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Hello - I can't sign in to the youtube app on my iphone 4; however, I can sign in to youtube from safari on the same iphone.  I have gone through all the 2-step verification stuff and created an application specific password multiple times without success.  The latest response I get when trying to sign in with the app is "YouTube Account Not Available.  This YouTube account is currently unavailable. Try again later."  After waiting, I still can't sign in to the app.  Please frustrated.  Thanks!

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1
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    Hello there


    I have had this problem for the last 3 days banging my head against a brick wall. I went to an apple store and they said the first thing to do is make sure you iphone software is up to date. I updated the iphone software to the current version and then deleted my existing google account that youtube was linked to. I then created a new google account with my current hotmail email rather than by setting up a new google account that comes with a gmail account at this link:



    Once you do this, sign into youtube and then on the top right of the screen it should say your email address. Click on the arrow to bring up settings as an option. Click on settings and then click on mobile set up, it should then ask you to create a youtube username. Once you do this, then go back to the youtube app and enter the username you have just created and not the email you used to set up the google account, use the same password you used when setting up this new google account and finally it lets you sign in.


    What a hassle just to sign into an app!

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    Best thing to do then would be to contact google/youtube and bring the situation too their attention so they can resolve it, and not have to rely on work arounds

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    I couldn't figure out what the YouTube app was asking for, so I tried this and it worked:


    --I have two-factor authorization turned on.  [You should, too!]


    --Went to the Security tab of the Account Settings page:


    --Selected the Edit button for this prompt: "Authorizing applications and sites"


    --Added (e.g.) "YouTube iPhone app"


    --Signed in to the app using my Gmail e-mail address and the new app-specific pw I just generated.


    Voila.  Now I can easily show my favorited Xtranormal video of the Cliff Lee signing/Jayson Werth trade to friends and family...


    If you're not using Google two-factor authentication (big mistake), your Gmail e-mail address and pw should work (I theorize).

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    yeah right mate..u think goog gives a fcuk ,,,and i`ve sent mail about this issue 1/2 a dozen times already..( mind you..where are you thinking is appropriate google/uTube address to send..i`m not even sure where ..i sent via feedback on Utube using my PC explorer page..from the app there are no links for help or feedback) and not one reply mail recieved...why dont you try if you are so concerned?

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    thanx steve210209  ..worked like a peach....u shuld send Google a bill lol


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    Does not work for mine I don't know what else to do

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    I have tried EVERYTHING above a few times.  I cannot log into YouTube on my iPhone.  2-Step authentification -- done at least 10 times.  Deleted and created new accounts 3-4 times.  When I click setting, there is no option for mobile set up on my screen.  Incredibly frustrated.  I contacted Apple -- they said to contact You Tube. You can't contact You Tube, you can only look through their stuff. 


    Anyone have the answer when the two-step fails to work???

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    when i use my app ID with my iphone4 ,i download some rogram it want  to complete cradit card but i don't have .so how can i download?

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    Hey guys,


    I've had the same problem for a couple of hours when I first discovered that I can't use my YouTube account.


    And all of a sudden I solved the whole issue in 3 minutes


    Just go to Google home page and click on our signed in account and choose Privacy


    Then click on Security in the left side of the page


    Then choose Authorizing applications and sites


    On that page type anything you want like YouTube iPhone app and click generate password


    Almost done


    On iPhone or iPad, type your Gmail as username and the new generated password and Vooaaalllaaaaa !!

    you are in your account with all the playlist and history and everything.


    Thanks for reading and I hope this will solve your problems.

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    steve210209's solution worked for me.  Although i couldn't find a way to do the mobile setup, just having an account other than a google plus gmail account seemed to work for me.

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    I've had the same issue and its driving me crazy, first i couldn't login so I'vedone the 2 step authetication thing, and I've set up the app sepcific password and I've entered that when I sign in and I get the y'ou must sign in you you tubes website to continue' so I click the link and sign in to it on the browser on my phone as well and then it just takes me to you tube on my browser instead of the app so I'm still no further forward in being able to upload videos, surely its not meant to be this difficult?!?! Please can someone help me?

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    Hmmmm, that's strange.  Did you go into the iPhone's Task Manager and shut down the YouTube app after you set up 2-factor auth?  If not, I'd give that a try -- I've often had problems w/ open apps behaving weirdly re: login issues. 


    If the YouTube app has a SignOut button (unlikely, from what you have wirtten), be sure to click that before you shut it down from the Task Mgr. 

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    Hi steve could you please explain how to set up that new google account with another email account, i cant figure out what you are saying, I have verizon email now can i do it thru them, I would apreciate it if you can walk me thru this, so i can start using my you tube app on my iphone 4s thanks David.

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