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I have got an iPhone 4S on the 14th and just transferred my number from my old network with my PAC code. Problem is, in settings>phone>my number: the number listed is the temp one that was used whilst waiting on my PAC code transferring! On the old iOS versions all you had to do was tap on "My Number" and it would allow it to be changed. This does not seem to work on the iPhone 4S with iOS 5.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    I just had the same issue with my new iPhone 4S purchased fromApple in the UK.  Ported my old number from02 to Three Mobile, but iTunes and settings -> phone -> My Number stillshow the temp number supplied by 3 Mobile prior to the transfer.  Power cycling and re-syncing with iTunes madeno difference.


    My old iPhone 3GS (IOS 4.3) and a friends iPhone 4 (IOS 5)still appear to allow this field to be edited, but not on the 4S.


    Fixed the issue by doing:

    1. Switched off Face Time (Setting -> FaceTime-> FaceTime OFF)
    2. Switched off iMessage(Setting -> Messages->iMessage OFF)
    3. Switched on iMessage (The phone started “Verifying”the incorrect phone number, failed and set it to the correct ported number (seeSettings -> Messages -> Receive At -> Phone).
    4. At this point the “My Number” (Settings ->Phone -> My Number) had also updated.
    5. Switched on Face(Same “Verifying” as with iMessage, but tooktwo attempts).
    6. Power Cycled the ‘phone and re-synced to updateiTunes (Summary “Phone Number” field).


    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks or getting back to me! I literally about 10 mins before u posted this done that (I turned off then on iMessage) and it solved all the issues I was having. Because I also wasn't receiving normal sms's. When I done this the "my number" and txt problems were fixed!

    Great minds and all that! Haha, thanks again!

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    That worked prefectly!

    That had been bugging me for the last couple of days.

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    This doesn't work for me.  I have the 4S on Sprint and when I did above my phone number updated in the iMessage and FaceTime settings but not under Phone>My Number and also my number in iTunes is still incorrect.  Any help?

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    Also I can't send an SMS to email since the port.  I can email myself a text (email to SMS) but when I reply to it, it will not show up in my email.  I can SMS other phones fine and receive SMS from cell phones and email but SMS to email will not work.

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    You are my new hero, this worked great for me moving between O2 and 3 in the UK!

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    Worked brilliantly for me in the UK.  Transferred from O2 to Three

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    Awesome post, thank you very much - this worked perfectly.

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    Someone hand Dusty a mug.


    Saved a real pain.  Moved from O2 to three and this worked a treat.


    Exactly to the same script.  Even facetime taking 2 attempts to verify.


    Many thanks

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    So glad somebody solved this problem - I've gone from Vodafone to Three here and had exactly the same issue.  Maybe it is something to do with Three's network why you have to do this...


    Facetime took a few attempts, it kept coming up with the temp number and verifying - until I tried to make a call and then it updated to my number.


    Anyways it worked great and thanks so much to the OP!!! 

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    I have 4S on Sprint. and I also tried the above.  I was in the same situation as you: imessage and facetime updated but my number still shows temp #.  Then,  I googled and found this:



    It works!!

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    Excellent post give that man an Onion!

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    OP and phenline thanx!!


    OP your post worked for me on Sprint except for the My Number part.


    phenline your link worked perfectly getting the last part fixed.  It also fixed my issue of txt to an email address.  Thanks to all for their input on this issue.

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    I purchased unlocked 4S from Apple (UK), inserted a new Three SIM card and then transferred old Orange number.


    Imessage would send using temporary number and then even started randomly using the temp number on phone calls too. Temp number also stored under settings>phone and on iTunes


    Above post worked a treat - brilliant because it was really starting to frustrate!


    Small difference / clarification - Face time activation didn't throw up a mesage to say it hadn't verified / activated so after a little while (seconds not minutes of apparent inactivity) I just went back to settings then back in to Face Time and turned on again (or toggled off then on - can't remeber whether it had stayed on when I went back in).


    Thanks again Dusty_D!

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