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Mike Sklens Level 1 Level 1

I was in the middle of responding to an email on's mail interface, and all of the sudden the "Send" button grayed out. I see I have 1 item in my drafts folder, which must be the last auto-saved draft of the reply I was typing up, but I cannot get to the draft. On, the loading spinner just spins and spins and eventually I get an error saying the folder can't be loaded. Same thing happens when I try to go back to the Inbox. I tried to load up the draft on my iPhone 4S, but it also just keeps spinning and never loading the draft. The fact that the problem is occuring on two devices (on separate network connections, one PC on my office's wifi and the other my 4S on AT&T's 3G network) seems to imply that the problem is server-side. Is anybody else seeing these problems?


I'm located in Tallahassee, FL. Not sure if that matters, but I suppose it could be a regional outage.

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