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Hi everyone,


Since updating my Apple TV 2 recently with the lovely new GUI, unfortunately many of my movies streamed from my computer are out of sync with audio.

They play fine if watched in iTunes on my computer, but the audio is out of sync when played through Apple TV.


Any ideas? or suggestions would be very appreciated.

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    by "many of my movies" do you mean this only happens with some of them and not others?  did these come from iTunes or some other source?  Also, do you have audio sync issues with movie trailers, youtube or vimeo content?



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    Thank you for your fast reply.

    Good question about the movie trailers, youtube etc. (I haven't checked that)


    The "many movies" are my home movies of recent holidays.

    They were originally in avi format (Nikon D90) converted to .4mv (Handbrake).


    They all were working perfectly prior to the update....?

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    I just started having the same problems on my atv2.  Around the time of the last big update that changed the main page.  I haven't been able to nail it down yet.  Doesn't seem to happen all the time, and is worse with some shows.  Audio starts out in sync, then gradually the audio leads the video.  When I pause the show it syncs up again, usually. On one movie it would not sync back up.  It seemed as though the audio was playing fast in the voices too,  the voices of the actors were off, higher pitch a bit or something.  The show I am currently watch went out of sync, I paused it, and it's been fine for 30 minutes...  All the shows play fine in iTunes

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    I've been having exactly the same problem described perfectly by dlar76.


    All the movies in question for me have been converted in handbrake... could this have something to do with it? Perhaps the audio format doesn't bode well accross wifi, which might explain why it works in iTunes.


    Any help or solutions would be much appreciated.

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    O.K I think I've worked it out.....well this seems to be working for me so far.


    I think the problem lies in HandBrake.

    Since upgrading to the recent version of HandBrake I've had nothing but problems.


    So I deleted it completely and installed the previous version (which you can do via their archive downloads)



    It is version 0.9.5 (x86_64)


    Just using the standard Apple TV 2 preset.



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    If the OP can get the file in sync in iTunes but not ATV2 (I'm having the same issue) how could it be the encode? Wouldn't the file be out of sync no matter how it was played if it was due to the way it was encoded?

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    I'm having a similar issue. Also an encode with the latest handbreak. But the problem is that certain files, encoded the same way as others, play the video in normal speed, but the audio is played super fast! And the same file plays fine on my computers and my iPad. I even thought that since its fine on the iPad I could use AirPlay to stream to my appletv, but the audio even speeds up then?  I don't think it could be the handbreak encode because I've used the default preset for ages and since these files and all others work fine.

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    I have a similar problem with Apple Tv. I have lots of films. Some are from Amazon, some are from DVDs and it doesn't seem to matter. The problem seems to be in the buffering of the movie from iTunes on my machine which is more than adequate (2.5 Ghz, 8GB 1333MHz running Lion). Here is my terrible, horrible not so good work around.


    1) start the film on the Apple tv

    2) press pause

    3) when the progress bar shows that the film is completely downloaded (i.e., the progress bar is completely gray)

    4) Press play


    All things seem to work after that. FF, REW, PLAy and even the voice and video sync. This is not what I expect from Apple. It should be able to download and play at the same time just like it does with Netflix video streaming, but ... you know the rest.


    I think the real issue is that they really don't want you to have any videos on any other devices but just download them from iCloud. Read the license agreement and you won't want to store any of your media in the Apple iCloud.


    Hopefully, this helps.

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    I have been expericening the same issue recently. Some of the points I have noticed


    • avi converted to ATV2 HB preset, source audio is MP3.
      • Version 0.9.6 x86_64 (2012022800)
      • I believe this is the only content I have with the source as MP3
      • Other encodes to ATV2 do not have the audio sync
    • iTunes/QT/VLC all play the video with no issues
    • ATV (wireless) has the issue (orginal MP3 audio source)
    • ATV (wired) does not have the issue
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    Seeing this too. Between home sharing not closing connections on a wired connection and this problem the Apple TV is becoming useless. To me. Home sharing is turning into a joke.

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    Same exact issue! Took me forever to find someone with something similar I have over 1,000 Handbrake records over the last four years and never had this issue. Revently switched to the Apple TV 3 from Apple TV 2 in my living room. The files that are out of sync (playing audio really fast) were recently recorded via HB 9.8. They play fine on the ATV 2 in the bedroom, play fine on the Mac, but will not on the ATV 3 (even if I airplay them from a working machine). Trying to record them again with HB 9.6 to see if there is a difference.

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    9.6 Re-record did not work, trying 9.5 as suggested earlier.

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    Wow, so that did it!? Apparently there is some error in the 9.6 and 9.8 versions of HB that are causing these sync errors. Hope this helps anyone else with the same issues!

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    I'm skeptical about this solution. This problem is a little intermittent and I wonder I'd that is what is leading to the thought of it being hb. This seems more like an Apple TV issue only since the videos work on all other devices. Either that or it's home sharing which seems to be messed up these days for a lot o ways.

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