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  • RVVagabonds Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    After searching help topics and rebooting/reloading/backing up/restoring only to continue to get an error message of "sync can't finish" and finding my music files grayed out, I tried disabling my AVG anti-virus program and bingo! Immediately my iTunes started to sync with my iPhone 3GS and the music is showing up properly.  Also, the huge "other file" in yellow has gone down from over 1GB to .44GB--quite a change of memory use.

  • John Halkias Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    After reading through this thread again, and all the posts and solutions, it is obvious to me that there are as many solutions as there are problems, and not one definitive solution. I don't know if it is iOS5, the iPhone 4s, or Lion (all of which are new variables in my situation) but there appear to be many syncing problems and bugs that Apple needs to work on.

  • clarshel Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Seem to have found a solution for my woes.  Had to delete the entire music library from both phone (manually manage music discussed above) AND the itunes library.  The reload library from a backup drive.  Nothing else worked including completely wiping phone.  Perhaps some sort of directory problem in itunes.

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    I added one new song into iTunes and synced my iPhone, and that one song was greyed out in the Music app. Never seen that before. I deleted the song from iTunes, did a sync, readded it to iTunes, synced again and now the song is no longer greyed out.


    iPhone 4, iOS 5, iTunes 10.5. The Music app was open during the second pair of syncs, but probably wasn't during the original sync -- this is probably a red herring, but we'll see.

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    Hey Peeps,


    So I had this issue as well and I tried so many times to restore and re-sync with no success.


    Then I did the following:


    - on your iPhone, turn off Wi-fi (so it can't sync via wi-fi)

    - plug in your iphone to your mac

    - select the music you want to sync, making sure that your device has enough room for it all (I chose to uncheck the "fill free space with music" option as I wanted to see if having some extra space helped)

    - notice that when it's clearly connecting to iTunes via USB, the bar at the bottom updates almost instantly when you make changes to the synced items

    - sync your iPhone


    This solved the issue for me as I think iTunes chooses not to sync certain tracks when syncing over wi-fi. I don't know WHY it would do this, but this seemed to solve my issue.


    I hope this helps!!



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    Okay, I've been following this thread since it firest appeared. I have tried every single suggestion posted here and nothing has worked. I'd figure I'd wait for a new update (which came out this morning) and half my library is still greyed out. I'm on a PC with windows 7, not a Mac book like most seem to be. I'm getting error -5000 when trying to sync the songs onto my iphone. I've tried it over wifi, directly connected to my PC and neither works. I've restored tons of times, from both a backup and as a new phone. I've tried dragging them in individual play lists, I've tried changing converting them to the larger file size. I'm really at a loss and don't have any idea what to do, and I at least wish Apple would acknowledge the problem.

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    I've had the same problem since the upgrade to software version 5.  My songs seemed to really struggle to be played inintially and then *bam* I got a grey screen that would think and think and think before chucking me to the main menu.


    I tried everything that was listed elsewhere on this site and none of it worked.  I've been using my old iPod touch as a back up but I am really ****** off that I payed $400 for this phone (many more thousands of dollars for every other Apple product I've owned) and I can't seem to get any help from Apple beyond "purchasing a single service ticket" and sending it them.  This is clearly a software issue.


    When news came out about the update today I happily and expectantly updated my iPhone  but I still have the same problem.



  • jrsurfer Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Can you try one thing?  On your phone, go to iTunes>Purchased>Music and see if you can download your music files from there, assuming you have purchased some music from iTunes.


    When my phone's music was all greyed out, I was able to get at least these songs working.

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    Anyone that's still having this problem, have you made 100% sure you've shutdown both your anti virus and firewall you have?? Make sure everything is shutdown and try syncing.

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    This was able to work for me when I did it on my wife's phone, but when i connect it back to her computer, it shows those songs in black and then shows another copy which is grayed out with the little sync symbol next to them. if i unsync all the songs via itunes, on the iphone, all the songs are removed, however, when the phone is connected to itunes, i still see those grayed out songs within the music section of the phone on itunes. we did have some issues with the wifi sync early on and i know we canceled them since it was taking too long. since then, we have turned off the wifi sync option, but since that sync symbol is there, i am wondering if the canceled wifi sync's were the issue. i still need to try some of the solutions mentioned here (i.e. download a free app and the various deleting options).

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    I found a workaround, maybe this will help somebody else having this problem:


    Deactivate Genius! This was the root of all problems. Without Genius (Store -> Turn off Genius) every song synched again. Obviously, you can't use Genius any more -- I tried to re-enabled it, but then all my song disappeared (again).

  • ankurbs Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, I tried that along with everything else and no luck. i ended up just restoring the phone and setting up as a new phone, which solved the problem, though I did lose all the app data, but at least it is fixed. i am wondering if the problem was due to restoring from a 3gs icloud backup, which is what i did when we first got the 4s. in any case, thanks for all the suggestions.

  • Russa Level 4 Level 4 (1,315 points)

    If you updated IOS and iTunes, you may have to "reauthorize" your music.. especailly if the music was purchased with different iTunes Store accounts.


    You can reauthorize by selecting and playing a song in iTunes then reenter your password that you used to buy it originally.


    Alternatively,  you can deauthorize all music and devices, then reauthorize them.

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    sory i am new to this. I used to have a blackberry and never had this amount of nonsesne in my life.... does anyone including this annoying apple compnay actually have a definitiove answer to why the songs are greyed out?


    why is something so basic made so **** complicated? i mean you by things i.e. apps and music and the hardware cant **** communicate with each other

  • greguva Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    As noted above, there seem to be a plethora of solutions, some of which work for some users but not for others. I again recommend that people leave some feedback for Apple. I don't think the engineers at Apple follow these threads with any regularity, so if you want them to fix the problems, they need to be made aware of the problems.

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