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    Thanks for the reply. One thing I wondered about was whether anybody had tried an external mic? It seems that the problem is somehow connected to the internal mic on the iMac.

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    Yup...I was using two external mic options via my MacMini, one was the camera mic, and the other via a M Audio USB interface.  Same results.

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    Huh. Seems as if all signs are pointing to a software problem. Too bad Apple is ostriching.

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    I started reporting this in Nov of 2011.  Previously I assumed it was something corrupting the app.

    I don't think Apple has a clue and since the affected people aren't a very big voice I doubt anyone has the where with all to examine the code.

    Try running and maybe Apple will hear about it that way.

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    I can confim that adjusting the input and out put in audio MIDI setup worked for me on 10.7.3. Has no audio out but heard people perfectly.It is possible that maybe some of the values change when connecting something into the mic input as i did with a line 6 floor pod. anyway thumbs up on also having the problem and a thanx for whomever fount that fix. cheers

    sorry shud have put this so you don't have to go back;

    Finder/Go/Utilities  Audio MIDI setup Make sure the format settings are the same (Input/microphone-Output) then check Value on both next to dB.

    mine needed to both be set a 1       k

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    Glad my fix helped you.



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    hi everyone i may have solved the problem when i was on facetime and recording there was no sound so after googling

    and getting know where i put my apple headpones in that has a mic on it an wen i was on facetime an recording it worked perfect u can all so by small mics on amazon hope this help like it did for me

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    The problem exists because after using Facetime for a while the sound just quits. It has nothing to do with mike

    imputs or even volume controls or all these supposed solutions. It seems to be a problem with people using

    Facetime on a Mac as no one has complained that their iPhone or iPad loses sound after a period of time.

    I personally have tried all the supposed solutions and none of them have worked.

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    "no one has complained that their iPhone or iPad loses sound after a period of time."



    SO TRUE!  I tried using my Macbook Pro for Facetime for two years, it was pure h_ _! Never able to finish a visit without the darn sound problem. Ever since I bought a ipad and began using it, I have NEVER had this problem, ever. It is obviously a glitch with the way Facetime is programmed, we cannot fix this with our limited tweaks. Apple would need to do this and I have been here from the beginning of this conversation and no one has solved it and Apple doesn't seem to care.

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    Perhaps the problem is rooted in this??

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    I don't see how as the problem existed before the perported changes.

    I believe the problem exists in the Mac OS since I have a first generation dual core iMac and I have

    a friend with a second generation iMac that drops her sound when conferencing (2 or more) on AIM.

    I had friends say the sound seemed to quit when a loud noise, like droping a hard object on the desk,

    occurred either at my end or their end.

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    Correct.  The problem was happening before that legal stuff was going on. I was one of the early posters on this thread, and also one of the few people that was in contact with a tier 2 Apple tech about this for several months a LONG time ago (which never lead to a solution, so I gave up). This problem started when the free beta Mac OS version of FaceTime expired and the paid version was released. The beta version had worked PERFECTLY without the sound dropout problems. I tried and tried and tried to get the tech I was working with to simply get the code of the beta version re-released as a paid version, but that never happened. That would have been, and still is, the ONLY solution to this problem.

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    I too was involved with this topic in January 2013.  Not only did I  adjust by abandoning trying to use  or pursue a solution for Facetime, but I have just recently bought a Nexus 7 tablet (though I was impatiently waiting for a better mini-Ipad) and a Nexus 4 telephone (tired of awaiting a better Iphone).  Thus is the effect of Apple not supporting it's software or more aggresively updating it's products.  Maybe somewhere in this texual code, is a user comment that Apple will understand.  Duffy, a MAC user since 1988 has gone Android. 

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    I have been following this thread and many others on the same topic for the best part of 18 months now. I have had the same recurring problem all the way since the release of 10.7 in its various iterations and am now running 10.8.4 on a Macbook Air - the issue is still not fixed by Apple. Having tried most of the fixes suggested by many contributors ranging from adjusting audio settings; external mic etc etc nothing seems to work effectively and the main issue we all seem to be dealing with relates to the basic functionality of Facetime to be simple and easy to use. My iPhone works perfectly, as does my parent's iMac, but the AirMac solution just does not seem to be under any development by Apple. Just wanted to add yet one more voice frustrated with this to the point of moving away from long-term Apple use.