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  • rockholly Level 1 (0 points)

    My day will improve when i can listen to my music and watch my videos again

  • nick106 Level 1 (0 points)

    I backed up my phone before I updated to ios 5...


    I received an error "error-1".. I lost all my contacts, emails, texts, notes, pictures, everything..


    None of my restore back ups had my information. I called Apple, they said they never heard of the "error-1." They had no answer, no solution, and said there was nothing they could do and that my information was gone forever.


    Really helpful.........


    So of course I have to spend 3 hours finding a previous ios firmware, and downgrade my phone to get my information back, if thats even possible..


    ios 5 is terrible, oh and thanks Apple for the technical support.. I lose everything and they say "sorry"... sorry doesn't help. I need a fix, not a sorry.

  • nowzen Level 1 (0 points)

    My sympathies.

    I also found the backups were not restoring anything.


    I achieved a partial restoration by locating a backup that wasn't offered when I right clicked on my device "restore from back up".


    I did this:

    1. Went to google and found where itunes dumps backups (note for PC its in different places depending on which windows you have. I have win7 and it was in: computer/user/username/apps/apple/roaming/mobilesync/backups).

    2. Go to file and move all the backups that I don't want to a new folder 'old'.

    3. In itunes, right click on your device and run 'restore from backup'.


    I had partial restoration, all my folders, most of my data, no videos and still missing the 41 apps.

    What is bizarre about the 41 'missing' apps are still in my media file on my PC but greyed out on my itunes as 'missing'.


    good luck

  • matoi Level 1 (0 points)

    looks like we encountered the same error huh? the backup that was installed was the older one instead of what was made prior to the upgrade..


    can't find the backup that was "supposedly made" prior to the upgrade.. how about you?


    can't seem to find a solution still for this one. tough luck.

  • pjt dragon Level 1 (0 points)

    I had 723 apps installed, 163 left after update. 4 to 10 albumes from iTunes store missin, can't be found from previous purcushes, plus 1,98 € charge to my chredit card whit out reason, noticed it from web-bank.

    I have done regular backups, almost dayly, still iTunes inseisted doing backup but it wanted to do it to my locale disc, not to the external drive where I have all iTunes files assigned to.

    iTunes show all apps, but they can not be transfered to iPhone because .ipa files does not exist in directory they should be and there is no way to get them from store other than one by one. Does not soud epaling thing to do.

  • lmcurley Level 1 (0 points)

    Did Apple actually test the roll out of iOS 5?


    Some major issues, from 6 people I spoke to today who updated to iOS 5, 4 had issues that range from all apps, music, contacts being wiped.


    I am currently trying to get an iPhone 4 setup with iOS 5 and having major issues. First off all data from last Sync (4 weeks ago) is gone. Secondly iTunes decided to copy every single app every purhased onto the iPhone!


    There is hundreds of conflicts appears for contacts which have to be manually sorted through.


    I have to say this is the worst Apple experience I have ever had, very mess roll out of iOS 5.

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    While updating my mom's iPad 2, I got the same '-50' error on a windows 7 machine when trying to restore after installing iOS5. I tried a new cable, as suggested in one of the forums.  No luck.


    Here's how I actually got it to work:

    Rebooted windows

    Reset the iPad by holding down the home and off buttons simultaneously until the apple appeared.

    Opened iTunes

    Plugged in iPad

    It worked (I MIT have gotten it one more time, clicked on the iPad in the device screen, and did a backup to make it work. I've spent 2 hours trying to figure this it, so I'm a little foggy.)


    I'm not sure if this will work for everyone on this thread, but it's worth a try!

  • thechromeplunger Level 1 (5 points)

    being a dedicated apple addict, i am very disapointed. of all the things that could have been deleted

    my **** checkbook app, on payday none the less. i guess OS 5.1 will come sooner for "THE BEST OS EVER MADE" 

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    Did you download the app again?  There is a good chance the data is still there. When I downloaded all my apps again, no data was lost, it was all present.


    As for syncing, iOS 5 bugged out due to some album artwork I had which were HUGE original images nearly 8000x8000 PNGs. When I found the culprit files, deleted that artwork and put smaller ones in, syncing worked again


    Now all my issues are fixed, just took some troubleshooting to figure it out


    Good luck

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    I also lost my purchased applications after upgrading to IOS 5 but you can re-install the applications by visiting app store (on your Iphone), searching for the specific applications that are lost and  installing them again free of charge. It's annoying and inconveniencing having to recollect all the applications you've lost, but the good thing is that you can get them back as and when you recollect each one.  Good Luck. 

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    I've lost my camera roll, contacts, texts, notes and recent calls.

    I do have my calendar, photo library, music, apps.

    I want to be able to backup to a previous day (I backup almost everyday) but I only see the last one which was after the install.  Is there a way to get a previous day for backup?  


    Thank you

  • RedKarma88 Level 1 (0 points)

    I also got an error (-1)  For them to say they never heard of it...yeah right

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    Wife's iphone also lost contacts and her email during the update process. We did the backup pior to updating and now itunes can't find the backup. Be sure to do a backup, go look on your hard drive to ensure the backup is there. Make a copy of it and save somewhere else Then and only then consider doing an upgrade. Tried to call tech support and they want $29.00 to talk to you and it will be 6 days before they can give you a call back.


    At least with an Android phone you contacts and email are on Google's servers. May be time to switch to an Android.


    This upgrade was very poorly done and we are trying to reconstruct her contacts. Email is gone.

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    OK there is some hope. Even though it is a pain. I did a little research and found most things not helpful. This may have been posted once before or multiple times. But, I will just post what i just did and it may work for you. I saw i had all my contacts still, My alarms set through my clock, now when you go to get your calendar info back, all you have to do is open the calendar app, then select "calendars" at the top left enable a check mark next to "All iCloud" and next to "birthdays" (those were unchecked for me) and then leave that app, go to you "App Store" then select "Updates" at the bottom right. There should be an option (probably the only option) to select which will be named "Purchased". Just open that and it should be every app that you had previously installed on your iphone, that didnt automatically stick when the iphone when it finished its update. I hope some find this useful. Cuz i had a minor panic for about 5 minutes and was about to disown Apple entirely for not giving direction or hope that any of these would be, retrievable. Because i had read on the tech support part of this update, that no Apps and most personals would not be saved. Its a pain in the bu**, its hope though.

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    I had this same problem. I updated my IPhone 4 to the new IOS 5 and when it was done allllll of my music and apps were gone and I thought my life was over...but then I found a way to get them all back!!! There's this new feature called ICloud and it stores all your purchases so that you can access them from and IOS device. The good part about this is that allllll my purchased music was stored in there and all you have to do Is redownload them! GOOD LUCK:)