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    I went to the Apple store and they replaced my phone . It is true they carry replacement phones in stock.

    The genius said good thing the phone is brand new on the market because the replacement is brand new, meaning I would not receive a refurbished phone. " I would be more than mad if I bought a new phone out of the box and it didn't work and received a refurbished phone in it's place." 


    P.S. Just remember to make an appointment before you go!

  • JoniZ Level 1 Level 1

    Apple made good on its promise.

    I got my new IPhone 4S, switched out the SIM Card, hooked it up to ICloud and am back up and running - without being charged $30 for their defective product.


    I hope others just have data/firmware issues and that my previous post offers help.

  • christinefromwest roxbury Level 1 Level 1

    I took my camera to the Genius Bar and they "confirmed" tht the camera wasn't working and gave me a new camera. All fine and goiod. Now I'm on the battery discussion forum because my battery is draining as fast as my 3Gs and while I wa making a phone call this morning, the phone got hot.

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    Device: iPhone 4S, Black, 16GB (launch pre-order)

    OS: iOS 5

    Carrier: Sprint

    Problem: Camera and Photos apps crash when trying to launch


    Details: After pressing the shutter button to take a photograph using Apple's Camera app, the shutter would stall and then the app would crash. When trying to launch the Photos app and clicking on either Camera Roll or Photos Stream, the app would crash. Tried taking a photo via Instagram and this app also crashed. I tried rebooting to no avail. I tried resetting phone settings with a crefresh via iCloud to no avail. I tried doing a full wipe to default factory settings to no avail.


    I have made an appointment with my local Genius Bar to see what they may be able to do. I am hoping for a full replacement and no further problems. I will keep everyone updated.

  • djgorham Level 1 Level 1

    Device: iPhone 4S - 16GB Black (Launch pre-order)

    Carrier: AT&T (bought from them)

    Problem: Front facing camera didn't work - then the back camera didn't work


    Master resets and hard resets did nothing to help the problem. Camera shutter would stay closed and then would just go black.


    Took it to the Apple Store and got a new one - not refurb. Said it was just a faulty shutter.


    Get it replaced soon because they will begin to have refurbs!


    They were really helpful and did it pretty quick.



  • JJasonJ Level 1 Level 1

    Hey guys.


    I was having the same problem, and then I removed the cover I had put over the phone and it is working perfectly.  Make sure that you aren't inadvertently covering or even surrounding the aperture of the camera.  I think any cover or surrounding is either changing a sensor or multiplying the effect of the flash by bouncing the light back into the camera lens and not toward the intended target.


    My cover was white while my iphone is black.  If the white version of the phone is causing an issue, try surrounding the aperture of the camera lens with something dark.  If it makes a difference, then Apple may be looking at replacing white versions that are having problems.


    We may be increasing the refurbished iPhone 4S quantity inadvertently by trading in so many iphones that may not really be defective. 

  • damonhayhow Level 1 Level 1

    Made an appointment with a Genius the next day about my non-functioning camera. I showed him the issue, explained that I'd tried an erase and a restore; he gave me a brand new phone. No problems; no questions.


    SPECTACULAR customer service as always.

  • jsauch Level 1 Level 1

    Almost same exact story here. Went to GB, they did erase and restore. still same. Gave me new phone. Cam working fine, but Now, as well as before, my email often freezes for longer than usual durations of time, and battery life really ***. sometimes 15-20% an hour for only light usage. anyone else notice similar issues?

  • Rasialdo Level 1 Level 1

    I have this same problem!!

  • Matt7455 Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here!  I have taken maybe 20 pics and the camera app just quit working.  I hope this isn't another antennagate!  I have an appointment tomorrow at apple.

  • danielispullinghishairout Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem with my iPhone 4. What was the solution?

  • Matt7455 Level 1 Level 1

    The apple store swapped mine out with another one.

  • jobonti Level 1 Level 1

    mine is:

    White 4a

    64 GB


    Both cameras not working.


    everytime I try to take a pic, it crashes.  Tried everything sugested here and nothing seems to work.  Gonna make a GB appointment as soon as I'm done with my honeymoon, which would be really nice to be taking pictures with my new 4S that I couldn't afford anyway but got to use on my honeymoon!!!!!!!

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    My 4S camera worked just fine for a few days and then started crashing at every picture I would take. And nothing would be left on the camera roll. I contacted Apple support. They advised to restore. So I did. The problem is still the same. I will have to go to an Apple store and change my phone. Too bad.

  • jobonti Level 1 Level 1

    When when I went to the Apple Store they backed up my contacts and files and restored my phone to factory settings. The camera works now but I lost all my progress on all my games and have to redownload all my apps.   I was a to get all my contacts back and what photos were not corrupt back.  They think my problem was restoring my new phone from a back up of my older iPhone 3GS.  Something about a software issue.  So I'm kinda starting from scratch 

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