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  • Phronk Level 1 Level 1

    My playlists used to work (though smart playlists were a complete mess), but now I'm having the same problem. None of them even show up on the iPhone.

  • dteore Level 1 Level 1

    I'm assuming the same. I purchased my iPhone 4s from AT&T and loaded my iTunes match on it at the store. It had iOS 5.0.1 (yes 5.0.1) then I got home and I had to updated to 5.1 but I think this is where the issue lays.


    I would say this because IOS 5.1 contained a update target to playlist:


    • Genius Mixes and Genius playlists for iTunes Match subscribers




    It's like the content is just stuck on the phone like the cloud isn't pushing the playlist to the phone.  I also added a play list on my phone.  Just a blank playlist with no song.  It took... 15  minutes to show up on my computer (thought it is not displaying any of the playlist that are in the cloud and that i can see in iTunes).  It also took about  the same amount of time from once i removed the playlist for it to be removed from my phone.  This was done over my wifi network (stats listed in previous  discussion).  When everything was syncing fine updates were on point and instantaneous.

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    Interesting new wrinkle - I had the same issue until recently then the playlists reappeared when I turned match off then on


    Here is the rub. For genius mixes The Playlists aare there - but the track names are not. I can play them, by touching a blank but the names aren't there. Strange?

  • Phronk Level 1 Level 1

    New wrinkle here too:


    I discovered that iTunes Match had somehow turned itself off on my computer. I turned it back on, it did its thing, and now ONE of my playlists has returned.


    There are still about 10 other playlists missing, but hey, it's a start. Other people having problems might wanna check their computer's iTunes (Store > Turn On iTunes Match).

  • dteore Level 1 Level 1



    Unfortunately I've tried all of that and every disabling it on all my devices as well as all the computers then re enabling them.


    If you are connected to the cloud (iTunes Match) your computer will not display the cloud icon next to Music:


    Screen Shot 2012-04-23 at 9.09.54 PM.png

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    This is just a heads up, but I have been having this issue to, I think it might be a .plist issue because my iTunes match randomly shuts off/down or what ever you want to call it. ( I constantly have to go into iTunes prefs and tuen match back on)


    When I get some time I am going to look into this, Thanks guys your thread has been helpful.


    I will also keep you posted on my trial and errors.




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    P.S. all my playlist instantly showed when turning match back back on (on my MBP)


    This is strange.....




  • dteore Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Michael,


    Just an update.  Turned music match off for 2 days now.  Even though the setting is set to off  and I physically have no music on my phone I still have access to play my must.  I though if you turned music match off you were not able to stream music any more..?  So after seeing this behavior I'm still going to say it's on their end.

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    I've been having the exact same problems (no playlists) on my iPhone 4S and iPad. It started with the playlists not syncing anymore on the iPad and eventually dissappearing completely. A couple of days later the same happened with my iPhone 4S. This seems to implicate that there are some corrupt songs or playlist in the cloud that block the syncing process. But I have many songs and playlists so unable the find anything wrong.


    I did manage to get rid of the 'ghost' iCloud tracks on my devices by digging deep in the file system as documented here:



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    I've made some progress. It seems that playlists are now showing up on my iDevices whenever I update them on my computer in iTunes. That is, I have to change something about the playlist for it to force itself to sync across devices (eg making a smart playlists have 51 songs instead of 50). People having trouble might want to try changing or recreating playlists to see if that fixes things.

  • dteore Level 1 Level 1



    No luck here.  I can create a playlist on either phone and it will appear in iTunes 20 minutes late (this is a playlist with no music -just a blank playlist).  Then if delete it from the computer it takes just as long to get a response.


    I can also create playlist on my phone and add music which takes even longer to sync  (we have 3 computers and an apple tv connected to the cloud- i've also tried disconnecting all devices from the cloud and reconnecting them as well). 


    I did take your advice and look for any recheck my library for any corrupt songs and I do not have any.




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    I've seem to have fixed the issue. The complete procedure (on a Mac) as follows:


    1. Make sure you have a backup of everything, including a recent Time Machine backup of your iTunes library
    2. Deep clean your device and enable wired/iTunes syncing as described on
    3. in iTunes, turn off iTunes Match and Genius (important!!!).
    4. Enable 'Guest users', Fast User Switching and switch to a Guest account
    5. Using this guest account, start iTunes and enable iTunes Match. All your songs and playlists should become available
    6. Delete all your playlists (this removes them from the cloud).
    7. Logout of the guest account (all the user files will be deleted)
    8. To be sure, wait a while (I've waited overnight)
    9. Enable iTunes Match on your iOS device. This should sync all songs, the playlists should be empty. Wait untill the sync completely finishes and album art is downloaded.
    10. Enable iTunes Match and Genius in iTunes on your Mac. This will re-upload all your playlists.
    11. Check your iOS device and see the playlists reappear. 


    I hope this helps.


    You can also use this Guest user procedure to improve the matching of your songs: using iTunes in your guest account, make a smart playlist with iCloud Status is Uploaded. Delete all these songs (from the cloud). When you re-enable iTunes Match in your user account, it will restart the matching process on all of these songs yielding a whole bunch of additional matches (a couple of hundred in my case).

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    @dtheore, I thought your playlists weren't syncing at all like the issue I was having. I wouldn't be too concerned with a delay in syncing playlist although my procedure above might fix that too.

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    I have the same issues as described in the original post and have spent hours trying to get the playlists to return to my iphone 4?  My computer and ipad and another iphone 4 are fine, I just can't get the playlists on my phone.


    Screens look exactly the same as above?  I seems like maybe something is corrupted on my phone?  I have all artists, songs and albums displaying just not my playlists. 


    When I look at the number of songs on the phone is about 12 more than I have in the actual library?


    Any advice appreciated, I have already restored the phone, and signed off and on everywhere a million times?  I would think would be many others with this issue?

  • dteore Level 1 Level 1

    @jaythrrep. I am still stuck with out a solution as well.  I'm really hoping that it's just a software update that will work it self out.  I have tried everything with no real end result either.