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Is there any feature where you can have a lock screen notification for a missed call, email, msg etc. ?   ios 5, Iphone 4s.   At the very least set the phone to beep/vibrate/flash an icon at intervals etc. until the user checks the phone?


I realize in the settings there is a lock screen notification option, but when I turn that option on all that does is show a message that says I missed a txt message, then in a couple seconds it disapears from the lock screen.   So if you aren't looking at the lock screen when it happens it's useless and you have no idea you have any missed calls/msgs/emails.    What's the point of having a notification reminder if only happens once and you have to be looking at the phone when it occurs.


Is there really no option to have the iphone either beep/vibrate/msg repeatedly for missed calls, msgs, emails etc? (without jailbreaking it)  That seems like a basic phone functionality for years now to alert users that they've missed calls, voicemails etc. when away from their phone or at least have the option to have the phone do it.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    I have this enabled as default with ios settings i can set number of repeats

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    Swipe from the top to bottom in portrait mode and you'll see the notification center.

    To configure what/how to appear there go to Settings > Notifications.

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    Neither of those things address the issue.


    At best for messages only you can set the repeat to 10 times, at 2 minute intervals, meaning if you are away from your phone for more than 20 minutes, you get no notification after that time period.


    Notification center doesn't help either, unless you constantly unlock the phone and access it to see if you missed something, that's pointless.


    The request is simple, if I miss a call, msg, email I want the phone to beep, vibrate, or display something repeatedly.

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    When I have the "Show in Lock Screen" function set for my services, if I get a text, it stays on the lock screen forever until I acknowledge it. Are you saying yours go away after a few seconds?

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    The "lock screen" notification will stay in the lock screen, but unless you constantly push the home button you can't see the lock screen because the screen turns itself off in a few seconds even when plugged in.    So I guess technically the notificaton stays on the lock screen but since the screen turns off it's not visible.


    I guess I'm looking for something that either beeps, vibrates, or keeps a notificiation VISIBLE on the screen repeatedly for missed texts, calls, emails etc. without having to touch the phone.   So if it's across the room, in my car, etc. I don't have to constantly be pressing the home button just to see if I missed something.

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    Oh. Well a setting like that would just obliterate your battery, if the screen stayed lit up forever for EVERY SINGLE notification.


    On a related note, if I get a text and don't acknowledge it, then my phone will vibrate and ring at like 15 minute intervals until I read the message.


    EDIT: nevermind on that, I guess i was just talking about the Repeat Alert feature and i exaggerated it a little.


    But I think the system they have now is good enough, and like I said anything more would be bad for an already bad battery life.

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    Yeah I could see where keeping a screen icon on would kill battery.


    But still at least allow for a repeating vibrate/beep every 5/10/15 etc. for notifications that come in while a phone is in lock mode.   I'll double check to see if mine beeps every 15 minutes for missed msgs but I'm pretty sure it won't.

  • Noble Seven Level 4 Level 4 (2,730 points)

    I agree with you that it would be nice to have the ability to customize that for people who really want it, like you.


    And today happens to be your lucky day because you can tell Apple about your idea right here:

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    There is a setting to flash the camera LED when a notification comes in, but it just flashes one time. It would be nice to have a setting to optionally repeat the flash at a regular interval, and would be easy for Apple to implement.


    Don't know how much battery is affected by a short flash of the LED...

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    just a simple LED light similar to the BlackBerry units that flash green (for network access) red (for missed call,
    e-mail, text) blue (for bluetooth connection) would be perfect.  Surely it could not be too hard to add this simple flashing LED (that would draw minimal power from the battery) to future iPhone devices.  As a former BB user, this is the only thing I really miss, but it is so **** frustrating - especially when you have a corporate e-mail account which requires you to have to enter a password every 1-5 minutes just to see if you have any new e-mail / text messages.

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    I'm with you on this.  It drives me crazy that I have to keep checking my phone, especially since I have a corporate email account synced, so my phone is required to lock after a minute of non-use.  Noble Seven said, "On a related note, if I get a text and don't acknowledge it, then my phone will vibrate and ring at like 15 minute intervals until I read the message".  Is this true?  If so, how do you set this up?  I know there was an "EDIT" in the post, but just double-checking.  Seriously, my mom's flip phone, which is so far from a smartphone, has this feature!  I love my iPhone, but this really makes me consider going back to a regular ole smartphone!

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    Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages > Repeat Alert > choose Twice, 3 Times, 5 Times, 10 Times (at 2 minute intervals)  Unfortunately it doesn't look as if this "Repeat Alert" option is available for missed Phone messages and/or new E-mail.  It's only available for new text messages....

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    Yep, and even at it's "longest" setting if you aren't near the phone within 20 minutes from whenever that missed message arrives you won't get any notification at all without continually pressing the home button.


    I was never a fan of the LED on my droid myself, but I did like the multitude of settings you could adjust for it in both frequency and color of it's blinking for various notifications.


    I'd much rather have a simple alert page, so you could choose notifications for text, email, phone calls individually with beep, vibrate, both with an option that does it repeatedly until dismissed by the user.


    It's kind of amusing that Apple gives you a nearly ridiculous level of control over what programs notify you and the manner at which they flash a banner on the screen etc. but almost no control over how audio/visual notifications are performed when away from the phone.  Perhaps it's their way of encouraging that you are never away from your phone and are always looking at the screen.


    Of course that said I also miss the Droid feature of being able to simply use the volume buttons to go from ring to vibrate as well.  Having to use the silent slider button is a cludge on the iphone, especially since almost everyone I know uses thier iphone in a case.  Not to meniton the fact that it seems there have been quite a few failures of that sliding switch.  

    I also loved the fact you could set the droid so when you laid the phone face down it automatically was in silent mode without having to do anything.   That was super handy for meetings, going to sleep, movies, dinner etc.  Don't want to be distrubed just set it face down.

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    I agree with you.  I have just changed to an iPhone and I find it annoying that I have to turn my phone on to know about missed calls and txt msgs. Have had a mobile phone since 1988 and have always had this feature with them. May have to switch back to an old phone. Ramona

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