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asifm42 Level 1 Level 1

"iOS 5 includes a few new moves and shortcuts to help you get around even quicker on your iPad: Using four or five fingers, swipe up to reveal the multitasking bar, pinch to return to the Home screen, and swipe left or right to switch between apps."


How do I enable these gestures?  I have upgraded to iOS 5 on my iPad 1 and do not see this setting in the general tab of settings.  

  • igorsenna Level 1 Level 1

    It seems it's not supported on iPad 1st Gen. I Hope they fix it on the future.

  • Chuck_L Level 1 Level 1

    No supported for iPad 1, which is quite unreasonable. The multitask gestures feature is really the only reason why I looked forward to the new update ...


    VERY DISAPPOINTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • grantbob Level 1 Level 1

    Indeed quite annoying. One of the few things other than notifications I was looking forward to in iOS5.


    Here: it says "iOS 5 includes a few new moves and shortcuts to help you get around even quicker on your iPad."


    They don't call out "iPad2" specifically like they do for AirPlay Mirroring right next to it.


    Oh well. Fail.

  • Core23 Level 1 Level 1

    I agree. The iOS gesture features does not mention iPad 2 only at all. It's even shown in the video!

  • shagbolt Level 1 Level 1

    Really screwed the iPad 1 owners with this one. Not sure why except to encourage us to break the only moving part we use on the iPad so we will upgrade to iPad 2.

  • killthepig Level 1 Level 1

    a horrible decision, i'm very disappointed!!

  • Andyd1964 Level 1 Level 1

    Absolutely agree! It was on the video and NO mention ipad2 only.VERY VERY Poor Apple,come on

  • padrian Level 1 Level 1

    incredible decision... i'm stunned... we were fooled... they said ios 5 is fully compatible with ipad 1 but they have never mentioned it's with fewer features... if i would of known this, i've kept ios 4.3.5 ... if they were thinking that they would make people buy ipad 2 for this, i think they got it all wrong... personally i won't upgrade for sure..


    i don't know why apple does bad moves these days (like iphone 4s specs, incredibly slow and painful ios 5 upgrade procedure - i think there are at least thousands of people who bricked their devices, and not at last this multitasking feature being removed from ios5 when it was over advertised for such a long time)


    i'm speechless really...

  • Charles Quenneville Level 1 Level 1

    I have to agree with all the posters here: it's a cheap move. Since it worked on 4.3, it's not a technical limitation. It can only be to push people towards the iPad2. No thank you.

  • Cheffie026 Level 1 Level 1

    I WANT MY GESTURES BACK!!!, i was really happy with it on my iPad 1, but when i updated it to ios5 its gone...******* why? who are they to make that choice ??

  • stefeb Level 1 Level 1

    Why on earth would Apple exclude a feature that worked on an earlier version (granted you had to use xcode), but it's not like the iPad1 isn't capable to handle gestures.


    I don't recall any adverts from Apple saying that Gestures would not be supported on the iPad1.


    This is terrible. I hope they listen to us, and provide and update.

  • Core23 Level 1 Level 1

    I have never used it, but felt silly trying to get it to work, then digging threw settings looking for it.  I don't care about

    App switching, just give me the home screen gesture.


    Also what is with the newsstand app you can't put in a folder?


    I foresee some updates in the near future.

  • iLaramie Level 1 Level 1

    Could not agree more. This is very disappointing. Not even an explanation. Please tell us it was an unintentional mistake and fix it soon with the 5.0.1 update tomorrow.

  • Weible Level 1 Level 1

    Agreed, there is no reason to leave the gestures out and there was no mention that it wouldn't be included for iPad 1.  One of the reasons I upgraded was for the app switching.  Another was notifications, which have been buggy for me.  Freedom from iTunes is exciting, but it's nothing revolutionary.  They've finally caught up with the rest of the world.

    This is the most advanced iOS ever?  This is the best Apple can do? This is the second major upgrade that I've been through.  Both times I've been excited about the possibilities only to be let down by the actual roduct.  I am officially done with Apple today; my next tablet will be an Android.

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