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Morac Level 1 Level 1

While it was working earlier today, currently the app store app on my iPhone and iPad are both not working correctly.


On the iPhone, it keeps asking me to reenable Genius over and over again and I can't use the "update all" button (it doesn't do anything).  Also the past purchases screen only shows one page worth of apps and apps I bought are showing a price on the top ten page.  On my iPad I can turn on Genius, but the page is blank as is the past purchases page. Also the layout is wrong on some pages. On both devices, some pages have a sign in button that doesn't work and most screens are missing the back arrow such that I get stuck on certain screens (like updates and genius on the iPhone).  App icons are also missing and some pages randomly never display.


Basically the store isn't working correctly, though I can download updates and new apps by searching for the app.


Anyone else having problems?

iPad 2, Other OS, iOS 4.3.5
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