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  • tmhale13 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    @ annnthony- I will certainly test your theory. That may help as I find songs that came in as "edited" from iTunes Match. But really I need Apple to get to the bottom of this. I can manage to fix a few this way, but I have literally hundreds of explicit songs that have (as far as I can tell) been affected by this. I get that early adopters get to deal with the bugs. I just want Apple to officially announce this issue and keep us informed of the progress.

  • John P. Level 4 Level 4 (1,145 points)

    Contact iTunes customer service, let them know if you have any mismatches.

  • tmhale13 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    @ John P.- I have contacted them twice now. Once a few months ago when I first noticed that a couple of songs had been "edited", and then again a few weeks ago after I realized how many were actually affected. Both times I have simply been told that they are aware of the problem and have people working on it.


    That is good, but this has been an issue since iTunes Match first released. That is an awfully long time. And they have not really noted that this could happen anywhere or released any official statement. If I was someone that waited until now to sign up for this service, I would be irate. I think we should expect something more than "We are working on it" six months after release. Especially for a service we are paying extra for.

  • Keita Cannon Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Where exactly can people contact iTunes support?  The only links that seem to be available are for feedback, which Apple clearly states they read messages but do not respond?

  • John P. Level 4 Level 4 (1,145 points)

    The easiest way to do so is through Express Lane:


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    Yeah, I don't really care if they ever fix the matching. I just want the ability to choose when there is more than one version. A global option does make the most sense as you suggest.


    It's not complicated in the least, and everyone I've contacted through the proper support channels has been totally unhelpful, and barely seemed to even understand what I was saying.

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    Totally unhelpful. I was finally told they're working on it but you cannot deal with customer support via email. It's like spinning your wheels in the mud.

  • J*Pass Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I went through the Express Lane option noted above and I did get a response from a customer support rep. I think it is important to go through iTunes -> iTunes Store -> Connecting & Downloading to note that is a software issue. After filing my complaint I got a response and was given 5 song credits (not a big win, but a win). I did not have a chance to respond to the rep and she sent me a followup inquiry a day and a half later to make sure I got her response. I just sent her a reply saying I am still unhappy, and we will see what she says.


    I have been following this post for about a month now, since my hard drive died and I had to actually utilize the service I had been paying for; and I think that if we all have 5 mins to read these posts, we might as well take 5 mintues to file formal complaints and hope that the problem will get fixed.

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    I hate to repeate this sentiment but I've been having the same problem. Some of the songs are explicit and some are clean. I hope Apple knows about this issue and comes up with a way to set explicit song versions on iTunes match. There is no way to tell it what songs are matched inccorectly. 

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    I can't believe this is still an issue. I wonder how many people are annoyed at the lengthy wait for this seemingly simple fix, and just rebuying some music so it's in its original unmolested form. I'd even suggest that it's possible Apple is trying to fix this issue but is taking their sweet time with it because of that.

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    This is bizzare, not changing anything had same music is cloud and last week like a good amount of tracks just decided to change from what they were to all CLEAN versions of the track.

    I could understand if I matched and got CLEAN but it's already been matched.

    APPLE I need to know my music is safe with you when I paid you.

    I hate having my hard drive and devices full and TRUSTED you would keep it in a **** cloud.

    What's next, it just changes the songs to other songs?

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    Have you guys tried deleting your clean versions and redownloading from the cloud? I did that with some songs the other day and several came back as explicit and only one was still clean.


    And no I don't think it's a conspiracy. If I recall correctly, apple makes very little off of iTunes music sales.

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    Apple accounted for 28% of music sales in 2010 so Apple is doing quite well selling music. It's also the richest company in the country so they have the money to throw at this problem and get it fixed.


    I don't think it's a conspiracy though. This may also be a persistent issue throughout the iTunes Store. I purchased a Nas album "It Was Written" before the DRM was stripped off and to this day I cannot download the explicit version from Apple. I worked with a customer service rep and trying to communicate this problem was very frustrating. I don't know how much more detailed I needed to be but the person on the other end didn't understand what I was asking and wasn't able to resolve the problem after multiple attempts. That's why I believe their may be deeper problems with explicit/clean albums & tracks.


    Bottomline, the "match" software has bugs that cause explicit tracks to be matched to clean tracks or even worse album tracks being matched to live tracks. If you're charging for this service, you have to solve the problem in a timely manner or begin refunding paying customers. We're past that timely window though, hence the palpable frustration on this thread. And additionally, Apple's customer service hasn't been helpful at all. "We're working on it" only flies for so long.

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    It's obvious how many people are still having this problem.  I've gotten up the 'support ladder', but still no real joy from anyone.  The issues aren't just matching to 'clean' versions - if you're matching a song that ISN'T actually available from your store (I'm in New Zealand, but have plenty of Canadian CDs that I've matched from), you can end up with a truncated song or a match to a song from a different album (so, from a Compilation album, rather than the original).


    The ONLY thing that is going to get Apple off of their proverbials and fix these issues is legal action. 


    In New Zealand, they are already (likely) offside of the Consumer Guarantees Act (a service of product must be 'fit for the purpose' it has been claimed to) and the Fair Trading Act (misleading advertising - the product does not do what it was advertised to do).


    Short of fixing the problem, Apple should offer the service FREE to those affected by the problem until such time as they have fixed it.  This is the only fair resolution.


    Otherwise, people should be seeking damages for their song libraries being harmed, along with the time spent in dealing with the issues.


    My guess is that in the US, some intrepid soul will decide that 'enough is enough' and begin class action legal proceedings.  Make sure you get onboard when that happens.

  • tmhale13 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I actually did test that theory with a few different albums. On a Kanye West album and an Operator album, both came back still "edited". On two Jay-Z albums, they came back as explicit.


    My best course of action at this point may be to just delete/download a few albums each week to see if they get corrected. Maybe Apple is indeed working this. I just wish they would tell us that. I understand that bugs happen. And I accept that early adopters will feel this pain more than others. But on the flip side, why not consult with those of us willing to help correct the problem? Keep us involved and get true "boots on the ground" feedback. We all just want a solution.

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