleast take a few moments to express their dissapointment (again) in Apple's rejection of this issue.

  • Captainllama Level 1 Level 1



    I got an email update on one of your replies which also seems to have been deleted. For what it's worth it's pasted below:



    "Super Dittos to these last two posts.


    I've been on here almost from the beginning as well.


    But watch out, last time I "ranted" about this, the apple moderator decided to delete my message.


    Apparently Apple DOES monitor these, but doesn't want negative comments.


    Oh my, sounds like they are sensitive!








    All we'd like to do is to be able to USE the features YOU put in to MAIL ...... with RELIABILITY!




    I also sent a message tonight via Apple's feedback link.


    Maybe if I hold my breath for a year?


    We'll see!"


    I really can't see anything in your post that would provoke deletion other than embarrassment at the failure to address this problem. If an Apple employee is monitoring this thread surely any kind of honest response - however embarrassing - is better than high-handed censorship?

  • David Jenner2 Level 1 Level 1

    Without getting too excited I have found that recreating my signatures from scratch (not just editing an existing one, starting over from nothing) is proving to give me positive results.


    I'm not by any means saying this is a fix, and it's a real hassle to have to rebuild every signature, but if it solves the problem then let's run with it.


    I'd be interested to hear if this resolves the issue with anyone else.



  • 3mstrrktek7 Level 1 Level 1


         Back a ways, I think many of us tried this, but the problem is that ANY editing then starts the whole cycle over again. And, at least for me, I found that this didn't work unless I kept it essentially ALL the same text, and a basic font, no formatting, etc. Once I do ANY editing - even a cut or paste, or just deleting some text, it starts its screwy misbehaviour!


       Not trying to be a kiljoy. If it works for you, great. Just move us have just about given up which seems to be what Apple wants?

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    Hi, our issue is simple, we cannot copy Ctrl-A a image, then Ctrl-C, then go inside the mail application in a new email and Paste Ctrl-V.... Plain Simple, why do we have to Attach our picture, we need "COPY PASTE ENABLE" fonctionality in the Apple Mail


    I'm with Snow Leopard 10.6.8


    You guys write too much for a simple issue !!

  • 3mstrrktek7 Level 1 Level 1



    <You guys write too much for a simple issue !!>


    What? I'm on the same version of Mac OS.


    First, I think you mean "Cmd" instead of "Ctrl". And, not sure what you are trying to do with "Ctrl-A" .... Cmd-A is selecting all, so this doesn't seem to make sense. Are you perhaps new to a mac?


    Second, it is EASY to either copy an image from a finder window; or, better yet, just drag and drop it into a new mail message. It IS "Plain simiple". You can ALSO attach a picture - either way this works. I do this all the time in just about every email I send.


    Third, what in the world does this have to do with the topic of this thread? (except perhaps it is about the mail program) This is about using the signature feature of Apple Mail and formatting, cutting, copying, pasting, within that, or when a signature is used as part of a message and goes "nuts" when you try to edit it.


    Hope this wasn't "writing too much" for you!

  • Shannaz Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for reponding to that  3mstrrktek7, not sure where he was coming from I just figured he'd had a few before he wrote it.

  • PeterUK Level 1 Level 1

    Here we are in late March 2014 and STILL no postive action from Apple re Mail's cut and paste problem, or am I out of date?  Has Apple finally announced it is going to tackle this ridiculously old problem, once and for all?

    I somehow doubt it.  I, at least, am still getting cut and paste problems...THREE YEARS after this thing first appeared on here.

    Why on earth is Apple being so stubbornly pig-headed about this?

    They really need showing up in public about it.  Apple just loves to peddle the myth that they are just as wonderful as when Steve Jobs was running it....utter nonsense.

    Come on America!  Get this fiasco aired on prime time TV, if nothing else!!