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Robfilmmaker Level 1 (0 points)

I downloaded the security update today for snow leopard, and now I can't save my MS Word documents.  When I click the save button, nothing happens.  Has this happened to anyone else?

MacBook Pro (15-inch Glossy), Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • ds store Level 7 (30,325 points)

    Backup files off the computer (not TimeMachine) and disconnect.


    If you have TM, or a option key bootable clone use that to erase and restore from.



    If not, c boot off the 10.6 disk, use Disk Utility to >Repair Disk and Permissions,  (do not format or erase!!) and simply re--install 10.6 (doesn't touch files or most programs, but backup files off the machine regardless)


    Note: If Disk Repair gives a error that is not repaired, then you have to consider erasing the drive (with Zeros) and try reinstalling 10.6 fresh or replacing the drive.


    Reboot and log in, update to 10.6.8, it should not include the security update at this time (second pass it might show) because it was just released and they might need to pull it. (they need to pull it)


    When you reboot, make sure to reinstall any programs that installed kext files into OS X, you'll know, they won't work.


    If you get gray screen, hold the shift key and update your installed software so it's compatible with 10.6.8.



    Learn how to clone here




    TM help here




    Learn how to make copies of your 10.6 disks here




    Learn how to make a bootable SL USB




    Learn which programs ARE NOT compatible with Lion




    Long live the Snow Leopard.

  • macprofessor Level 1 (0 points)

    They also assasinated Macromedia Freehand Mx version 11.

    Whats Up Apple?

    your stock was  450dollars the other day, Fix it quick or your stock will go down 450 dollars in a week or so.


    All I did was video tape the assasination.

    It turned out Great, depending on which side of the fence you are on

  • ds store Level 7 (30,325 points)
    • All you have to do is clean and polish up the 10.6 install disk and reboot holding the c key down
    • Second screen simply reinstall 10.6 and reboot, then when you Software Update, do NOT apply that problematic security update.
    • What this will do is replace OS X itself, not your files (but backup off the machine anyway)


    Most programs will still work just like before, unless they installed kext files into OS X (only a few do this), which all you do is simply reinstall just them from original sources and update for 10.6.8


    If by chance you reboot and you get a gray screen, that's the incompatible kext files with 10.6.8 update (a known issue), all you do is hold the Shift Key down while booting for Safe Boot (no kext files) and update those programs to work with 10.6.8.


    No need to wait as Apple is likely not going to fix your issue with a update, they are going to recommend you do what I'm already recommending.



    Also a hack that hasn't been widely tested isn't a solution neither, it's because Apple didn't test this security update on a large enough amount of willing users is why it's all messed up your machines.


    The sooner you start the above process, the sooner your back to normal.

  • Flying Writer Level 1 (0 points)



    No need to wait as Apple is likely not going to fix your issue with a update, they are going to recommend you do what I'm already recommending.



    If Apple doesn't come out with a fix, uninstall or update to correct this by the end of the weekend, they will be in serious trouble.


    Right now, I've e-mailed and corresponded with no less than a dozen advertising executives across the U.S. who are losing money because their staffers cannot do what is needed for their clients--and clients don't want to hear about "my computer isn't working" when they're paying you tens of millions of dollars to promote and safeguard and advance their brand and products.


    Madison Avenue made Apple as I never saw a single advertising agency that used PCs. If Apple ignores this issue of their making, or delays it too long, the cash cow that made Apple what it is today will raise bloody **** like it's never been raised before.


    And, since the overwhelming majority of Apples at over ten thousand agencies are on a lease program, if Apple ignores or delays a solution on this problem of their own making, Apple will see a HUGE sudden loss of sales when agencies refuse to renew their leases.


    I saw this happen in the late 80's/early 90's and it nearly did Apple in. It can happen again.


    I hope it doesn't. I've been an Apple guy since 1985 and been fanatically loyal. But if Apple leaves us stranded in the dark, well, a computer is simply a tool and I can handle going from Snap-On tools to Craftsman tools (Apple to PCs). May not like it, but I can handle it.


    Best case is for Apple to address the issue. They created it. They need to fix it. It's that simple.

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    I have had this issue today too - Following the Feb 1, 2012 security update for OSX 10.6.8 (snow leopard), MS Office 2004 Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) can't save/save as/close. I don't see how Apple can avoid addressing this issue with a patch, as a ton of people are going to be affected by this.

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    Flying Writer wrote:


    Best case is for Apple to address the issue. They created it. They need to fix it. It's that simple.



    All Apple is going to do is issue another update so it don't bork machines, likely not fix your individual issue as each machine is  different in software installed


    Also over time hard drives have this issue with bits failing and corrputing data so OS X or programs act wonky.


    The hack didn't work broadly on all machines, what makes you think Apple's update will?


    The first act is to get a clean stable copy of OS X and then apply clean stable updates.


    If you want to drag your machine into a Apple Store your welcome to do so, they set up these boards so other Mac users can assist you and avoid the long drive/wait.


    But you can take a horse to water....only.

  • macprofessor Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple needs to take down the security update muy pronto.

    Like immediately would not be soon enough

    I am Calling the newsmedia in and informing them that this is a serious Apple Mistake or flaw

    Signed themacprofessor

  • Robfilmmaker Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks everybody for the support.  I was able to get MS Office working again.  I just had to back up all my files, re-install snowleopard, update to 10.6.8, then re-install some apps from the app store which no longer worked, ie. iphoto. 

    The whole process took me 5.5 hours of my life which I can never have back.

  • macprofessor Level 1 (0 points)

    I have tested this on my Mac Pro

    I have four 1000 gig hard drives

    One Drive  is used specifially for testing updates before I implement them to my other drives.


    the security update 2012-001 was  downloaded and installed specifically to test a problem that one of my clients reported to me..


    It did exactly what he said it did to his machine.

    It Crashed Ms Office 2004,  Appleworks, Macromedia Freehand 11

    several video pograms, Color It  and has affected several other programs to one degree or another

    I have this on video and If it is not fixed by the morning I will send the Video that I have made off to the media for immediately release.


    I do not plan on reinstalling anything, it takes way too long.

    To solve the reinstallation problems such as misplaced passwords, serials  finding programs disks, setting up email progrrams  and whatever else you might need in your machine.

    I back up my computers with at least two seperate Cloned drives, which I can then clone back when needed


    I do not want to do what the previous person did, spend 5.5 hours on reinstalling the operating system,

    5.5 hours is too much time to waste..Especially when you can do it in about and hour and a half with one program.

    I would rather spend my time writing stupid things likes this complaint because Apple messed up bigtime this time around.


    I would rather be fishing or...


    Learn how to clone your drives using the program Disk Utility  the restore option

    Just make sure you turn off enrgy saver to never do not have any other applications running turn off the screen saver and it should work just fine.

    Practice  practice until you know how to do it.

    It will save you an unbelievable amount of time when you learn how to do it correctly.

    no charge for mispelt works and puctuation

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    Yep. Update killed Word's saving abilities on my Snow Leopard Mac this morning. For those of us with business that leaks money when we're re updating sotware for the 3rd time and then have to trawl the net for tethering fixes, font fixes and various other things to get an operational mac back - one small but inconvenient workaround: use 'send to' instead of 'save as'. This creates a copy of your document in your mail app. You can then save this document and rename it whatever you need. Obviously with 'save' function also disabled in word, this is something you have to do regularly if you don't want to run the risk of losing work. Arrrrg! Aready turned down a job this morning! Please fix this Apple.

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    it is a bug, it is not life or death.


    They have had bugs before that resulted in problems for some users (data corruption etc..) and they released a patch that resolved the issue.


    The same will happen here.


    A full format & re-install is not needed.  Mac OS X has an "archive & install" type option, The user data remains untouched, and the core OS gets re-installed, then when you do updates, just avoid the last most recent Security Update.

    The process would take a couple of hours typically including the updates (depending on speed of internet connection)



    Anyone in a production environment should not be doing updates immediately anyway.  Let those with spare time install and test new updates, wait a few days, if no issues are reported, then update.

  • macprofessor Level 1 (0 points)

    Wrong it is a bug that will affect thousands of people probably hundreds of thousands.

    Lion does not let you use Power PC applications that was a major screw up for the people, but not as apple sees it

    they get to make money evcentually.

    This is different it is a release that was "premature". Kind of like

    Oh I guess I will not go there.


    So if it is not corrected, ... they the people with the bug will all have to spend money to fix.

    Money or time that some of them do not have or cannot afford.

    something that should have never taken place.

    so Please do not be so light hearted about a screw up when it affects so many.


    I fix this type of problem for people.

    Frankly I am tired of fixing peoples problems created by stupid programming and application or program releases that are not thouught out better

    Lets solve the problem instead of alwasy trying to throw a fix at it.


    Look where Microsoft is 20 some OS versions and it is as bad as ever.


    Maybe not in the hands of a technician or consultant

    but I am talking about Bad and not easy to use for those that just want to get their work done in a forward progressive way and not have to always

    fix your machine when you can least afford the time or the money..

    Albert Einstein said

    "we cannot solve problems by using the same kind oif thinking we used when we created them"


    No charge for spellinand punk2uation errers.

  • BrianM_WPG Level 1 (0 points)

    they have already pulled the update.  they are aware of the issue, and are working on an updated security update that will fix the problem for those that have run into it, and prevent it for those that didn't update yet.

  • ds store Level 7 (30,325 points)

    Security Update 2012-001 v 1.1 is released, hit your software update.

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