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Hello there,


First of all, i have iphone 3gs, ipad1 and ipad2 authorised with my win7 PC (64 bits) and one ipad1 and itouch 1st authorised with an iMac, iphone 4 and itouch 2nd with a xp netbook.


Installing ios5 went very fine with the iphone 4 and xp in the same day when ios5 released.


But with the iphone 3gs, ipad1 and ipad2; i had no luck up to now.

The main problem is, after i have upgraded to itunes 10.5 and when i click the edit>preferences, itunes freezes. After approximately 5 minutes, the preferences window opens. I can navigate all the preferences smoothly except for the devices tab. When i click it, it again freezes for 10 mins, after that i see an empty backup list. I know that my backups are in my HDD (i check the backups at its location).


Also when i tried to make a new backup, an error window says something like it can not communicate. When i try to make the communication tests, it passes.


I' ve searched the net and found those : D=8783370


I' ve done anything in those articles and with non of them i could succeed.


I' ve uninstalled itunes and components in the order the article describes. Deleted configuration files, checked anything that remains. Opened a new account. Disabled all non ms services and programs. Deleted all my podcasts, changed them to update manually. Anything that is written in those articles for several times and came to a conclusion that i think the problem is with this version of itunes.


The worst thing is not only being able to use woderful ios5, my ipad2 64 gb + 3g' s microphone has a failure. I will change it at the service. But as soon as i can' t make a backup and update to ios5; i cannot.


So, i' am really very sad about this and i please from Apple and all the community to find a solution and/or Apple, please find the bug and release an itunes update with a fix soon.


Apple, i can send you any file that you can request from me to speed up the process.


And community please, don' t write anything without reading the links i have written above!!!

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    By the way, netsh winsock reset catalog also didn' t work as mentioned in this link :


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    i would like to remind Apple staff that besides being not able to enjoy the benefits of  IOS5 (Ja, lucky 25 Millions and few shouting unhappy people here!!); 3 of my iDevices which i chose to depend my life, cannot be backuped also, unless a fix has been found.


    If you don' t pay attention to this post (which i collected anything about the issue, which can help focusing on the cause) i will never have a chance to use itunes for backups. for syncing etc..

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    one thing to this, i remember from previous installations of itunes that and if i'm not mistaken, itunes setup includes quicktime setup. This time, quicktime didn' t install and because i think that itunes requires quicktime; i manually downloaded the latest quicktime setup from Apple and then installed it before itunes setup (i' m meaning the boring uninstalling trails explained in this article : which i may done this maybe 15 times since October 12!! If i don' t get a solution, i will going to begin changing the order of uninstalls, put some drum dust, add some mice tails and going to boil a cauldron mixing..)

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    Helplessly, as mentioned in :  , i realised that itunes 10.4.1 is still available for download (that may mean that Uncle Apple is hearing us, caring about us. As apples can' t speak, i derived that meaning trying to be optimistic!)


    And here is the link for itunes 10.4.1 (look at the bottom of the page) : 

    And from this page, i learn that quicktime is no longer included in the itunes setup!


    So i can downgrade to 10.4.1. hoping that it will work like before, and make my backups without the cloud. Then someday after a period of unknown, suddenly i will install the latest version, maybe i will see that the bug is fixed, or :





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    So, the screenshot of the devices tab looks like this (after 10 mins. of waiting of course) :


    As i was mentioned; my backups of 3GS and ipad2 are not there (although i seem them in their location in explorer) and the option of "warn me when this pc's data changes more than.." is not selectable. While trying syncing my devices, a dialog box appears that it cannot communicate with the devices.

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    so what i did is to remove all Apple components including the icloud utility, safari etc as explained here :


    and then downgraded to 10.4.1 as there were a link to download it :


    the result is success as i could see my backups which were already there, and could be able to backup again.

    the sad part is i' m stilling waiting for an itunes fix (10.5.1 let's say). 18 days have past away. I want to be counted in those 25M successfull upgraders of ios5 and happy apple users over somewhere.


    ..and of course, as usual, i have a suggestion for dear APPLE STAFF!!


    i understand that itunes programming is so complicated (it' s not users' choice of course, that's the way Apple wants it to be). And i am sure that you are reading all this boring cries although you don' t usually reply or say or comment anything (That' s God's behaviour and i don' t prefer that a company or human being acting like that). So while you are on the go for solving this issue in itunes, why not enhancing the icloud tool detecting the idevices backups in the PC at their location and being able to upload to the cloud (God knows, maybe we could need extra storage, and you also don't loose any trading??) and as we, customers who stuck in ios4 could go for any other pc, upgrade to ios5 and then download our data from the cloud? Then, you may have extra time to solve the bugs in itunes. what we will loose only not being able to sync media with our pcs which is quite acceptable.


    Buuut, you have to warn us that you have changed the icloud utility like i suggested (if you ever do) as we can' t be aware of that because we don' t have 10.5 itunes and the icloud utility for now.



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    Well, Oh Nooo!


    I' ve upgraded to 10.5.1 right now, followed the process of uninstalling described here ( again with hopes but it seems that apple doesn' t interested in my issue!!!


    Again, the preferences window appears after 5 minutes, only improvement is that i don' t wait for the second 5 minues for the devices tab. The rest is the same; my previous backups are not shown again.






    I cannot be polite and fun anymore. This is irresponsibility!!! This means for me that Apple does not care its customers and i cannot rely on Apple technologies. I will not be related with this Apple mania anymore cause it's dead for me!

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    This appears after sometime i connect the idevice to itunes, like in 10.5



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    so, i will downgrade to 10.4.1 to be able to use my idevices again and wait for the next release helplessly hoping software engineers at Apple will deserve their salary..

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    Now, with 10.5.1, it seems that Apple made impossible to downgrade to 10.4.1 (ya, of course i switched to previous "iTunes Library.itl" which is made with 10.4.1).


    i, of course uninstalled 10.5.1 with the order they described in their kb. cleaned up the registry, cleaned up the remained folders and files. Installed the 10.4.1 without having any problems or error dialoges. when i open itunes, it simply doesn't start. so, i tried to install 10.5.1, now itunes opens, but with the previous bugs before.




    APPLE made me impossible to use its products. Now i cannot make backups (which has a history of 2008) also, can't downgrade etc.


    Do they have a helpfull support system like any other firm in the market (big or small firm, any)? -----NO

    Do they care what problems are their customers face?------NO

    Do they answer or help any customer?-------NO

    Do they let you now that they are aware of the problems and working on it to solve them?------NO

    Do they take the responsibilites of the damage they give to its customers?------NO


    Then i bite you APPLE oncemore. Wish you sink in a crisis, never to be rise again. Wish that wall street protesters don't forget Cuppertino. You only wanted to take our money, you did it indeed. You are respectfull & successful with all your bigness, kindness, money, good company culture and policies. You are honest, you deserve all the good things

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    Surprised they let you post this. I Had a. Negative experience. With best buy and 2 defective iPads and theorist was removed. Apple is getting into sensorship

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    I got a similar error last night so I did a restore to factory settings and reinstalled and synced. Seems to be ok, but ths morning my MacBook pro found an iTunes update and I am confused why ? What's the latest iTunes update called and does iPad and iPhone need the update too?

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    Do you have 10.5.2 alfa, beta regarding this bug??


    I can cooperate with you and test it taking the responsibility.


    Knock knock! Do you hear? Are you there? Are you alive?

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    This is a user to user discussion board, so you're not going to see Apple employees out here solving your problem.  Apple customer care is not working these discussion boards, so they're probably not going to see a post in this forum.  If you want to talk to an Apple employee, I would recommend making an appointment at the Genius Bar of your local Apple retail store or calling AppleCare support.


    As far as helping you with the bug you have here, my suggestion is that somewhere on your system you have a folder full of device backup files that are corrupt and when the preferences come up, they are trying to crack these files and it's taking a long time. Do you expect there to be backups on this system for this device?


    What happens if you take your folder of backup files and move them somewhere else temporarily (just to see if that is the cause of the problem) and relaunch iTunes, does the preference dialog still hang?  That folder on Windows is C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\.


    If you create a new user on your computer and launch iTunes and plugin in the device in that user, does it still take 5 minutes for the preference dialog to come up?


    Are you using a network login such that your \Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\ folder points to a network folder rather than a local folder on disk -- you get this more in a corporate environment where you have multiple workstations that you want to log into with the same user setup.

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