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    Well, I wish I could tell you detail exactly what I did other than push many buttons over a long period of time but to my surprise, the playlists have returned!!!


    Two things I did may have done the trick.  The first I don't think is likely, but one thing I did was log out of my Spotify account and then log back in?  Spotify had an old copy of my playlist files from prior to the problem.


    Second and more likely fix might have been is that I went through all of my 50 or so Smart Playlists and refreshed each list.  In some cases I also also changed the number of songs from 50 to 25.  I noticed some of my smart playlists had like 68 songs instead of the 50?  Please note, the playlists worked fine on a my computer, ipad and wife's iphone4s.  It seemed to be a problem with my phone.


    Before I did the above for good measure I logged out and then logged back in to the Store on my phone and also toggled the Itunes Match on/off switch for good measure.  I also went into Settings>General>Usage and deleted the Music file.


    On my computer, I first updated Genius and then for good measure under Store> I Updated Itunes Match.


    I hope one of the above things fixes your phone too.  It was driving me nuts!!!!  Good luck to you and any others with this problem!!!





  • matt243 Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem — I reset iTunes Match on my iPhone 4S, and it wouldn't display my playlists. Toggling the iTunes Match setting didn't work. Force quitting Music app didn't work. Resetting iTunes Match on my MacBook Air didn't work.


    What finally worked was powering my iPhone off, and then turning it back on.

  • dteore Level 1 Level 1

    i was able to solve my issues by deleting all the genius playlist.

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    I have similar problem now. First I turned iTunes Match on, I've seen my playlist and aproximately half of my artworks. I read somewhere that turning Match off and on again might help with missing artworks. So I did that. After turning it on again, I CANT see ANY playlist on my Apple TV nor iPad and also there is NO SINGLE artwork in the library. I've tried restarting everything but didnt help. There is a little cloud next to my playlists on my Mac, signalizing that the playlists are in the cloud, but actually theyre not. I'm really ****** off cause I paid for something what screwed my music library, is not working correctly and I spent hours fixing it with no result.


    Anyone has some advices??



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    I'm in the same boat. why is there no status page for it?

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    I think it is a confuse internally on preferences, but we are not authorized to modify or delete any of this files.

    I lost all my playlist, and have a case opened in Apple Support about it, while they investigate this issue I syncronized my music manually to iphone, I can't use Music Match again, I could ask for my money back, if they can't solve my problem.

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    I have exactly the same problem on an iPhone 5 (running the latest version of iOS). I tried all the possible solutions written on this thread but nothing happened. Without playlists iTunes Match as long as my entire music library are useless.

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    I think i found the problem.  I was making a lot of genus playlist and saving them for later... I also make a lot of regular playlist.  I finally got fusturated and I removed all of my playlist - restarted and it was all good  Music Match started syncing the major down fall was the loss of some playlist so I would suggest taking a screen shot of any playlist you'd like to recreate or export them..  but this did fix my issue.

  • Xristos Level 1 Level 1

    Hey, this is the solution!

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    well, im not going to delete all my almost 50 playlists with a lot of songs in them and recreate them all over again, if the solution of my problem isnt sure at all. it may work but i may not. i rather want my money back. its a shame that they want money for something that barely works.

  • Xristos Level 1 Level 1

    There's no need to recreate them. You just export (right-click>export) and then import again (file>library>import playlist). You can check if that works for you by deleting your first 2 or 3 playlists.

    I've done it for my almost 300 playlists in about 10 minutes. So if you want a quick solution, you can try it.

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    i was also dissatisfied about the missing artworks, but now after a day, artworks suddenly started appearing. thats a weird thing.

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    I solved the issue, but it could be just look, not a scientific method

    1- Erase all genius playlist

              R/ Nothing happend

    2- Turn off music match on iphone

    3- Went to itunes store in my account and removed the device

    4- Syncronized manually my playlist from computer to iphone.

    5- I listened my music on the road to my house

    6- Let pass 6 hours until night

    7- At night I turned on the music match on iphone, again BUT didn't open the Music App for a while

    8- Half an hour later I opened the music App and "magic" my playlist returned


    I think this way to reset is good, but you must wait two times, one for Itunes Music Match server reset the pref by it self after you turn off on iphone, and two for your  iphone sync with the server before open the music app.


    Good luck for every one!

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    Hi The solution is that you have to double your Playlists in your Itunes on your PC.

    One for the ItuneMatch and the other one for when you don't want to activate the Itunes Match on your Phone or other devices.

    To copy it, just created new List, call the same name. Copy all from the cloud list same name and past-it in your

    new play list. To be able to identify the cloud List, just  start each list name by C_Roch ....

    Sometime, I don't want my Itune match on in my device and if you don't do that ( the solution) and close your

    Itunes Match all your playlists will dissappear. By putting back (enable) your Itunes Match, It will take few minute

    under wifi to reappear.

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    I haven't read all pages of this post, so I apologize if this has already been posted, but I was experiencing a problem where most, but not all, playlists were syncing between itunes on my notebook to my mobile devices.  I read this on apple's itunes match page:


         However, playlists with videos, voice memos, or PDF files will not sync


    I went into itunes, added the columns for Kind and  for iCloud status, and sorted by them.  I was searching for files that didn't belong for starters, but then when I sorted by iCloud status I saw one song that showed 'duplicate' in that field.  I deleted that song, and the playlist showed up on my phone almost immediately.